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Roulette Feedback

Pholidota4 hours ago

Looks amazing, pleeeease do an English version

Arseminer6 hours ago


Fappy9 hours ago

Please translate

Anonymous11 hours ago

Poor choice of text colour, otherwise it's pretty decent

Anonymous20 hours ago

Needs translation

Anonymous1 day ago

why is this picture cuckold-taged?

Anonymous2 days ago

This doesn't involve diapers at all but is tagged for diapers?

ZeroNoDrago2 days ago

The images that are covered are the same as the images above it...

mezimir2 days ago

it does defeat the purpose of the images if you cover them with the red signs lol!

Anonymous3 days ago

T is missing 0

tenderfoot83 days ago

Category should be one of the video game ones - not sure if hearthstone has a category of its own yet.

Anonymous3 days ago

where did you find the image?

Anonymous4 days ago

Honestly, I should just let some retard do it, but seriously. Don't put alcohol into your ass. There's a very high likelihood you will die, as it doesn't go through your liver before it hits your blood stream, so the concentration of alcohol is considerably higher if you do it that way.

xstds4 days ago

what do you mean?

analslut5 days ago

Really Easy

feget5 days ago

Good Point, gonna work on a new roulette when i have time. Will include that

Anonymous6 days ago

Very nice roulette.
However, there's no task involving oral (suck a dildo/banana/etc).
If the focus is around pain/humiliation, deep throating delivers both.

Anonymous6 days ago

How do you get numbers that are in red? They are all numbers that require an 11 to be rolled.

Anonymous1 week ago

Just why

Anonymous1 week ago

P.S. Could write on e-mail, I would source got rid of, to clean would not have. I still have PSD file where all the text in a separate editable layers.
P.P.S. If you want a direct literary translation of the may-linguist strain.Write on e-mail, if that =)

Anonymous1 week ago

Sorry for the horrible text messages with English grammar I strained, so using Google Translate =)

I myself, for my thread translated to Russian roulette, and here my transferred. I already all proud =). And what's really funny, right there is somewhere in the Russian language version, that someone has laid out, with lots of dislike. =)

sissytan - X - is the number of rows from the bottom (-5, 0, 5, 10). That is, for the result in the example is given you, you just need to solve the equation by substituting X =)
For example, you have chosen the latter option. This number is ten. So you take the - (5 + 10) = -15 points.
Sincerely - Zaharatot =)

mrcamslave1 week ago

I had to sit on the toilet rim with two fingers in my ass, cum in my hands over a hot cousin :)

mrcamslave1 week ago

Oh yes, will fix that later, Originally have 4 options but decided to simplify it

RouletteQueen1 week ago

I love the idea of this, but the fact that it only uses 1 number is problematic because you have options that are based around that number, despite the fact that the number will always be the same. You will always spend $30 on shoes or $40 on lingerie or buy 6 girly magazines. This needs at least 2 numbers.

As well, I don't really see why people would roll this when there is no chance for them to cum. I know there are chastity and other roulettes that make it very difficult for the player to cum, but there's always a chance. Again, I think you may need more numbers.

On a more minor note, 1 and 9 don't really work for those of us who don't have sissy girlfriends.

Anonymous1 week ago

Very hot. More, please.

Ivorybottoms1 week ago

@Rob204 i think you are meant to do that for edges, but the creator made a typo

rob2041 week ago

Now what is Y used for?

Anonymous1 week ago

I don't get it, how do I play this?

Anonymous1 week ago

How do you remove the red signs on images? Shit man how do i masturbate if i can't see shit?

Anonymous1 week ago

The Z roll is missing number 2

Anonymous1 week ago

Great Idea, I would love to see another one!

namelessFixed1 week ago

X8 says T < 4 but it should be U < 4

Anonymous1 week ago

Mhm πŸŽ†πŸŽ†

Anonymous1 week ago

I've used flour and water before, haven't had a problem with it for anal use. Sucks because you have to boil it for a while to make it thick though.

Sultry00691 week ago

I love it

DaniiTV1 week ago

Thanks alot! updated, was a mistake

Anonymous1 week ago

Is that safe to put inside you?

Sorlina1 week ago

Love that roulette, juste 1 small problem, the Y for Online Exposure is the same as Public Outing, was that intentionnal or a mistake?

SissyLolla1 week ago

Love it :)

dababygurl1 week ago

Keep up the good work. I like this one alot! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ΌπŸ¦Š

patchwolf1 week ago

Please make it larger

mezimir1 week ago

Kk, thx

Anonymous1 week ago

atsn, I was at the Keystroke site and the images over there are too small to read. Maybe click the image to open a new page with just the fullsized image?

rob2042 weeks ago

Can you make the scat mandatory?

PsiMage2 weeks ago

Except zeroes are counted as odds, which is blue. I thought maybe the +1 effect of a doubles roll was why red had a z:9, but doubles also push you to blue automatically. Really, it's impossible to get a red z:9.

ivaninina2 weeks ago


tommo0002 weeks ago

from 5 or 8 all the way to the end again
each round re-roll for task

mezimir2 weeks ago

It says "go back to round 5" or "go back to round 8", so does that mean you just do that round one more time? Or from 5 or 8 all the way to the end again? Also, is it supposed to be rerolled then? Or only when you make it to the end?

Anonymous2 weeks ago

Please make another FIFA one

Blaze-Fox2 weeks ago

Sorlina since there's no roll's for a zero i believe zero's are counted as 9's, which is how you can get z=9 on the red side

Spartan10362 weeks ago

I love how you made imagining a family memeber as an option thats super hot

jt2 weeks ago

W7 : 7 + something ??????

Anonymous2 weeks ago

Z9 missing, use y10?

Anonymous2 weeks ago

In Hard Mode, the starting time is supposed to be the same as the maximum time, but Y0 = no maximum. What now?

jt2 weeks ago

My bad. A gode is a french word, a short for godemichet which means dildo.

I will fix this soon

Whitefang2 weeks ago

Really love this roulette, but what is a gode?

mawa9952 weeks ago

No idea, but you can ask for video on "name that porn" .. upload pic there and ask, gl

Sorlina2 weeks ago

The rule to decide if you go blue or red is weird since it will be impossible to get z=9 on the red side. Nice roulette anyway, love the blue/red side ideal, just need a little rework :)

smoke2vap2 weeks ago

my score is 3930 thank for this <3

Anonymous2 weeks ago

Z9 missing

Anonymous2 weeks ago

Where i can find the videos from the first and the second photo

tenderfoot82 weeks ago

Sounds interesting, but UTIs are a thing. Introducing things like pens is really not a good idea.

Anonymous2 weeks ago


ZeroNoDrago2 weeks ago

That is Cameron from Breath-takers.com. She no longer has her photo shoot on that website and I can't find anything else from her. Do note that this is a picture edited by fantasytraps, they edit the pictures to add dicks. The original photo set can be found re-uploaded here: bit.ly/SHavYo

Dannyman2 weeks ago

I love it, could you make a meet up or couples version?

Anonymous2 weeks ago

Who is she?

Anonymous2 weeks ago

How can we play fantacy roulette atleast give the real weblink to play it properly

subjoi2 weeks ago

The cuckold label was marked by accident. I have already request a change in the labeling.

Anonymous2 weeks ago

its not cuckold related

DaniiTV2 weeks ago

Updated and spellings corrected. sry english isn't my main

Anonymous2 weeks ago

How is this cuck related?

Anonymous2 weeks ago

You do everything in that list up to and including your number.

Anonymous3 weeks ago

There isn't a 00 porn

Anonymous3 weeks ago

What it means is after a you spend x time in chastity don't cum stay locked up for a addtional 2x time in chastity

PantyFreak3 weeks ago

Instructions are bad.
If you add X+Y only to determine the porn to watch as in your example, then the largest number would be a 20.

You should change instructions to X*Y and also add a place for 100. I think you also have to assume a roll of 10 acts as 10.

crazy19833 weeks ago

can you add time in min (duration) of a task

atsn3 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback, fixed the typo.

dokuo3503 weeks ago

"Tokoroten" means cum with out touching.
I'm glad to see your translate.

jt3 weeks ago

You could also :
- Reduce the number of orbeez each time by changing the 3*Y to your own coef. I tried 1*Y and it seems anough to me.
- Make your own orbeez like using some recipe of edible one. (like jello strenghtened with gelatine or agar)

Anonymous3 weeks ago

Moar HS!

mezimir3 weeks ago

Anon, that shit looks amazing! Ive never heard of it before so thatnks for enlightening me! I'll have to do this with a bunch of tapioca pearls now, since i shouldnt have to worry about using too much or anything

jt3 weeks ago

See 2442/rpg-en-translation-from-1494

jt3 weeks ago

I've translated it with mainly google translate (you could use the provided keyboard). It was... way too long to do it. I can't fing the same pictures thus I have used other image. I will deliver it soon. It still need to be fixed.

Anonymous3 weeks ago

I think tapioca balls (like bubble tea) would work as well.

Anonymous3 weeks ago

MadAlice, I think that was a typo. It makes sense to me if the Oral 0 "pain" was supposed to be "punishment".

Really enjoying these Keystroke roulettes, keep them coming!

MadAlice3 weeks ago

Oral 0 - "add (pain)" but there's no pain table.
Gj, very cool roulette!

jt3 weeks ago

Rough translation:

X : Costum
1-2: pantie
3-4: bra
5-6: T-back (thong I gess)
7-8: stocking
9: three from above
0: one from above + plug

Y: toy
1: small dildo
2: prostate massager
3: medium dildo
4: vibe
5: large dildo
6: anal beads
7: front and back dildo (I presum that should be either a double dildo or a trusting dildo)
8: all 1 - 5
9: two favorite things
0: favorite thing

Z: How to cum
1: as usual
2: on your chest
3: on your face
4: in your pantie (I guess thong also work)
5: on tokoroten (traditional dish with noodle made from compressed agar served in a sauce with brown sugar) (I gess any king of noodle will work too)
6: on magic wand / vibe
7: edge instead, reroll
8: edge two times instead, reroll
9: on dildo, insert it back in your ass
0: don't, reroll

Anonymous3 weeks ago

Translate pls?

Anonymous3 weeks ago

pretty simple but satisfying;) even if it was missing the four..

Hideyoshi3 weeks ago

One of the best Roulettes in my opinion the feeling of being fucked by a tentacle Monster is really immersive. I did it multiple times i love how much is filled into the ass. <3

Hideyoshi3 weeks ago

Dont use raw eggs. The chance of hurting yourself is really high. Boil and peel them instead. I did it like that, a lot of eggs fit inside me and laying the eggs made me seriously proud :P
I am a proper hen <3

akds13373 weeks ago

Sorry, took a quick look for it to make sure it wasn't a duplicate and I must've missed it. I'll remove it

Ivorybottoms3 weeks ago


jt3 weeks ago

duplicate with 2376/advanced-anal-slave

Anonymous3 weeks ago

This is the laziest shit ever and i will never fap to it. I gave you a like anyways because fuck it. Next time, make it an activity, i don't care if you type it on notepad, just make it an activity.

PantyFreak3 weeks ago

This should be deleted.

Anonymous3 weeks ago

This doesnt include ragnoros as an enemy hero. But will definatly be trying this out soon

Aspiringslave4 weeks ago

The doubles thing is a bit daft... cant do any of them with your face in toilet

Anonymous4 weeks ago

Please make new and harder ones please.

mezimir4 weeks ago

I never liked using marbles, they tend to pinch the inside of you

Anonymous4 weeks ago

I mate 1500 golds but drank my cum anyway.

Endairo4 weeks ago

I found some MSDS about SAPs(material of Orbeez)and just a cup full of orbeez won't kill you.
Just use fully grown one and dont insert too much orbeez.
Maybe bucketful :/

ZeroNoDrago4 weeks ago

I doubt it would kill a person but it is surely a big risk. I'd suggest using marbles.

mezimir4 weeks ago

Isnt this dangerous cause the orbeez would sap the water from your body and kill you?

Anonymous4 weeks ago

You know an ass full of Orbeez would kill the average person right?

Anonymous4 weeks ago

I actually like the chances it gets you to fill up more

atsn4 weeks ago

Should be 1 chance to cum in 10

ZeroNoDrago4 weeks ago

To stay safe I'd suggest using plastic eggs (make sure there are no sharp edges or holes) or gelatin eggs like you would usually do with oviposition. Also, I wouldn't go over having 6 eggs in my ass at once, but feel free to find your own limit.

Anonymous4 weeks ago

2 chances cum in 1000? Ass could not bear so much.

PantyFreak4 weeks ago

Interesting theme but poorly executed.


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