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Roulette Feedback

SugarCrush3 hours ago

Beautiful roulette, but I am afraid to play it hahaha

sissyRonja3 hours ago

please make it Y and Z
Last Round is 1-8 AND 8-0

peculiar17 hours ago

are you still taking requests?

VeronicaLucy27 hours ago

Really hot

Anonymous8 hours ago

@Selena Oo imposible...you are not human XD

Williodas8 hours ago

im not sure, is it safe to put skittles up your ass?

Anonymous9 hours ago

@AnalToyFr Wise man :D

redlund2617 hours ago

Yeah, this whole roulette is super confusing.

ftmsubwest17 hours ago

"Pay a member of the sex you aren't attracted to" [sweats in bisexual]

Hotelock20 hours ago


RandomAssName696922 hours ago

god this is so hot, love being forced to look at cnesors or any other feitsh

Selena23 hours ago

Any chance at a female-focused version? love the roulette otherwise but not really viable for me to do it

Megumi1 day ago

Great tease ! I'm not fond of censors, but this one is very great. Maybe you could do the same type of roulette but with other fetishes, like feet, for exemple ? :)

xcandybox1 day ago

Consider this roulette a version 1.0. I am willing to make changes based on suggestions, if you have any. Thanks ^^

CutieSubBunny1 day ago

https://imgur.com/a/94bWpdZ femboy slut

TammyGirl101 day ago

This is fantastic, great work and thank you! x

VeronicaLucy21 day ago

what does the 7 mean?

SubLatino1 day ago

Searching for a dom to humilliate me im male dm me

AnalToyFr1 day ago

I would an anal one pls!

Fred1 day ago


Michael2252301 day ago

Anyone know any good accounts to follow that post daily? Really want to try this

notbiloveanal1 day ago

I feel the targets are unachievably high and should be made more reasonable

DawnSissygurl2 days ago

This looks fun, I might try it later... Do you have any idea for replacement tributes if I get W1 or W3? It's been months since I don't own a single pair of male underwear and I'm in semi-permanent chastity, so W3 is an automatic.

Anonymous2 days ago

Great roulette. I had a great time.with it and achieved slut of the highest order. It is not overly complicated or hard to do but overall lotsa fun

HaruSlutfox2 days ago

Another one done, hopefully gonna get 7.2, 8.2 and 9.2 out sometime next week. Will maybe have enough time to work on part 10.2(which is larger again) on the weekend

Redcastle_9972 days ago

Please decide my fate: https://chaster.app/sessions/Nqz2W3OzshF9dQxJ

Anonymous2 days ago

It's hot that sissy tasks include toilet content!

Redcastle_9972 days ago

Help my mistress to make my life a bit more of a hell:

The-Alpha-G2 days ago

Give me your best shot

LandYachtzS402 days ago

I'm looking forward to part two!

Selena2 days ago

Slut of the highest order achieved <3

SklaveAbo2 days ago

Looking for dom in Bavaria germany

SklaveAbo2 days ago

18yo from germany looking for hookup

Anxiety2 days ago

How do you edge without touching? (e.g. X4; Y3)


The interactive version is down :(

Sissy-3-Hentai2 days ago

Never played the game lol Might check it out

Mango0072 days ago

Someone wanna do this wher im the sub

Sissyfiume2 days ago

hope thare will be a second one with more places

Mango0072 days ago

I rolled 6 6 6 6 dm me if you want me as a pet

pluggedpatrick3 days ago

Playing for 2 days still no diamonds

Anonymous3 days ago

Super awesome roulette! This roulette is pure fun and while I don't understand the alcohol change it is nice to see the creator adjust the roulette.
Keep up the great work! I will have lots of fun with this one tonight 😏

Gamogenesis3 days ago

Since research says that as much as 20ml of rubbing alcohol can cause sickness (3,3ml was prompted to be used for challenges involving it) and many people have voiced concerns i have decided to just change it to a safe alternative.
Acid Cum now requires "Vodka/Liqueur (or a strong substitute)".
Sorry for the fuck up.

Anonymous3 days ago

First thought was it's connected to Blasphemous the game LOL

sissy_nathalie693 days ago

nice and amazing roulette would almost thank you by doing this roulette with you! great job deserves a thumbs up

Maxie3 days ago

If anyone wants to make me do this roulette, DM me~

Heretoshowmycock3 days ago

I rolled 225

Anonymous3 days ago

T 18 sub

CummiBoi3 days ago

Maybe add a chastity and/or plug roll as part of the denial…just to ensure nobody cheats 😜

ShinyDrop3 days ago

This is her site: https://www.cutiepii33quinn.com

JackD3 days ago

anon it should means you have to play with someone on a call

mommytranny3 days ago

Would you like to be my pet

Picaopau3 days ago


02ddd4923 days ago

rubbing alcohol is toxic FYI

Maxie4 days ago

I wanna try this one, please DM with what I should eat first beforehand so my undies really are as messy as they can get~

Anonymous4 days ago


fgfdgfdgfdgfdgfdass4 days ago

euw babahfsdijfn

Anxiety4 days ago

How is Y cumulative?

virrgin4 days ago

the risk from being caught is where the thrill and excitement from exhibitionism comes from

tia-tv4 days ago

If you can always do your next task as soon as the timer is up then this game will take one week on average. Of course it can take much longer if you can’t always perform your task immediately or you’re unlucky.

luvsissy4 days ago

I can get to professional on my first try, but then I was too horny to keep from just getting off and finishing haha.

Johnathon4 days ago


Ceelfid4 days ago

Any source on the background?

PansexNovigender4 days ago

too many rollers on top, also change dices to1-6 instead of 0-9

Quickly694 days ago

@BiSexy ofcourse lovely, I'll dm you

Anonymous4 days ago

285 days on the first rolls, with potential for even more along the way...

snappylexyz4 days ago

The girl in the photo looks exactly like my ex-gf! Wow that is uncanny!

Chillno94 days ago

Thanks for putting all that effort into these!

BadNurse4 days ago

I would like to see :)

Trembles4 days ago

Honestly …recreating this picture was way funnier than the actual roulette🫦😝

HaruSlutfox4 days ago

Managing my hobby projects is harder than I expected while working full time.

VeronicaLucy25 days ago

Best roulette, as always!

acorn5 days ago

this is super cool, i would love to see similar ideas for other kinks too

saltymeepo5 days ago

finally a pokemon go roulette that doesnt require you to suck of 20 ppl in public 😂
well done!

Gamogenesis5 days ago

Cant read shit lol

Sissy-3-Hentai5 days ago

I went ahead and fixed it, so all tasks have time limits and cleared up the wording on
the last one :)

Sissy-3-Hentai5 days ago

1hr-2 Shiny

Sissyjuliana the name prob is a bit off lol

Ctveteran & Iamaslutformia yes it is suppose to be more rolls idk why it didn't put them on I'll try and edit it to change it.

Sissy-3-Hentai5 days ago

Or maybe I had covid with the next one I honestly can't remember the last two months have been a blur lool

Sissy-3-Hentai5 days ago

Ah forgot to add time to some. I will fix it when I get a chance. I admit I was pretty sick while making ,this roulette lol. As for Chair one, the idea is to tie yourself to the chair and buck your hips to grind against the dildo as best as you can; even if you fall over while doing so. If you fall over from the bucking, you should keep going for 40 mins. You'd want the ropes to be loose enough to get a bit of wiggle room when tying yourself to the chair.

Again sorry if it's not clear I'll go back over this tom after I get off work I had covid when making this, so it's a bit rough, tbh.

Anonymous5 days ago


SpitAddict5 days ago

I just can't wait to do it

Anxiety5 days ago

No, it's not

var155205 days ago


jubatus585 days ago

Simple, fun, and something that can be done. Nice job!

Dclose5 days ago

great work. very fun and interesting. Also, cool design

Gamogenesis5 days ago

The 100ml is the measure for the lube, for which a shot glass of rubbing alcohol is meant to be added to. That will come out to 120ml of liquid, and for a task involving Acid cum it prompts you to take a shot glass, meaning only 1/6th of 20ml of rubbing alcohol actually enters your body.
Nothing too crazy.

jubatus585 days ago

This is really cool. Task are challanging without being impossible, with some diversity. This is a really nice job!!!!

Anonymous5 days ago

Image source?

jubatus585 days ago

Some instruction on what should be repeated were not very clear, but the roulette was really fun, so thank for writing it !

kuremento5 days ago

100ml of rubbing alcohol? 250ml is considered a LETHAL DOSE in around 90% of adults.

LittleSlutSkyla5 days ago

Any Dom's wanna make me do this

suprememaster565 days ago

nice roulette

DreamyKatie6 days ago

Looks great I have to give this one a try to test my skills^^

benning6 days ago


Gamogenesis6 days ago

I actually pulled up the calculator when i came up with those numbers, just turns out im too retarded to punch in the numbers correctly...


Anonymous6 days ago

the main task of the "whore" level is impossible as the cumuled time for the holds is already longer than 20min

Ceelfid6 days ago

Maybe it would be clearer to have 9 numbers rolled at once and put a letter R to Z on the left.

Gamogenesis6 days ago

Hey there!

While this technically isn't a roulette, i've been wanting to make something like it for a while now, and i think you guys from here might like it!

Excuse the wonky looking badges, they are made from scratch... I tried my best.
Please post how far you've made it!

Mesmerized6 days ago

That is indeed Emily Bloom @paul10203040, @SissyJuliana06, but I disagree with the effect of time my lovely, that's just makeup and weight gain - she looks stunning and healthier in my opinion ;)

DavidBro996 days ago

Whats the name from this beautiful woman?

AkiSissy6 days ago

Trip-000!!!! I glue my lock T.T

SissyJuliana066 days ago

Nobody could give me more efficiently the will to fuck myself until destroying my ass, than the wonderful Nathalie Mars :D
Well done, this roulette is cool, and it's readable ! Not so often i can tell that, about a roulette where instructions are directly ON the background pic'.

SissyJuliana066 days ago

To me, one of the best anal themed roulette since its upload. Well done !

Anonymous6 days ago

I have no idea how to upload a picture on mega🥺, could I send it to you so you can upload it?

SissyJuliana066 days ago

You're funny, guys... I'd believe you never fucked yourself only keeping the dildo in hand, fow some hours straight. Nobody said you cannot take pauses ;)
If you can do it for some (dozen of) minutes, you should be able to do it for 3 hours. Take some minutes of pause when needed, and back to action... :)

SissyJuliana066 days ago

I don't have any swimsuit but your roulette gives me the idea to buy one, HiAkNeAzKaOwa (glad the copy-paste does exist ! ;) ). And like you, i don't like public tasks, so thanks to not force it too much (a little at the end, but that's okay), otherwise i should just ignore that roulette.

gizmopatch6 days ago

Please let this lock end

gizmopatch6 days ago

Dont keep me locked https://chaster.app/sessions/adFhTpoJcaeT9zze

OreoBear836 days ago

who is pictured in the background

SissyJuliana066 days ago

Would be playable if the letters starts by T, in the upper left corner, and ends by Z, for the final (S ??? Like "Seriously" ???) at the bottom, but here, there are missing letters, nobody here can tell in wich order we have to follow them... it's not us but that roulette, which is fucked up. :(

SissyJuliana066 days ago

Guyguyguy : Not a really good roulette, not one of the worst (from what i can read : W, X and Z), but... do you really can read the Y part ??
Because not me :/
Seriously, why this color, and why writing ON the pic ? You obviously knew before doing that mistake it would make it unreadable, so many failed roulette, made by some other creators, are failed because of that. :(

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