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Roulette Feedback

Anonymous14 minutes ago

no 0s?

green11 hour ago

Font hard to read at default zoom levels

jonastodon5 hours ago

only 37. need to work on myself

nelson707 hours ago


Anonymous10 hours ago

Please more like this :)

Anonymous11 hours ago

fuck off with this race bait shit

M0nkeyMan15 hours ago

@shadowsora643: same happens for me

Anonymous17 hours ago

Why no locks and why not doing this roulette? It is easy

shadowsora64319 hours ago

writeforme.org doesn't seem to be working, when I follow the links it's just stuck on press any key to begin, and it says error whenever I try to register. Tried with a few emails and usernames but nothing works, can anyone offer some assistance?

Anonymous20 hours ago

I got trips, I finished it but my butt hurts and my mouth tastes awful

Anonymous20 hours ago

Why is there no PROPER alphabetical order?!

Anonymous20 hours ago

Display in PROPER Alphabetical Order!!

Anonymous20 hours ago

BPM's are all kinda on the really slow side. Is this *supposed* to be a 'slow and sensual' sort of fucking, or... you just really underestimating the speeds? >_<

Anonymous20 hours ago

And there's no N roll on the roulette, either!

Anonymous20 hours ago

P does not come before N or O. :/

Tarathiel21 hours ago

It means to push it out without deflating first. Sometimes it sounds like 'pop!'

Lady19961 day ago

Perfection! More intensity please

experimental1 day ago

What does "pop" mean?

Anonymous1 day ago

After many many try, with bad gambler on, it does appears you made a 1-6 dice roll roulette, with your letter wich does go until (1)0 ! It's incredible to be so... seriously, i can't find a word strong enough :D
Not being able to count until 10... you're a genius... in your style (don't be surprised if you're still ununderstood by the whole mankind) ;) Incredible :D

Anonymous1 day ago

Simple but fine. Better than some other, so well done anyway.

Tarathiel1 day ago

I'm working on something. Same theme... more story/options. Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous1 day ago

Great roulette
much fun. I hope you will do more

JayLew1 day ago

Oops! Wrong number of dice

Sip-of-Brandi1 day ago

Looks like a well organized and fun roulette cant wait to try it :3

Anonymous1 day ago

The hentai section has a lot of subreddits in there that are error-prone.

Anonymous1 day ago

cece capella

Anonymous1 day ago

Great work. Hope you make more.

marylinsissy1 day ago

I have the same bra. I need those panties too :)

TheArchitect1 day ago

Source on girl?

Luciep1 day ago

And having toopaste and hot sauce as lube will be really hot... I wanted to do this roulette with my biggest buttplug, for more challenge, it's not easy for me to have it in my ass, so staying outsise without senses, and my ass burning will be really challenging. What we have to di if we can't do it for minimum one hour, we just don't have points for release, or a punishment? I think just after this day I'll be really hot and I'll want to touch my clitoris, being fucked in my pussy for cuming... The 60 hours with a plug and the conditions will pass slowly.

Luciep1 day ago

I love your roulette! I'm not lucky, first roll: 60h in chastity, 2 attemps, the first one was 0... I'll do it tonight because I can't get out from my house nude, with a buttplug and all the stuff for one hour! The second attemp is 10 min in corner per hour. How is the corner, in what position? And can we do the second attemp before the first one? Thanks

Kena1 day ago

Trans folk are not a fetish for you to get off to. This is transphobic and disgusting

online_gf1 day ago

Love this one! We need more spit roulettes in general lol

Thebestsexy1 day ago

Simple and elegant, very good faproulette

Hino671 day ago

you culd make one about doom eternal!

Anonymous1 day ago

what's the source of the right picture, can't find an artist named trapsy_

FantasyRoulette2 days ago

♥ My other interactive games:

♥ My Patreon: (here I upload news, updates, alternate endings, previews, surveys, etc.)

FantasyRoulette2 days ago

Thanks @anon!!
I will upload a poll soon on my patreon to vote for the next quick version

Anonymous2 days ago

I love the quick version! Thank you so much, love all your roulette's keep up the good work!

Schrade2 days ago

Heya Schrade here! Lots of Similar The Quest stuff poppin up recently. I actually knew this one was being made and i did not expect you to post this early so i have a couple of suggestions on how to improve this roulette. It might be alot so i'll keep it in the Dms but anyway. I like the idea of a fanmade expansion roulette but i know this is your first roulette so i suggest practicing more on the editing front. English is not my mother tongue as well and i know it's hard to try and piece english words together but remember to keep practicing and practicing till you eventually reach your fullest potential! A little bit more work on every aspect of a roulette (Editing, Writing, and Gameplay Imagination) and your work will blossom. I really hope to see you do exactly that my dude :)

switch7872 days ago

This is very hot and I love it. It's especially good if one plays this with bad gambler on.

Anonymous2 days ago

The ocncept is fun but this roulette can be pretty daunting, requiring a lot of equipment and risky (like public) stuff. Would you consider writing some more roulettes like this for online play?

Depraved2 days ago

Love it! Your roulettes are the best!

_ThroatSlut_ita2 days ago

Love it!

VexxWest2 days ago

Bad grammar and confusing rules

Thebestsexy2 days ago

1 sit instruction uses y and z. There is only z

Anonymous2 days ago

This is a great idea. I'd love it if the lines were more increasing levels of humiliating statements. Nice job.

AriMud2 days ago

For Z1 do 20 more pumps or if reached 20 pumps, you can cum?

Schrade2 days ago

Quick FaQ
I got Detention but no club slots to replace with?
Since there is no Clubs Roulette at the moment do not use the club timeslots normally but if you get a detention slip then you must to a detention task on the club timeslots. The 4 rolls are only for your 4 Class Slots given Daily.
I'm really sorry that the Clubs will be posted at a later date.

What Happens to the previous chapters?
The previous chapters will be "Reworked" with this new format. Think of them as their own seperate roulette. They can still be enjoyed though. Sorry i kinda retconned it ahaha

Anonymous2 days ago

I loved it!

Schrade2 days ago

This is the Penalty roulette to be done if you get a Bully Target. The Bullies are pretty cruel huh. I hope you enjoy this punishment roulette.

Here is the HD download link of Penalty Roulette -The Bullies-

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If you wanna support me and get extra roulette content, exclusive polls, etc then consider supporting me on https://www.patreon.com/Schrade

Schrade2 days ago

Links of the associated penalty roulettes

Penalty Roulette -Detention-

Penalty Roulette -The Bullies-

Schrade2 days ago

Heya there. Things got a lil bit different and one thing after another i accidentally remade the school. It now (hopefully) has a pretty nice gameplay. Think of this as some sorta gameplay update. For the old series i'll be coming back to it. For now it's categorized on year levels like -freshman year- or -sophomore year- and yea.. sorry if i made it chronologically confusing. Another sorry as well for not implementing the -Freshman Year Clubs- along with this. I am so sorry. It's Coming soon

Here is the HD download link of the School V2 -Freshman Year-

If you wanna know about the latest News, Teasers and some conversation on the progress of roulettes then come on over to my server at https://discord.gg/6dypqdP

If you wanna support me and get extra roulette content, exclusive polls, etc then consider supporting me on https://www.patreon.com/Schrade

sissykhasmir2 days ago

Let me fix it rly quick.

Schrade2 days ago

Oh just saw this now. Pretty cool. I like seeing my efforts inspire other people :D Certainly looks similar to my roulette but not really. Looking in to this it's very different and has a fun and more complex gameplay. I do really make my roulettes simple due to space issues. (Probably cuz i add alotta images ahah) Seeing this makes me happy so keep it up! i hope ya continue this my dude ;D

Rem_2 days ago

This roulette....is fantastic! Absolutely what I have been looking for!
Perfect to spice up a hook-up
Need to try this tomorrow <3

Thank you so so much for making this!

Lumi2 days ago

Who is the girl in slide 1 and 2

RosyEnigma2 days ago

what is x 1(slap your 50 times?)

LoveAnal2 days ago

Does anal beads count as filled ass too?

Frog3 days ago

Very creative :)

Slices3 days ago

can anyone provide a link to Aetheria Fuck Dungeon?

Simonemausi3 days ago

dice W is missing

DonutMcDaddy3 days ago

1 https://writeforme.org/task/5f29877152a7f60037535e10
2 https://writeforme.org/task/5f29883e52a7f60037535e4c
3 https://writeforme.org/task/5f2988ec52a7f60037535e72
4 https://writeforme.org/task/5f298a0952a7f60037535ed3
5 https://writeforme.org/task/5f298a5852a7f60037535ee5
6 https://writeforme.org/task/5f298a8552a7f60037535eee

PedroEatsDogs3 days ago

This is just lazy

Idontcare2353 days ago

I got 777

Fibre3 days ago

As mentioned in the credits, it's a copy...but I enjoy it more actually! This seems actually doable and the fornat/language is unusually good, especially for a first roulette.
However, it really is pretty random and also a bit too straightforward...maybe some customization (classes, perks, experience?) could help?

Tyron1373 days ago

And with 9 rolls it's easy to get dubs, so maybe make that trips or whatever

Tyron1373 days ago

On dubs, make Y=1 so you can't cum and go to Z=0

RosyEnigma3 days ago

Its a very nice idea but what makes chastity so interesting to actually do is when you actually get released eventually not 5 years

LordB0ner3 days ago

Great start for a first roulette.

+ Concept
+ Layout
+ Easy to understand
+ Good tasks

- Normal difficulty is too hard for most random outcomes rolled in the first couple of moves.
- Too random to be fun and challenging in my opinion. Just end up dying because of RNG over and over.

My suggestions for making the RNG less punishing is a larger moveset than attack and item. Maybe a heal that stuns the player or just means you get fucked for 10 minutes (You heal 10 HP but you are stunned for 3 rounds) or (you let "monster" fuck you at 60bpm for 10 minutes while you meditate and heal 10 HP). Might work to have a 1 roll on attack be a heal. Maybe remove miss from normal difficulty all together and consider giving player higher attack damage on normal difficulty.

These are just suggestions, but I would love to see you develop this roulette further and your future creations!

countdown4 days ago

check out my other roulettes, plenty of feet loser things ;)

Anonymous4 days ago

Everything was great until Z6. Why do so many roulette add this stuff? It's out-of-the-line for so many sissies...

05Nico054 days ago

From the day I looked at this roulette, I have been looking for the holy source.
I can announce that I found it. Or, maybe am I close to it.
I have the name of the actress, and related pictures.
I kindly lead you to my very last results, and let you do the following researches if you are not satisfied yet.

Enjoy Kristen Scott, originally from evilangel.com

Anonymous4 days ago

more roulette for feet loser please!

Simonemausi4 days ago

also use higher resolution pic

Simonemausi4 days ago

nice pic but no roulette

puppiesnrainbowz4 days ago

Thanks for the tips folks!

I am thinking about uploading another one of these shortly with more options.

Agreed with the realism --- most of these diaper roulettes just have an element or two that's like completely unreasonable for an adult to do.

Sissyinchastity4 days ago

Near Montréal Qc looking for a player 2

Flare-the-fox4 days ago

Ew that’s nasty

Tarathiel4 days ago

outlines... so simple. Well it is now that you've told me. Thanks, Miss_Rose!

SadisticSerena4 days ago

Rolled 20098 for my slave. Game over for that whore LOL

apocolypse3234 days ago

This seems a little unrealistic. I need to kill 21 bosses in 20 minutes?

Anonymous4 days ago

This needs appropriate filters. I don't want to see shit!

Lokabo4 days ago

Idea for X1 and X2, squeeze the ends and release it back on. That pain is exhilarating

Lokabo4 days ago

Pink on white is kinda hard to read, unless you have a bigger picture so you can zoom

Anonymous4 days ago

Do 4 instead. Also I'd say to anyone who is not into toilet fetish just do 7 instead.
That would make 3 and 8 more rare but oh well, those 2 categories seem a bit harsh anyway.

Anonymous4 days ago

Can someone translate this into English?

Laiha994 days ago



these are the links for the strapon set
Have fun with my game ^^

Miss_Rose4 days ago

Adding an outline to the text can help make it more legible, without having to find a colour that works on all the different colours of the image

Miss_Rose4 days ago

If you uploaded them recently whilst logged in, they should be awaiting approval and they will show up eventually (for me, the first one didn't show up at all in my uploads, but once I had my first one uploaded, new ones did show up on my profile for me and said they were pending).

Once the roulette shows up on your account, clicking on the "..." will now also give you the option to update the roulette, and then you can upload the new file.

I hope that helps,
Have a lovely day/night,

Miss_Rose4 days ago

Hey Tara,

Thanks, I really enjoy making these and knowing others like them really brightens my day ^_^

I don't see any roulettes on your profile either, so I'm guessing you may have uploaded them when you weren't logged in, or if you only just uploaded them, they may still be awaiting approval.

If they were uploaded when not logged in, you'd have to find them trough searching the site; if you click the "..." button and then "uploaded by" it should say "anonymous" and "Is this your roulette? Let us know! Send us a quick message using our contact form and we will add this roulette to your account! This will also allow you to update your roulette with new versions." which is exactly what you'd need to do to get them linked to your account afterwards.

yharr5 days ago

Would be Nice ton add détaillés instructions. Like Time période/number of drops

Depraved5 days ago


TarathielFixed5 days ago

I really enjoy your work here. Can I ask for a little help though with my own? Since I can see that you've done it, can you tell me how to find my own roullettes on here so that I can replace them with updated/fixed (oops) versions? They don't even show up in my profile...

thanks! -Tara

Depraved5 days ago


singular_235 days ago

W5 is missing?

I_send_pics5 days ago

Who is that girl?

mypornspace5 days ago

What is the "third category" for dubs? Is it X? Or should dubs also count for X=Y and Y=Z?

Miss_Rose5 days ago

I've added some optional multiplier challenges, I felt that making them optional would be best to still allow the roulette to be played in the way I originally created it, but allows for some extra challenge for those looking for it.


Miss_Rose5 days ago

It's intentional that longer sessions give more points per minute, that way committing to a longer session has a greater reward if successful, but also a greater punishment if unsuccessful, so you need to judge the risk/reward for yourself.
You can do a lot of short sessions where you pretty much have no risk of getting distracted, but they don't give you much points, meanwhile a longer session has more chance of getting distracted during that time, but also has a much better value if you succeed.

I like the idea of extra distractions, although I'd have to figure out if I can still fit it in somewhere (still have a layered file, so I'll have a look if I can move things around and make things a bit smaller)

Thanks for the Feedback <3

Anonymous5 days ago

is there a link to the unedited picture?

Anonymous5 days ago

Way too much spanks in the whole roulette, and too few other things. Would eventualy be saved by any originality, but there is none (but i admit after many thousand roulettes here, it's hard to find something original AND fine).

Schrade5 days ago

Ahh the attack A/B/C is just a design. Like in video games where they rank attacks with that. It's completely just design. A means the enemy does heavy damage and letters like C means they are weak haha

LuciepFixed5 days ago

I'm a student so I think it's a good roulette for me. But your formula have a problem, one time I had 64 minutes of session so it makes 40 points, but the second one was 4 minutes of session so 0,16 points. And maybe we can add some extra things to add during the sessions to distract us and make it harder (as a power plug, drink a lot...). Thanks

RedQueen5 days ago

what is the game for this roulette?

Anonymous5 days ago

Actually, this one is from Aetheria Fuck Dungeon, not Journey Through Izildia

ronnyboy5 days ago

Amazing work! Really love it!
Could you help me with one question, please? What does "ATK A/B/C" mean?

Anonymous5 days ago

Under W 7 is there twice

Anonymous5 days ago

This is gold.

CumSlutMaid5 days ago

the developer release the code and stop it, a python+blender code so everyone can end it whit a small effort, even if u have no idea about coding

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