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Roulette Feedback

Anonymous2 hours ago

Heels should be mandatory

Anonymous9 hours ago

1) easier tasks (less cum)
2) only cum from anal roll should maybe cut required cum in half or one third

dexter20049 hours ago

lovely dare

Ok9 hours ago

Amazing job, very well thought and put together.

Depraved10 hours ago

Body Stocking

Anonymous10 hours ago

Are you sure you mean bodysuit? I would say those pictured are bodystockings and not bodysuits.

AnonSissySlut10 hours ago

W6 has a typo

Anonymous11 hours ago

15 looks cutoff. No 16.

cdfemboy11 hours ago

way too hard, you gotta make it somewhat doable

Anonymous12 hours ago

Lots of spelling errors.

Depraved13 hours ago

PM for any questions or if you want any modifications to the roulette to make it better/easier/harder. Have your slave post how it goes in the comments

Depraved16 hours ago


Anonymous17 hours ago

Is the code posted on your github compilable/runnable as it is now? If not, what do you use to write it if I wanted to try finish coding a version of it? I'd be excited to hack together a usable version, if not just for my own use (it looks like a fun roulette to attempt!)

miragon18 hours ago

yes, here is the english version


Anonymous19 hours ago

does this work ?

Tommy323221 hours ago

"Anything such as superhard limits, like scat, i.e ?" - You can indicate your limits in a letter to me if you have such

Zenik00422 hours ago

Please blackmail me
Im Tim 20 yo from Germany

Kik: Timskl00

Zenik00422 hours ago

Please blackmail me
Im Tim 20 yo from Germany
Kik: Timskl00

Anonymous1 day ago

Actually well built blackmail roulette.

Anything such as superhard limits, like scat, i.e ?

Buttslut181 day ago

is there an english version of this?

apocolypse3231 day ago

Channing Teach-me? And I got 69 points?

Hornyvok1 day ago

Can i get the picture only with the girl on it? 🙏

Anonymous1 day ago

email doesnt work

Anonymous1 day ago

what a surprise no girls commented hahah

Vukodav1 day ago

The link works just fine, I tried it myself just now. You either made some mistake or have some other problem. The link provided in the comments (from where you can copy it) and the one written on the picture itself are the same and they work. It leads to a MediaFire download page where you can download the entire package, 175MB. It includes the board, rules and cards.

IamDutch1 day ago

Very nice. Now I just need someone in the netherlands to play it with

nagaira2 days ago

1 step is about a meter, you can easely plan out a walk of x meters with google maps

Anonymous2 days ago

I LOVE condom belt stuff. SO hot <3

Anonymous2 days ago

Keep those dares cumming!

jubatus582 days ago

Soap is a very nice punishment. Any knowledge on safety and brand that can be bought without risks ?

paraphiliarush2 days ago

we need more like this.

Depraved2 days ago


MadMaddie2 days ago


Depraved2 days ago


RedhoodFixed2 days ago

How do i get this?

The tinturl link doesnt seem to be working.

Anonymous2 days ago

Errors in 2nd sentence: "... ideally this (tie) the subs (sub's) legs..."

Error in 3rd sentence: "... a simple fog (frog) tie..."

Suggestion: switch X and Y. Time before next round should be determined after the task.

Anonymous2 days ago

Make sure all possible rolls give results that make sense. For example: my first roll told me to go out wearing only a thong and then remove 3 pieces of clothes... this gives the player a feeling that this person is not knowing what they are doing, which is insecure.

Mis4nthrop2 days ago

Thank you for your feedback, though most of it sounds a lot like critique on style and personal preferences, which is absolutely valid, just wanted to point it out.

I actually wanted to start with the story to get the feeling build up, before starting the game. And every roll happening during the - lets call it an intro - intro is where it happens. (at least next to it)
After the intro, you just need to roll for clients, tasks and punishments, so you don't need to read the upper half of this again.

About the Y's: Maybe it is a German thing to do, to lable all and everything. To give everything some kind of index and/or relation. And not everything is rolled one at a time. Task and Position is always rolled simultaneous.

Yeah, could be that stay ups isn't used in the US. You manly use the term Stockings for it, right? Will use this for the next roulette.

Anonymous2 days ago

Who is going to count steps with a vibrator in their hole?

Depraved2 days ago


Depraved2 days ago


Schlumpf2 days ago

There are no extra tasks for 5, except re-attaching the clamps several times. I would be open for suggestions for a new, revised version, though :)

Depraved2 days ago


riskybot2 days ago

got a quints roll

EcchiQueen722 days ago

Where are the tasks for number 5?

Anonymous2 days ago

Why so many Y's? If they're all rolled one at a time you don't *need* letters for the rolls.

Layout needs work. Rolls should be adjacent to the story/instructions they're being rolled for, not clumped together way at the bottom. Rules should be towards the top with/in place of a description of the roulette, not halfway down the page.

Wth are 'stay-ups'? Not a term really used in the states.

Anonymous2 days ago

This supposed to be used with something else? Seems to be a considerable amount of information missing here. And why add further randoms into an already random roll, but no specified means of generating *that* random? Sure this could be great, but as is it's all just a vomit of random numbers and no clear instructions.

Susiecatgirl2 days ago

Kalindra chan https://imgur.com/gallery/XR6xs

Anonymous2 days ago

As much room as there is on the pic, and as big as it is.. you could afford to make the text bigger/bolder so it's less of an eye-strain (and wouldn't *need* to be zoomed in on, making the viewer have to scroll all over the place to read everything)!

AlexIaduc2 days ago

Ta soeur est une salope. Tu jouis sur sa nourriture préférée, le concombre, qu'elle achète souvent. Ta soeur se masturbe avec le concombre. Tu deviens le père de ton futur neveu.

Msplay2 days ago

Good idea, a french translation ?
En français ? Si non je vais la faire.

Glabrata2 days ago

24....more work needed

Amicably2-Backlight-Naturist3 days ago

If you mean "how do you do" then you do the X AND Y task at the same time, and *2 means you do it twice for that customer

Anonymous3 days ago

Who do you do X&Y*2?

Anonymous3 days ago

So I'm to hold a liter of milk in my ass for 45 minutes then expel it on the ground and lick it up while also playing safe? Pretty sure the only way to play safe is to not do this roulette.

JessieSlutty3 days ago

Overall good english, I did notice one error at the end of "Earn it." It should say "even if you are cumming," or "even if you cum."

riskybot3 days ago


Animeat3 days ago

Whatever you want I guess.

Or... https://censored.booru.org/ if you wanna be censor-pilled.

Zer00reZ3 days ago

The average is 53.27 edges per orgasm

Sam12343 days ago

Email didnt work for me either...

brainlessfapper3 days ago

i like this, but i have no idea what to edge to?

Msplay3 days ago

L'idée est excellente ! Mais c'est un peu irréaliste de tenir 220 min (presque 4h) à un rythme de 220 bpm (et je suis musicien batteur). Bonjour la crampe du poignet ou il faut une bonne fuck machine.
L'inspiration est bonne, encore.

Gurthc3 days ago

Your photo selection is incredible

FantasyRoulette3 days ago

If you want to check my new website: https://faproulette.online

Animeat3 days ago

That's not too big a deal imo. Just did a bunch of test rolls and got a different number every time.

Though, if I can think of enough new endings to warrant a sequel, that's something cool to take into account.

Zenik0043 days ago

Please blackmail me
Im Tim 20yo from Germany
Kik timskl00

mackan643 days ago

Really nice. Only feedback is that 0 should count as 10 and be the "hardest" task. Thats because of if you play with bad gamble 0 is highest

Zenik0043 days ago

Please blackmail me

Anonymous3 days ago

Great idea for the most part, but using Y+Z at the end leads to an extremely uneven distribution.
Without going into the math, getting a 18 has a 1% chance, for every step down we gain 1% chance until 9, with a 10% chance. Afterwards the probability goes down again to 1% for getting a 0.

For example Y<5: Go to Z; Y>=5 go to Z+9 leads to an almost uniform 1/20 chance (9 is the exception with 2/20).

Schrade3 days ago

4 Times from the same type of monster yes. :)

riskybot4 days ago

did this with trips so i went intop the river wash where the homeless are, roll was 4 8 4 4
just got some lookers

MyShell4 days ago

How is this a "Fap" roulette? Did someone actually play this thing?

Anonymous4 days ago

LOVE the dare roulettes. More Plz!!! ♥w♥

Ceelfid4 days ago

Il manque les 0.

Anonymous4 days ago

U - What game?

W4 - Where do I find an angel?

X1 - Do you mean "choker?"

Anonymous4 days ago


What wheel?

Anonymous4 days ago

who is the girl

cbac2fd94 days ago


cbac2fd94 days ago

"You'r Free Slut!" -> should be "You're".

FantasyRoulette4 days ago

@psytio There is a lot of pictures, you can send me a PM and I will try to search the source :)
You can also join the community on discord and discuss it discord.gg/T6578ZR

Psytio4 days ago

Can we get the sources for the pictures?

A2C4mike4 days ago


This is my Reddit account. 1 day in and I love it

Valentins4 days ago

You reach a bad end after you've been defeated 4 times in general or 4 times by the same type of Monster?

ThatsTooSpicy4 days ago

Pm me~ support slut NA will make an account solely to support you if you wish <3

ThatsTooSpicy4 days ago

NA support slut: pm me~

ThatsTooSpicy4 days ago

PM me and im yours~ NA support slut~

ThatsTooSpicy4 days ago

Would love to be your support slut~ let's play xoxo

ThatsTooSpicy4 days ago

Add me!! NA : ŠluttyCúmHole
<3 will slut support-- or anything required :3

Anonymous4 days ago

Am i wrong if i say you fucked up, making a roulette for 1 to (1)0, with a "dice" rolling, between 1 and 6 ? :D Too bad, and i guess your pretty bad notation is caused by that.

ExhibitionistCbtslave5 days ago

The email adress doesnt work.

Sissysasha15 days ago

Does the email address work?

ndpds5 days ago

left me sore and rock hard, love it♡

ShyDomSeekingSub5 days ago

Is Z-8 new? Brilliant.

Anonymous5 days ago

so in Y there's no 0, and 2 is mentioned twice
usually it would be v->z and not u->y

Anonymous5 days ago

après des taches il y a des +7 ou +quelque choses à quoi cela correspond?
Sinon la roulette est pas mal mais il manque vraiment du contenu ce qui est dommage. Bonne continuation

dareme5 days ago

Updated. Better?

Anonymous5 days ago

How often do you roll deductions?

69jcv4205 days ago

Whats the nurse girls name?

Anonymous5 days ago

Why over 19 and not over 18?

Anonymous5 days ago

Finally found the source:
The artist is Choney.
The character is Black Cat D.VA.
Please credit them, OP.

riskybot6 days ago

got this roll wish me luck

Diaper_Boy_Flare6 days ago

@nutcorn (Flare)

Tycho6 days ago

about 4"

Gloofer956 days ago

You should update this with dub trip and quad consequences

kacsaduck1006 days ago

The pic is from this set:

dareme6 days ago

No. The idea is you do not want to do any of this but if you’re forced to give that blow job you’ll be inclined to get it over with as fast as possible. Z0 establishes you need to suck a cock until he cums. And each higher number forces you to spend more time and energy doing it. I will think about how I can clarify the instructions. Only make him cum after the highest Z you have to do, definitely not in the beginning.

Hark976 days ago

More forced bi dares please!

Hark976 days ago

More forced bi dares please!!

Anonymous6 days ago

Open to subs who wants to play! Mail me:
[email protected]

Anonymous6 days ago

Subs (no preference) Mail me if you want to play this. I am a strict master and will do everything I can to blackmail you completely.
Mail: [email protected]

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