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Roulette Feedback

Jedimaster7113 hours ago

you should make #39 to move forward so the player has to go all the way around again before getting another chance to hit GO

failfish4 hours ago

nice one,but isnt it impossible to do boobjob if you are male.?

failfish4 hours ago

Well,yeah i just did fail again gonna fix that whenever im free oops :D

Anonymous7 hours ago

Yes, love this one.

Anonymous10 hours ago

0 - 3 - 0 - 9 - 7

dani12 hours ago

love this roulette i started the sec i saw it :) wish it was harded tho :/ maybe easy/normal/hard mode would be nice extra punishment category on hard. (some ideas for next time) ty tho love it

Anonymous12 hours ago

Kinda impossible to get dubs with just 1 roll :P

jt14 hours ago

For those wishing a quick translation:

Do it! Cum looking at the cock, with a cock in the ass, cum faggot!

Masturbat on:
5,2 - photo 1
7,4 - photo 2
1,8 - photo 3
3,6 - photo 4

8,2 - kiss the dick in the picture
3,4 - say "fuck me in the mouth"
6,1 - suck something
5,7 - say "I'm a cocksucker fagot"

fuck yourself in the ass:
4,8,3 - doggy style
2,5,1 - cowgirl style
6,7 - as you prefer

1,8- in the mouth
3,5 - swallow
2,7 - on the face
6,4 - as you wish

If 0 of 9 : chose in the corresponding list

jt16 hours ago

Duplicate from 3417/simple-anal-roulette/ without the 60H fix.

Chicken20 hours ago

The 11's and 12's are created through the modifications (Z) in case anybody is confused.

Anonymous23 hours ago


Anonymous23 hours ago

V 3 could last for a couple of days

akds13371 day ago

You could balance this somewhat by having the player gain a point every day, lets say like credits. Only instead of spending the credits freely, they MUST all be spent each day. And each task has a credit value proportionate to the difficulty of the task. 1 credit for the first task in Edging, and 5 or 10 credits for the last task in Edging for example. As the user gains many more credits they can choose to do the same task over and over, or perhaps you want to limit them to diversifying their spending to different tasks. I imagine having to pick 14 tasks across the whole game would still be difficult, but much easier than multiplying the entire game by 14. Perhaps your multiplier can still come into play here, where you gain 1 credit the first day, 2 the second, 3 the third... and so on. I just hope it isn't SO different from your original game that it needs to be totally revamped.

Whitefang1 day ago

Modification 10

Sorlina1 day ago

On x=0, you put (x=0). What it supposed to be it or y=0?

BeckiiFixed1 day ago

How does one roll a 11 or 12?

Anonymous1 day ago

You could make the multiplier start at 7, for example, increase the same as it does now and scale everything accordingly. A required value of 370 instead of 250 would give you roughly the same point for a chance of appearing and only a 3-fold increase compared to the beginning instead of 14-fold. Also, for the edges making both the number and duration increase seems to be a bit much, so perhaps limit it to only one of those.

BellBoy1 day ago

Fixed the week payment, I must have fucked up the math. Enjoy :)~

trap1 day ago

Will try to think of some ways to re-balance things when I get the chance. If you have suggestions on how to do that without making the instructions too confusing, please let me know.

Anonymous1 day ago

It seems like buying a week has less value than buying seven days because 7 days is 450*7=3150 which is much less than a week which costs 5500

remba1 day ago

Awesome roulette! I love it when tasks increase and spiral out of control over time but I have to agree with him. That many hours are just too much. Maybe increase the difficulty of the tasks instead of the length?

remba1 day ago

nice roulette! Perfect easy bj training, well done

Anonymous1 day ago

To be honest, most of the tasks have a potential to go overboard when you consider the 14 multiplier. Doing 75 edges, each 70 seconds long, vibrator around your cock for 7 hours, 14 hours of buttplug time, 7 hours of dildo time. 3k anal thrusts also may be much for some but I think that can still be managed. And, of course, there's potential to be unlucky enough for the multiplier to increase to 20, so half more of everything above.
That's the reason I suggested changing the multiplier mechanic, since if something is to be reasonable with a multiplier over 10, it becomes pretty boring at multiplier 1 or 2.

Anonymous1 day ago

Looks like it has lots of potential. Unfortunately the board part is too small for me to read. Any way you can upload a higher-res version?

ChonkeyDong1 day ago

Please leave feedback here, this is my first roulette and I'm looking to make more. Suggestions/comments would be much appreciated. Have fun ;)

trap1 day ago

I actually planned to change the scale at which the masturbation section increased to be M*10min instead of M*30 after uploading and re-reading through everything, but it slipped my mind before the upload was approved. Don't know if I want to modify it now, but I feel M*10 minutes would be a fair balance.

I wanted to make the multiplier a simple increase of 1 each day to avoid as much confusion as possible, but with the bonus rolls it can still become confusing sadly. The whole goal was to only use easy numbers (single digit/ending with 0/etc..). Excluding the masturbation section, I fell all of the numbers for the other sections are balanced appropriately. I intended for the roulette scale to increase rather rapidly, and feel everything progresses at the scale I am looking for, except the masturbation section as of right now. If you have examples of other situations that make other sections seem unbalanced, let me know.

Anonymous1 day ago

While the faproulette seems very well-made, the way it scales up pretty much makes it impossible to finish without bending the rules, assuming you want to have any real life at all.
To give a more firm argument, consider this: to have any chances of cumming, you need to have a multiplier of 14 at some point. At a minimum, that requires 7.5 hours of masturbation. And that multiplier gives you only a minimal chance of stopping at that point. Omitting whether it's even possible to keep yourself stimulated that long or what it could do to your health, taking that much time out will seriously damage both your personal life and your work/school schedule.
I think a more realistic approach would be for the multiplier to have a more focused range, for example starting at 2, changing by 0.5 instead of 1 and having a chance to cum at 6. You could also tweak the times, but the fact that the multiplier can change over tenfold makes all amounts very unstable.

Anonymous2 days ago

PR Is personal record.
Calories are to watch your figure.

Cassandra2 days ago

Awesome picture! :)

Anonymous2 days ago

Bigger is in this instance certainly better.

Anonymous2 days ago

What is PR and whats the importance of the calories?

Anonymous2 days ago

It should be in dice mode (I got a 0, shouldnt be able to do that).

Ivorybottoms2 days ago

Really well made! Super pretty!

Laures2 days ago

this should be under "other languages".

Anonymous2 days ago

English pls

atsn2 days ago

@chastityslut Totaly forgot squats. I'll have to update this one, also changing one minute of sprinting to just 30 seconds.

atsn2 days ago

@Anon I'll change it next time I have the file open. Inkscape

chastityslut2 days ago

also where the squats at? How u gonna get a booty without squats

chastityslut2 days ago

its good but i can speak from experience that sprinting for a minute is waaaaay harder than jogging a mile

ShelbyWolf2 days ago

absolutely love this! hope to see more in the near future

boomer2353 days ago

Please repost in English

Cassandra3 days ago

I love this one. Brilliant idea. :)

Anonymous3 days ago

@astn At section 7 (release) the options in the pink box, "Onto your body" and "All over your face" are both listed at $50. Maybe change "All over your face" to $75? Otherwise there doesn't seem to be a clear reason to pick it over the other.

On a side note, how/what program do you use to make these?

Thanks for the amazing roulettes!

Glucky3 days ago

Well done my friend ! That's a really good roulette. Good job for the aesthetic

Anonymous3 days ago

Seems interesting, but it's too small and hard to read. Wish the image was bigger.

ThrBouwman3 days ago

I should invest in a dildo

atsn3 days ago

@Anon Be careful I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous3 days ago

Pockies are really weak and break easily what happens then?

atsn4 days ago

Its a little stick-candy thing. You can buy them at Asian specialty stores.

Anonymous4 days ago

@ZEroNoDrago it's called OFFLINE exposure roulette for a reason

NewGuy4 days ago

Who is she? She looks so perfect <3

Frog4 days ago

@atsn looking forward to it

Anonymous4 days ago

What's a pocky

atsn4 days ago

I made 5 faproulettes. I'm going to release one of them per day, in order of worst to best. This is the first of the bunch.

PantyFreak6 days ago

Thanks Ceelfid. I requested a settings change.

Mariered6 days ago

Sora447 : It mean make your roll and take a pic right after. :)

Anonymous6 days ago

the instructions are so confusing

Ceelfid6 days ago

This roulette seems to be in "dice mode". No number rolled is ever greater than 6.

Anonymous6 days ago


remba6 days ago

I like the new cards and the idea about combos.
Thank you for making them!

FrankTheDirt6 days ago

@astn that sounds like a great idea. Then people will have something to do in between interactive games!

Anonymous1 week ago

What is the 'W' roll used for?

SoulSucker1 week ago

me too

PantyFreak1 week ago

hard one. with the chances for recycle and limited chance for release, ended up with cumulative rolls resulting in 4 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days. Evil.

atsn1 week ago

@Anon Yea, I think this site has indexed pretty much all existing content. Maybe I'll spend a whole day and make like 20 of them...

Anonymous1 week ago

I guarantee that the primary reason for so much feedback is cause the site hasn't been updated in a couple of weeks and people are desperate for content.

Anonymous1 week ago


atsn1 week ago

@Anon Those items are grouped together in a pink box, meaning you can only choose one.

@Anon Not sure what you mean.

@paperairplain I didn't notice before, it's upsetting me now.

paperairplain1 week ago

That butthole is lick, reeeeaallly high up

Anonymous1 week ago

Might just be me being stupid but I thought you were supposed to multiply the amount of money you landed on by whatever (ie. get 1 then 4 then 9 --> 25$*350 = 8750$ lol) Perhaps you could make it more clear that its the number you roll?

Anonymous1 week ago

Right now, doing 10 minutes six times earns you 20 more dollars than an hour straight

atsn1 week ago

@boomer235 Working on a school-themed interactive game now. Should be playable in a few weeks.

atsn1 week ago

@Anon Oops, fixed. Thanks.

@dani Increased amount owed for all rolls, max is now ~$650. I may add a hardcore mode that adds another ~$200 debt.

Anonymous1 week ago

The 8" and 10" dildos have the same cost

atsn1 week ago

@Anon Sure, but maybe convert to USD or EUR so the numbers roughly match up.

Anonymous1 week ago

What if you have another currency in your wallet, does that count?

dani1 week ago

The highest amount atm is around 500$ make it around 800-900$ :) btw love the roulette ty

atsn1 week ago

Let me know of $ amounts need adjusted. Have fun :)

Slices1 week ago

The Roulette is no longer there

Anonymous1 week ago

Too hard to read

Cassandra1 week ago

Definitely yes, if you ask me. You could ask the same question about non-fap roullettes, cards and many more. But what we like here is what makes the site work. That's what the categories and the ratings are for. We have category fantasy, and if you don't like roll-less roulettes, don't vote them. I don't go to other sites with games like these. :)

Sora4471 week ago

Does taking a pic mean to take a pic of all at the end, or of the moment you got the tripple?

Guero01 week ago

anyone know what cage that is?

Playsafe1 week ago

Would love to see more of such CYOA stories!

Anonymous1 week ago

So simple yet so much fun. Gratz.

Anonymous1 week ago

Does this really belong here? It's not a roulette, there's no rolling. It's a choose your own adventure.
I personally love this content, but I think it fits better on one of the subreddits or imageboards dedicated to cyoa's.

Anonymous1 week ago

Please change the dice to 6 sided. Thank you

Anonymous1 week ago

who is 67-70?

Anonymous1 week ago

needs to do letters instead of numbers to match the "roll"

Anonymous1 week ago

(U) Diaper use is missing number 7, other than that great roulette!

Anonymous1 week ago

I did a fun little test roll for this, just out of curiousity. According to my unlucky self, i would of been stuck in chastity for 72 days before finally getting a chance to cum... but no freedom XD fun thought~

Anonymous1 week ago

Awesome new cards !
I love this game; thanks for the great work.
Please don't stop to add content ! :)

Anonymous1 week ago

Hey, love this idea and already played twice on easy, once on hard (butt is still numb due to hard giving me 3 spankings in a row, ye gods x.x) Anyways, i wantedto add in an idea to the combo cards:

Hypnotized:cost 3 discards, tie your arms behind your back, and force watch a sissy hypnosis video/listen to a sissy hypnosis file, minimum 10 minutes. Fail:draw 2

Confession: Discard 1 card priority 3 or higher, call a friend and tell them that you are playing this game and invite them over. If they agree to play along, draw 1 card. Fail: draw 4 cards.

Just a few ideas, up to you to decide to add them or change them in any way you think will help balance them~ off to play another hard round!!!

chrystaleaves1 week ago

What are we supposed to do for Y+Z? Like I don't get the point of it... does it just mean we have to cum only from anal no matter what? I'm so confused

Punishmesenpai1 week ago

The basic cards https://imgur.com/a/uh9sL
The combo cards https://imgur.com/a/d3pvN

Acidchaps1 week ago

It was removed for some reason, maybe by the original poster? I just re-uploaded it.

nbec4741 week ago

A back exercise in the Y's would be nice. Great roulette nonetheless.

Anonymous1 week ago


Anonymous1 week ago

What happened to the original?

Anonymous1 week ago

Typo under fap material in the Psychic type category. The last option should say 7-9.

Anonymous1 week ago

Texts looks a bit blurred

Anonymous2 weeks ago

Hard to read on some parts

Kumie2 weeks ago

I hear you, these do take quite some time, but it seems there is interest in more of them. If I can come up with a new take or spin on these I will happily start another. What I don't want is to spend a lot of time making one that is just slightly different. Feel free to share ideas, and hopefully something fun comes out of it.

Kumie2 weeks ago

Good catch. Fixed.

ChastitySissy2 weeks ago

I think G-String and thong should be switched; their pictures seem to belong to the other. Great roulette otherwise!

Matumbo2 weeks ago

Hey man, when are we going to see another one? Can't wait.

Cassandra2 weeks ago

Though I have a body-writing porn pic folder, I found these via Google image search, size bigger than 1MP, "bodywriting slave". Hope you find them, too.

Anonymous2 weeks ago

Where are the pictures from?

iSlideForYou2 weeks ago

Well made, loved it. Would love to try a chastity one by you.

Anonymous2 weeks ago

Instead of making of new games, could you update these and make them interactive, or at least put them on your website? Really love your stuff, very hot.


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