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Roulette Feedback

Anonymous9 minutes ago

Do re-roll again if the dubs are a modifier you already have, cause I've been doing that but it seems pretty unrealistic

Anonymous34 minutes ago

Very creative idea! I will try it out.

razorsedge891 hour ago

Thanks faith. I’ll have to work on the smoothest way to word that one. Because you are right, some things will naturally have to replace others.

Anonymous1 hour ago

Any good ideas for the 90 seconds countdown if you are alone?

Anonymous1 hour ago

Awesome, thank you!

Faith8111 hour ago

I think maybe the liquids should be changed just a little, overall 1L every hour is the same as 500mL every half hour

Faith8112 hours ago

For the equipment maybe specify what it replaces? It's usually self explanatory that the higher number is the one that overrides the smaller but still ^^

razorsedge893 hours ago

Any Feedback or experiences are always appreciated. keep it safe sane and consensual and enjoy the roulette.

Anonymous5 hours ago

For five is that just being tied sitting in the passenger seat?

Switch135246 hours ago

Where did you get the picture at the top from

Beckii9 hours ago

I do it all the time, sissies should always be shaved smooth

CaptiveLight10 hours ago

Thanks, Anon!
Revision 1.3 is up, addressing requests for greater TICKET price to be earned. Expert Mode adds +$500 to how much you have to earn. Hardcore mode adds +$500 and also adds two hours of public degradation. Hope you enjoy!

Anonymous10 hours ago

Nevermind I get the nightime to daytime thing now. I just started at night and I think I was supposed to start during the day. Then whatever you are on carries over on a success.

Anonymous10 hours ago

I seems like the potty chart serves no pupose other than aesthetics. Making a potty chart to track the roulette does seem like fun.

Anonymous10 hours ago

Nighttime to day daytime is a bit unclear to me. I get that if you get out of bed or leak you go to diapers and if you succeed you work out "something special" as a reward. I am assuming you go to diapers anyways even after a successful night?

dcshadow11713 hours ago


SlaveJJ15 hours ago

very bad resolution... Fix that and maybe someone can read it.

Anonymous15 hours ago

Do you know how long it would take to shave below the eyebrows?!

Anonymous16 hours ago


Anonymous17 hours ago

Hot! Love every part of it

Anonymous17 hours ago

Small and hard to read. Make it bigger.

Anonymous19 hours ago

Oh my godddd, finally a good dbd roulette, thank you so much <3

Anonymous20 hours ago

This is the kind of quality content I’m here for

katy_jane20 hours ago

This is absolutely amazing.
I'm inspired to make another roulette but with the Pokemon Randomizer.

@LongShlongSilvers: Another option would be only ruined orgasms until you beat it the game.. chastity + vibrator to keep the locked up part ;)
And when you play again the next day it's back into your cage..

CaptiveLight21 hours ago

One more thing...
thanks, Bimbo-Jasmine for your feedback! So glad you like this roulette. I hope you get a chance to find yourself working abroad soon.

CaptiveLight21 hours ago

Haha okay, I happily bend to the will of the people! Revision 1.2 is up with a new Challenge Variation that will give PIMP a reason to drive WHORE hard.

"Law of Diminishing Returns" has been added to the list of Challenge Variations. Each client served will increase the chances of PIMP taking a bigger slice of WHORE's earnings. As early as the 5th client, there is a 50% chance PIMP gets 100% of the money, and by the 10th client, there is a 100% chance PIMP gets all the money. Hopefully that is a good reason to keep WHORE busy.

To allow this scenario to happen, PIMP now has the right to impose any challenge at their discretion.

Bimbo-Jasmine1 day ago

I love your Roulette! I will try it out during my next vacation. I agree with the urgency from the top down thing. The pimp should want to push you as much as possible. He is a pimp after all. Publishing pictures is a punishment towards the player but the pimp doesn't get much out of it. I also think the ticket prices look a bit low or the Services too high. The roulette could end in just one day.
Keep making these awesome roulette! I love them so much.

Anonymous1 day ago

900000 I have almost done that already

Anonymous1 day ago


FinalDestination1 day ago

Thanks for pointing that out. It's been fixed.

Anonymous1 day ago

Includes oral, but isn't tagged as oral

CaptiveLight1 day ago

Roulette updated to account for tipping.
Keep 100% of your tips, you earned them. Tips never go to your pimp in any manner or amount.

CaptiveLight1 day ago

Thanks Anon(s)!

Credit for the idea goes to the FP member who messaged that one of their darker fantasies was "getting forced to work as a hooker or escort and earn my money just by that alone."

That is a neat idea to punish the pimp for the whore's failure, and create that sense of urgency from the top down. Maybe another roulette?

Lauralyn1 day ago

Nice roulette, with numerous ways of getting trapped (almost) indefinitely.
I'm only confused about P 8-0, you're not supposed to have orgasms anyway?

Anonymous1 day ago

Hot work! Shouldn't the penalty be more focused towards the pimp? He would be extra focused on you that way. Simply posting photos is not that big of a deal for the Pimp. Very thrilling and I need to try it out myself.

Ceelfid1 day ago

Offering a blowjob to someone looking for an empty restroom or who just used one, might not be the best idea in the world.
Unless you're into watersports.

RinnKitt1 day ago

Glad to see people got inspired by my Healslut Pokémon Nuzlocke <3

bmz2 days ago

I hope it's more realistic. first change time. second change z3 as other mission read book is...... third change some spell effect last add punishment if Violate spell effect then need punishment

Anonymous2 days ago

Captive you always come up with the best ideas! Awesome roulette

risky_sub_toy2 days ago

I'm not sure 42 is correct, I couldn't find her when I searched the name

Anonymous2 days ago

have to spend all money or not?

Anonymous2 days ago

You changed the roulette to 6max on the text, but still 1-10 rolls in the settings.

Twisted2 days ago

Z is the more risky exposure part of the roulette. If you choose to do it, exit your stall and head to the urinal, facing it and leaning against it with your ass in the air, you are aspose to wait there in that position for the time rolled in Z. If any guy walks in during that time, wait in the position to see if they fuck you, or just ignore them. You can always retreat into the stall, but you must then restart the time

Anonymous2 days ago

Original idea.

CaptiveLight2 days ago

Nikia from Ukraine via WowGirls.


Spensor152 days ago

Actress name pls?

FinalDestination2 days ago

v2 is now out! The original can be found here, if you like: https://imgur.com/a/fNMxrIN

The most notable change is of course splitting the roulette into two versions. I would strongly recommend doing the Fling version, but it's ultimately up to you. Other notable changes include the removal of modes, which I think added too much complexity for not much gain, and the addition of special challenges for the LTR version. There's a ton of minor changes, but I think most of them would fall under the big split.

Expect further minor changes as I catch stuff. Feedback is appreciated.

Dalatan2 days ago

Aw, cute, I like it

Ceelfid2 days ago

I guess Y6 should read "cloths X" instead of "Z clothing".

tekcubmuc2 days ago

What is a Fisher Hook Gag?

Anonymous2 days ago

Very fun roulette! Just really make sure to clean out all the way

Anonymous2 days ago

Nice and simple

SubSlut3 days ago

So, for Z=9-0, how should they finish? Same as 7-8?
I got quads, kinda screwed for a while...

Anonymous3 days ago

I don't understand the potty progress chart.

throw-away-133 days ago

Excellent! Good to know - excited for the next one

Anonymous3 days ago

Subtract and divide by Y my guy. Smaller base load means worse conditions for you, bud.

JennyMoon3 days ago

what does 1/(Y) mean?
same for 7 -(Y)
and 600/(Y)

great roulette btw

CaptiveLight3 days ago

Great roulette! Simple, direct, and I have no excuse not to try it. (gulp!)

LongShlongSilvers3 days ago

Very interesting concept. I like the idea of the chastity time and plug time being two separate variables attached to the same roulette. The way you played this image out is very hard to follow. Consider making the categories more linear and perhaps giving an example roll to help people follow along.

Redjohn843 days ago

how does it works? with only z

BellBoy3 days ago

@Sam-s That would be personal record/personal best

ShadowG11173 days ago

It is mostly for just getting used to the cage,the next one will have days and additional tasks for people who are a bit more experienced.

throw-away-133 days ago

Good beginners roulette! Is it supposed to be personal preference for getting used to chastity - or would another roll for minimum days be beneficial? Good job!

Rubberking3 days ago

I do intend on making more Sissy/male roulettes In The future, Yea

Anonymous3 days ago

Much fun. Thank you

Anonymous3 days ago

Could you update this one, I still think it's à great roulette, just missing some updates

Anonymous3 days ago

Will you be doing these deep dives for men or sissies?

Rubberking4 days ago

Dom Route
Enjoy the ride

Fuck Him

Fuck Her

Stroke to this

This could be your New toy

Sub route
Become a doll

Lose yourself

Suck on it

Perfect POV

Ultimate Slut (flashing image Warning)

Anonymous4 days ago

Just got my first butt plug today, and tried this roulette. I think I'm in love with anal now.

Anonymous4 days ago

Is there a source to the picture?

Zum1234 days ago

I did it and I'm still alive.
Although with two brushes seems too extreme. Like the Apple.

Dalatan4 days ago

Not bad! I feel like the orgasm roll should be Z 1: Normal 2-0: Ruined. But that's just me. :P

RackBody4 days ago

It's exactly how boosterenergy says

Anonymous4 days ago

Riley Reid

Anonymous4 days ago

I love this! Can’t get enough!!

Anonymous4 days ago


itsalwaysme4 days ago

name of girl ?

masokitty4 days ago

@RackBody Leaking specifically means when there's too much liquid for the diaper to hold so it starts leaking out the sides.

Anonymous4 days ago

Hi! Can you please tell me the name of the artist or where can I get more of this?

Anonymous4 days ago

Who is she?

CeelfidFixed4 days ago

Typo for dubs ands trips. There are only 3 numbers.

Laures5 days ago

you made me pick up league again....

katty905 days ago

@Unleashed thx dear

Anonymous5 days ago

Should Z be done in the stall or at the urinals?

Anonymous5 days ago

lina posada

Anonymous5 days ago

please stop harrassing your delivery drivers :(

Tipsy_5 days ago

Cock Cleaning should be a category in its own right!

SparklingPink5 days ago

So yet another Roulette that no one is going to do lol.

Dekabr5 days ago

Love the idea!

However, unsure about Z: are we supposed to basically show our naked body straight up?

SweatSockSlave5 days ago

Did you figure out how to make the fake cum on your own or did you find it online? Thanks for that btw

elf_ears5 days ago

could add a rule tha you have to reroll the first 3 times you get 8,9,0 or something

tekcubmuc5 days ago

I am a bit confused, how do I know what the right combination is?

Tarem5 days ago

I played New Super Mario Bros (I am not good at platforming) Also added the Power Up, Plug Up Mode: I changed the rules for me a little bit: Whenever I get a Power Up or a One Up 1 have to Pump Up (even if I didn't get anything from that) and only release after WINNING the stage. I also wanted to get as many Star Coins as possible. For each one I didn't get I deephroated (World + Level) times. Example: W5 LvL7=12 Deepthroats. AAAND I fought all Bosses (also mend playing through W2 and W5 twice) I also rolled X5 I thought it would be boring and deephtroated every 10 seconds :D
PS: Great game keep up the good work pal ^^

Anonymous5 days ago

Love all the Video Game Roulettes! Good job and I hope you continue your work:)

boosterenergy5 days ago

T=3 -> roll U until you have 3 colors
T=6 -> ignore U since you have to use all 6 anyway

Slavejordan5 days ago

Alright, i did it. The guy that was delivering looked at me in a weird way, and when i invited him for some fun, he said that he has lots of other houses to go to and left after i paid.

Decadent5 days ago

Oh my fucking god please stop with these kinds of dares. It is SEXUAL HARASSMENT to show up like this at your door intentionally.

onymous5 days ago

Update: changed the last condition to be more consistent. Previous one had too much RNG and the range was between 1 minute to over 10 hours. In case you still want to use the old one here it is - (Z) * (amount of not completed missions) minutes.

WhiteLotus5 days ago

It has 4 numbers for me. Let me know if the issue persists. Thank you for your feedback :)

onymous5 days ago

@SissyMaidslave evry time you fail a mission in any way you go up by 1 condition making further games more difficult. Once you reach 9 you lose.
I'm gonna slightly rework the 9th one because right now it's too much RNG and gimmicky.
I also have few more warframe roulettes planned for the future so keys will be used there.

Anonymous5 days ago

fuck this

tyragon1236 days ago

I rolled T=6 & U=5. Does this mean I should make a 6 color deck regardless, and not worry about rolling U?

Anonymous6 days ago

Amazing please more like this. Everyone loves a good pizza dare haha. And could you possibly do a SPH one as well. Keep up the great work ❤️❤️

DreamyKatie6 days ago

Such a hot idea! I love it!

Twisted6 days ago

Artwork Source:https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/14730698

Twisted6 days ago

Sure that sounds like it might be interesting to make

Anonymous6 days ago

hi nice roullete, you can make anithing similar but for crossdresser? thanks

Twisted6 days ago

Best of Luck!
Let us know how it went ;)

Slavejordan6 days ago

2, 6, 5... wish me luck!

Anonymous6 days ago

You have been pumping out roulettes lately... almost more than Keystroke! Keep up the good work


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