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Roulette Feedback

Anonymous1 hour ago

It says you must spend at least one day in diapers to pick pull-ups and at least one day in pull-ups to pick undies, so no.

Anonymous1 hour ago

doesnt load the image

DanKayy4 hours ago

Awesome, hope we get to see the harder version of this and the dress up one soon!

CumOnCorey5 hours ago

@Simonemausi pretty sure the 2nd dice is for the odd/even option underneath.

LindseyT5 hours ago

Totally played this with some girlfriends. We all had a lot of fun the entire night. Will definitely be playing again!!! I think it would be great for a bachelorette party.

CumOnCorey7 hours ago

This is great, but the clothing options are not nearly revealing enough. 6 should be NUDE, 5 topless/gstring, 4 skimpy swimsuit, 3 lingerie, 2 thigh high tshirt/nothing underneath, 1 bootie shorts + sexy top :)

Firexn8 hours ago

If you only made it for guys ;-;

Anonymous8 hours ago

@Scatbot P1 isn't that hard to figure out. Basically just increases X but doesn't appear to allow to lower it. You're stuck with your original X, or higher, for the whole duration.

MarcoNeu11 hours ago

That outfit in the picture is a masterpiece.

ScatBot12 hours ago

@Simonemausi So do V and P. I think the thing is that the roulette doesn't really fit into the traditional pattern of a fixed number of numbers. Instead most of the times you just need Y and Z. That means for your first roll you just need one number to decide on the goal amount. From then on you only always need two numbers, except when you roll a dub. And when you roll trip you need four. See? It's that easy. Well, except that P#1 again tells you to re-roll X, uh.

istufsuy16 hours ago

Source of the picture?

Anonymous17 hours ago

Great job!
Love your work. Perfect for beginners who want to lose some control. I would love to see a more extreme version which I would do myself. I think that it is a bit too easy for me.

Simonemausi17 hours ago

roll has 2 dice. just one needed

Simonemausi17 hours ago

x is missing in roll

Anonymous18 hours ago

So... are you allowed to choose Dry Undies on day 1?

flyingfish3320 hours ago

Fantastic roulette, amazing detail. Keep it up

jubatus5821 hours ago

Nice roulette, well done!

razorsedge8923 hours ago

A good start, but it might be missing something. 😂

razorsedge891 day ago

Another great roulette, I love the amount of detail you manage to put in. Keep up the great work.

Arlekin1 day ago

Who knows, why use a pie is not safe? And I did not understand how number 6 works, how to use shoes with a dildo?

StacyLic0rne1 day ago

its fun too with dubs or trips the total ;)

jubatus581 day ago

I'll rephrase the next roulette as "you mail email me if you wish", as of course, there is no obligation to do so. Thank for this advice.

BlackAndWhiteKat1 day ago

Pretty much unreadable. Use a bigger canvas size

BlackAndWhiteKat1 day ago

Oh wow I faved this a long time ago but never read through it properly. Just got around to it now and this is really good.
Especially as a "clean" roulette, could be good to getting people into it compared to some of diaper roulettes that involve scat
The punishments could maybe be harsher? making them cumulative and adding some laxatives in might give some people better incentives ;w;?

BlackAndWhiteKat1 day ago

X1 and X6 don't really work that well, other than that this is pretty good, could definitely be used as an external roulette for any that involve body writing to :o

Good call on keeping V vague to, really helps make it apply to a lot of stuff :D

Anonymous1 day ago

I have to say, this is very original

AssSlave1 day ago

I'm pretty sure from the picture it's supposed to be you make a meal, shit on it, then eat it.

Anonymous1 day ago

I get what its saying for me to do, but they are so basic and it doesnt explicitly say anything

FemaleCumSlut1 day ago

True, I realized my mistake yesterday!

Tabris1 day ago

It's great. Good job.

Tabris1 day ago

Love this one. Please do more.

Ceelfid1 day ago

Last line for X would be "9-0".

Anonymous1 day ago

I find roulettes with 'email me' as a non-optional part of tasks extremely off putting. It's a shame because apart from that the roulette is very good. Also, just a side note, I don't think 'comprehensive' means what you think it means.

Anonymous1 day ago

Yes you cant roll 7-0 besides that this toulette is verry good!

Anonymous1 day ago

@BlackAndWhiteKat I think the point is to put the food up your ass and scat it out onto a plate. Poorly written unfortunately.

FemaleCumSlut2 days ago

Could you tell me why is your roulette in almost every category, I search for "exercise" !

SissyEve2 days ago

photo source?

Anonymous2 days ago

Love the choices to make in X

Anonymous2 days ago

Looks like it's limiting rolls to 1-6

StacyLic0rne2 days ago

yes debt counter is a good idea but i think its a bit too easy... look you start with 20 points and for each deepthroat add 5 points and subtract 1 point for each second hold... so you start your first you add 5 to 20 then you start to hold so you just need to hold 25 seconds to get done... am i the only one that find it to easy ? i think its could be better if you subtract 1 point to each 5 or 10 seconds hold so its force you to deepthroat again and add 5 points to each try

ScatBot2 days ago

Somehow the roulette fails to say what I'm supposed to do here. What are those "contents" and what to do with them?

ScatBot2 days ago

I like the part where you're allowed to cum from anal.

Anonymous2 days ago

This should be tagged as "Video Games"

JMT2 days ago

Thanks. Will drop 3 more this week. *work dependent....

JMT2 days ago

Why does it have to be on the ground floor? People can look round on any floor?

Anonymous2 days ago

I'm doing it irl

atsn2 days ago

@Anon 1/36 chance of cumming on your second roll.

Guay2 days ago

X x 5 rolls? How can I cum 95 times?

BlackAndWhiteKat2 days ago

Maybe don't use a scat image for a food roulette?

Anonymous2 days ago

what is girly orgasm?

Pholidota2 days ago

Looks amazing, please translate

DH6663 days ago

This one is just begging to be made English

CagedSarah3 days ago

I guess ill keep the points as they are then? mixed signals. Ill see if i can reword the roulette so the Vs are more clear

StacyLic0rne3 days ago

anyone succes at 500 deepthroat?

Anonymous3 days ago

Cum in section 2? This is stupid.

Also too easy to get past each section.

DistinctName3 days ago

to (hopefully) save you from googling, here are some links to explanations for some of these exercises, if you need them:

Kneeling Peroneal Stretch

Seated Forward Bending (Hamstring stretch)

Contralateral Limb Raises

Back Extensions

Hollow Body Hold

StacyLic0rne3 days ago


first time try this site will add some more later maybe :)

Kennokami3 days ago

I lost at 32, please humiliate me
[email protected]

Anonymous3 days ago

need a U roll

BlackAndWhiteKat3 days ago

Roulettes layout is a bit of a mess and the V rolls are kinda meh. If you need a diaper roll then the type of diaper and number of diapers is much more useful

BlackAndWhiteKat3 days ago

On a closer look, the roulette could really use formatting, you've mixed 1-10 and 1-6 rolls which doesn't work

BlackAndWhiteKat3 days ago

Concept is alright, but I feel like this could be more interesting with more options

BlackAndWhiteKat3 days ago

Feel like there could be more options to make this more interesting

Anonymous3 days ago

What is the source of the pic?

supermark3 days ago

You aren't the original creator of this roulette.

Anonymous3 days ago

Artist please

taintedomen4 days ago

@BlackAndWhiteKat, the website is faproulette. Fap is defined as masturbation. Thus, the website is masturbation roulette. If the roulette isn't about masturbation it defeats the point of being on the site.

CheeseWhiz4 days ago

What they said, can't roll past 6

Anonymous4 days ago


Anonymous4 days ago

22/7 is much closer to Pi than 3.14, so Pi day should be on the 22/7.
This has the added advantage of occurring on a day that exists rather than the third day of the fourteenth month or something :P

KosherKrackers4 days ago

Aha! That makes much more sense, I thought it to be a bit much, lol, I do a lot with excel, my mind puts brackets around things and tries to subdivide these things into component chunks.

Thank you :D

Cassandra4 days ago

Yes, simply TUV as a number, like in the post before.

I haven't written it anywhere but you should do the deepthroats in one session. It's hard to come up with timing rules since people are so differently trained. But maybe I come up with an addition for that

Many thanks for the feedback. :)

atsn4 days ago

Thanks, fixed.

Anonymous4 days ago

Should be D6 instead of D10

ScatBot4 days ago

Mm.. I think it would be more exciting if you had to upload all that data beforehand and then depending on the roll it gets posted automatically.

Anonymous4 days ago

quite certain it is: 100*T + 10*U + V

So for T-8, U-4, V-8 you'll get 100*8 + 10*4 + 8 = 800 + 40 + 8 = 848

BlackAndWhiteKat4 days ago

With two people I feel like something much more interesting and creative could be done ;-;

MarcoNeu4 days ago

XD I am the night.

MetalHeart4 days ago

Love this roulette!

KosherKrackers4 days ago

Just a clarification on the calculation, it works from left to right, right?

So, if I roll my first three as T-8 U-4 V-8, that’s... 100x80 = 800. Then 800 x 12 = 9,600. Is that the way it’s intended to be calculated?

Also, any timeframe on how long i’d Have to complete them? Just wondering, if I have 9,600 to do, what’s to stop me taking, say, a whole week to complete in numerous sittings? Would I need to ‘give up’ for any punishment to apply?

xtranix4 days ago

Thx I found it! it's on rule 34

Rarichard4 days ago

Picture is from Wokada, but I could not find this exactly one.

therapingdutchman4 days ago

[email protected] if you are still looking

Ely5 days ago

No sé entiende lo que dice

PublicBondageLover135 days ago

[email protected]

Hope you like getting tied up in public for ayone to find and use.

Spintria5 days ago

Taimanin Asagi anime serie.

BlackAndWhiteKat5 days ago

@taintedomen Not every roulette needs masterbation, plenty of others don't

Anonymous5 days ago

she's stunning!

Anonymous5 days ago

i rly like this one

Anonymous5 days ago

i would change without lube to, lube with hot chilli sauce, thats awesome hurts like hell, once its inside you there is no going back.

Cassandra5 days ago

W3 fixed as proposed

Psytio5 days ago

For any wondering, Tau day is 28th of June

Anonymous5 days ago

It in spanish

FloorDoucet5 days ago

as doublelist is not accepting registrations ill post here, looking for 3 blackmailers, first 3 people to respond after this comment within 72 hous will be accepted! Just leave your e-mail so I can contact you!

Anonymous5 days ago

Thank you very much

xtranix5 days ago

Where is the picture from?

Brandi5 days ago

Loled hard at satanic birth part omg

Anonymous5 days ago

punishment: get diabeetus

Arseminer5 days ago

Because this roulette is aimed at anyone regardless of sex or gender.

Anonymous6 days ago

Nipple perforation? What!?

Anonymous6 days ago

This sissy bitch nearly got caught. Saw people pulling into the park at midnight just as I was leaving woo. Great work

TwinkleToesies6 days ago

Casey Calvert

Cjuun6 days ago

Huh, google says it safe. interesting. sourse: https://www.answers.com/Q/What_happens_when_you_put_hot_sauce_in_your_butt

Cjuun6 days ago

is it acctualy save to put hot sause in your ass?

ScatBot6 days ago

@NewGuy just google super deep throat okay?

SissyEve6 days ago

yes it is

averageasiansissy6 days ago

tbh i expected someone to ask for the source:https://gelbooru.com/

FemaleCumSlut6 days ago

Please re-do this one !

FemaleCumSlut6 days ago

Could you remake it with more choices/pain please ? Even tho this one is really good !


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