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Roulette Feedback

Little-one13 minutes ago

W6 X5 Y3 Z6
Pm me if your from Sydney ish area 💓

pmf99836 minutes ago

I’d be happy to do this for someone if they’re looking to be controlled.

PaddedFun2 hours ago

@Feli try the Random Ticker app :) Not sure if you can get it on IOS though.

@chrystaleaves you only roll punishments on certain rolls, when you leak, when you use the potty when you aren't allowed and when you change too early

DawnSissygurl3 hours ago

If we gather all the loads in one bowl, how are we meant to count loads for task that request "Do [...] with [number] of loads." ?

Subwill223 hours ago

I want to be a cum addict

B_nH_n3 hours ago

love these!!! more punishing deepthroat roulettes pleeeease!!!!

Mariolopes694204 hours ago

Dm open blackmail me

Anonymous4 hours ago

I really want to try this, what works best?

Anonymous4 hours ago

I want to become a cum addict

Signy4 hours ago

any female who wants to do it, pm me

Anonymous5 hours ago

I wasn't sure how the knots are tied, do you split the paste into two halves with a knot in the middle or for 2 knots 3 distinct lumps, and for 3 knots, 4 lumps like a link or chain of sausages?
If so how do you manage to tie it. Also I'd definitely want more chance of it popping. I'm tempted to do this with a smaller 'filled' amount and then chew it while out for a walk or a drive or a bus ride - as if it is gum.

jean1luc5 hours ago

It's realy damn tempting :)

Feli6 hours ago

Does anyone know a good random timer app

Cur496 hours ago

Looking for a couple who want to try this roulette.

BluTheTrap7 hours ago


I played this at a femboy party and chose S... one other person rolled odds and we both wanted to chicken out so everyone agreed we would flip a coin and whoever lost the coin toss had to finish the roulette solo.

I ended up losing and everyone came to the agreement that it would take too long for me to blow everyone until they came, so instead they were just going to gangbang me

I ended up getting fucked by 14 guys (some femboys) until everyone had cum. I don't think i went more than 3 seconds without a cock in my mouth or my ass and I'm pretty sure a few people came more than once. At the end, I had so much cum leaking out of my butt that by balls were glazed and my face was sticky from the amount of cum I swallowed and the amount of cocks rubbed on my face

SissyMichelle728 hours ago

Exercise is key!

Anyone want to work with me on this roulette I can lose a few pounds

Revan2949 hours ago

A good way to do this roulette healthily is to cut out dairy. I know it sounds weird but trust me it works. Do not forget to exercise as well.

WhatMeLol10 hours ago

I guess girl don't cum lol

HorusRising10 hours ago


HorusRising10 hours ago

https://chaster.app/sessions/zbcngnkxSqssHOTq please vote for me

HorusRising10 hours ago

https://chaster.app/sessions/zbcngnkxSqssHOTq please i need votes

mrs__rose__10 hours ago


zoebunny12 hours ago

This is so hot, my only wish is that is had something for dubs, trips, quads.

Hammamal12 hours ago

i loved playing your week of nudity, glad youre bacK!

Viix12 hours ago

I want to become a cum addict

CHOJJRAK13 hours ago

New version

sissyslave77113 hours ago

20 points

EverlessRaven15 hours ago

Accessory: +0.1 Mult, makeup; apply some heavy mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.

EverlessRaven15 hours ago

Accessory: +0.1 Mult, Heels; Wear some high heels and deepthroat standing

D361916 hours ago

Model: Sienna Savage.

SarahSui16 hours ago

I want to become a cum addict

Anonymous16 hours ago

Sauce for the pic?

lurvis18 hours ago


Noe44419 hours ago

If you want to see mine hit me up

Anonymous19 hours ago

Who is she??

iamaslutformia23 hours ago

it looks like you got one of the special rolls the wrong way around - 4-5 is the one with bondage, 5-4 has nothing x

exizot23 hours ago

I want to become a cum addict

freadbreadFixed23 hours ago

Where's part one?

JohnHM223 hours ago

I want to become a cum addict

Creativename1 day ago

This reads very nice, i will probably try it on weekend

Anonymous1 day ago

This would be perfect with some pregnancy risk added. ;)

SissyJuliana061 day ago

Tag your roulette properly, please. I'm not interested by roulettes based on video games, Pokemons, Zelda and the other. I made my filters that way, and that roulette is not filtered. So you didn't tagged it as you had to.
We're not all interested by the same things here, some are excited by boobs and/or feet, some other ones by scat, ABDL, mangas or videogames...
I'm sure you can understand, there are many tousands roulettes here, and very differents people, so if roulettes aren't properly tagged, Faproulette, that website we all love, will quickly become a huge mess.

Anonymous1 day ago

I'd love to have one of these aimed at women selling/auctioning themselves off!

SissyJuliana061 day ago

Language ??? Seriously ?? What that body part ?? :D
You write Language when you mean tongue ? Weird.
Anyway, this can be a fun "cumplay / potentially exposure" roulette, but i guess it would be better to rule the selfie as mandatory, and the pic sending as conditionnal.
Exemple : "Special rolls (optionnal) : If you got dubs, put that pic' in the shared roulette chat for 5mn, if you got trips send it to me".
Because that can be fun, but i don't know you, i don't know what you could/would do with a pic of me with a cumload on face, so i don't think i'd send any file...

Anonymous1 day ago

My suggestion: A game where the rolls determine who you risk getting pregnant with. The worse the options, the better!

Anonymous1 day ago

Is there time between rounds to go potty without it counting as an accident or do you start the next round immediately?

Anonymous1 day ago

Loved it, please more bimbo themed roulettes, all you roulettes are so good ! I can‘t stop going through them !

Vukodav1 day ago

Better than the previous one, not going to lie. And, this is about as much extra you need without the roulette turning into a complex game.

Now, the bad part - is the design. You are not consistent with fonts, there are quite a lot of mistakes in writing, not using capital letters at the start looks very cheap, you messed up the font color on a few places and your pictures are not of the equal size.

If you want for your roulette to look like it's done by a pro, those are the things you should address. :) Overall, I like the improvements you introduced.

Anonymous1 day ago

sissy-lope, that's all you deserve. I hope your eyes were red, and you ruined your orgasm like a good whore

Anonymous1 day ago

I want to become a cum addict

DP691 day ago

changelog V1.1: I edited some typing errors and improved some wordings. The content of the game wasn't changed.

@FondaPeters: Thank you very much! The game is based on my personal preferences, but I keep your suggestions in mind and might add a hard mode some day :)

Jwm110171 day ago

Any links to the "Assblaster" one idk why but this one peaked my interest

Sp41 day ago

Glad to hear that. If you have any ideas for improvement, let me know.

CumDump4everyone1 day ago

I get really turned on by this.
If anyone want to do this to me please dm.
If not, please help me find a hookup ❤️🍆❤️
I am just a beginner at crossdressing, i am a male 20, i am 1,80 tall and i am skinny

FantasyRoulette1 day ago

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var155201 day ago

Re to @Painlover: Maybe gaging yourself with something soft would help~

var155201 day ago

Re to Anonymous: You can play this whenever you want! Remember your level. Unless you roll a 5 or 6 on the punishment~ Poor you~

lothan1 day ago

Merci jubatus58 :)
Des heures de recherches et de travail pour monter ces cahiers d'exercices qui reçoivent un peu de reconnaissance :) :) :)

Anonymous1 day ago

i have become a cum swallowing addict, i wont waste any more precious cum and i will keep up my assigned habits

Owowob1 day ago

Dm open. Blackmail me. Make me regret (22m)

Oreopop1 day ago

There is no Y 3

Anonymous1 day ago

I would suggest changing the dice to 1-6 only (now they go 0-9)

hentairl1 day ago


Anonymous1 day ago

Do you have a link to the original Picture?

jubatus581 day ago

Cool !!!

sandraslave1 day ago

2 3 4 2…

Anonymous1 day ago

We got pregnant on round 3! Is it even possible to win this game?

FondaPeters1 day ago

I really like this one, and this weekend when i have time, I think I'll try it out.
However I do think there are too many opportunities to Cum for a Sissy Maid.
If anything, most should be specified that Anal (with a time limit to try) as the way to cum with maybe one option to cum from stroking. Or to be extra difficult Cum anyway you want if one of the rolls is even. ;D
Perhaps adding the potential for a chastity device in the gear section, with a note on the "Cum anyway you want" ending, that you can't touch your clitty if your in chastity. :D
Does anyone know the artist for the middle image?

Femboy_Cockslut_1 day ago

I’ll be anyone’s sub (I’m in England)

lucie_milou20201 day ago

I want to become a cul addict

Chertovka1 day ago

Copy pattern https://pastebin.com/MmUMySPj
Roulette down

kipo31 day ago

need someone for do this! please DM me

Anonymous1 day ago

Insanely good roulette

malamiko2 days ago

I agree that alternating between a and m quickly is just impossible. Still, I had fun playing 1-10. I did throw up around the dildo on level 9, and I was worked up enough by then that it didn't turn me off much.

buttpluglover692 days ago

I absolutely adore this roulette

GWM202 days ago

PM me to play

Painlover2 days ago

Idea is amazing, i am just too weak in keeping myself in chastity i afraid for this roulette.

SissyJuliana062 days ago

Pretty good, if we have a good roll :)

B_nH_n2 days ago

I Love the Design and illustrations!
great readability and layout haha
besides all that design talk.. dang this is hot. i love the story and execution! kinda scared of trying it for real but i will soon!!!

Wnnbfmby2 days ago

I want to become a cum addict

Tsymiko2 days ago

If y'all want to get started on this and stable diffusion there's a guide here for you:

Abusemyholespls2 days ago

This is a gold mine

jjrider2 days ago

posted this in a reddit post but maybe something to do with free use with roles determining who can do what and what contreceptive options a player has access to. maybe even something that also determines what happens if the player at the end depending on if they're knocked up or not

not a game in itself but one thought for an element might be lifelines to modify rolls or just have more things to help. Alternatively or possibly in addition possible challenges a player can do for advantages but disadvantages for failure. could just be for modified dice rolls or something more like masturbate to orgasm a certain amount of times in a limited timeframe and you get more condoms but fail and an amount is taken away. could be easily tuned to higher difficulty challenges by making challenges harder, less benefits harsher penalties

chrystaleaves2 days ago

So staying in a wet/messy diaper for 15 mins reduces your time by 15 mins? But you still have to roll a punishment after too?

Geflugelt2 days ago

Who's on the sissy side?

lodirol2 days ago

I want to become a cum addict

Amber_2 days ago

I want to become a cum addict.

SklaveAbo2 days ago

where can i do that?

sissyfabiane2 days ago

love to be in it, please contact me

Maile2 days ago

DM open. Blackmail me.

Ruinmylife2 days ago

Fuck this is hot. The girl in the image could do whatever she wanted to me!

sissypeter102 days ago

I need blackmailer!


am ready to start obey!

EverlessRaven2 days ago

If you have dubs, and you reroll to repeat the roulette, and have dubs again, do you repeat it again and again and again? It seems my dubs streak has no end 😅

Anonymous2 days ago

let me just say that people have died this way, in fact there was a case no too long ago where a girl put her boyfriend in a suitcase as a joke for just 10 or so minutes and when she opened it she found him dead due to lack of oxygen

armin01234567892 days ago

Pls create a similar roulette but with edging.

armin01234567892 days ago

Pls made a similar one but with edging. Would love to play it

lothan2 days ago

Hi Clata-kigu, thanks for your message. I Taken note of tout Ask...and get thats on m'y monde to do it in english too... Its juste a matter of Time to do it properly, i speak french more than english.

OnlyTheBestFixed2 days ago

Would be better if you put it on something like pastebin instead of multiple comments

Chertovka2 days ago


morgenfrisky2 days ago

Hmm, beer and alcohol in the booty is unsafe.

forallmoment2 days ago

Really liked it.

Hanna972 days ago

please more

wildcard2k22 days ago

add me

SissyFilippa2 days ago

I want to become a cum addict

Propertyy2 days ago

looking for someone to blackmail me

Propertyy2 days ago

looking for a blackmailer

That_Guy2 days ago

I’m open for blackmailer

SolidBacon2 days ago

Probs gonna make one without hook ups, rewrite the more extreme ones, and change the 100 points usage.

vogtlandslut2 days ago

I need a blackmailer. Please DM.

Bennyboomstam72 days ago

Heey snoepy

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