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Roulette Feedback

SissyJuliana0622 minutes ago

Can be a good roulette but only if you roll Z at the end of W, not daily !
Otherwise, what would be the point to wear chastity if you cum daily or so ?? :D

SissyJuliana061 hour ago

Hey, people, if you're not 10 years old, as said the anonymous here, you're old enough to know / decide what do you want to show, on a website as temporarily exposed, right ? That's for people who like (i know it's not everybody) to show themselve to the world. Nobody have to play it : play it if you like that, that's all. :)
I really don't know myself if i'll play it someday or not. But... just don't take any roulette as mandatory ;)
If you like "exposure" themed roulettes, but you don't like this one, perfect : there are at least 150 other "exposure" roulettes on Faproulette :D

InternetNormal2 hours ago

“Who” seem to be marked as cumulative but this wouldn’t make sense because the different numbers/categories are opposite

Miss_B2 hours ago

I’ll see what I can do

uranus3 hours ago

Nice photo

uranus3 hours ago

Cock cleaning hookup instead of dildo simulation would be 'real' nice 😉

Probablyanaasimar4 hours ago

Omg I've been wanting to make a mommy Dom roulette for fucking forever!!!!!
finally got the motivation and time to work on one
The idea kinda came from the fact that a lot of roulettes on this site (mine included) are a bit harsh/mean to the player. so I wanted to make something a bit more wholesome/kind to the player while still being fun. So I hope you cute little pervs have fun!

and if anybody's wondering, go to YouTube for mommy asmr. otherwise your gonna get a lot of incest porn. I mean a lot a lot

SissyJuliana064 hours ago

Not a bad roulette in the absolute, but not the best time to propose this one to us : unlocking to edge could result in a total loss of Locktober challenge ;)
But once it's done, or even for whoever who wouldn't do that challenge, it can be a pretty fun roulette :)

uranus4 hours ago

Discipline goes from 2 to 7

SerasRoulettes5 hours ago

Hey this is my first roulette, I made it based on other similar roulettes,
However this one have a nicer difficult curve.
My main language isn't english so if it has any spelling erros just let me know.

Anonymous6 hours ago

Doing this for Locktober and really like it so far :) The tasks have good variety and scale well both with rolls and with the multiplier. A version with more rolls would be hot too, but I actually like that this is simple. I'm doing it with a bunch of other roulettes/calendars so a more manageable task count is good. It might be fun to have a few different roulettes of similar complexity designed to be combined with this one for more difficulty/types of tasks etc :D (ws/piss drinking plz)

Thot__Topic10 hours ago

this looks so fun! Thanxx x

Anonymous11 hours ago

Where is this picture from?

lolipuppygf11 hours ago

A lot of really good pun opportunities that have been missed

ILoveeGothss12 hours ago

Two questions, Is it only the assigned task per day or can I do the daily task more than once. 2nd, can I sissygasm? Or no cumming whatsoever

Dieter11312 hours ago

Message me if you want to send me the texts

Korablik12 hours ago

ENG Original https://www.faproulette.co/36422/crossdressing/

OzzySnygg13 hours ago

Pm me if you wanna make me do stuff like this (m sub)

Korablik14 hours ago

ENG orig https://www.faproulette.co/12735/short-term-chastity-anal/

Starofheart14 hours ago

very good roulette, nice job ❤❤

Korablik15 hours ago

ENG original https://www.faproulette.co/40153/endless-edging-extreme/

Rixi_the_sub18 hours ago

EUW : WeeKitFox adc main ;)

jt18 hours ago

Yes, posted long time ago https://www.faproulette.co/31659/a-day-at-the-brothel/

Anonymous19 hours ago

good first roulette, keep it up !

Painlover21 hours ago

Not into feet but love to worship celebs, and great punishment wheel!

Raikiribolt21 hours ago

Sauce for the pic?

SissyJuliana0622 hours ago

Hi Jessica, good roulette, not really extreme, about "tasks", but a little about duration, since to have a sissygasm can take long time, so to get one 5x, in case of Z0, can take some time, i guess.
But i have nothing really bad to say, it's a good roulette :)
And since the goal is to reach it, that roulette don't have to tell us how much time to do anal : simply the time needed to reach it :)

WhiteClitLoser22 hours ago

WBCH Video: https://www.eporner.com/video-1PHS8HYd2iJ/whiteboy-cock-hero-season-3-episode-1-bbc-fever/

Anonymous22 hours ago

Is it a multiplier or just a flat boost? So if I do a 3,4 (2,4 for bondage + 1 base points) points bondage and have the multiplierer 2 I would earn 7,4(2,4 of bondage + 5 ppm) points per minute? Or do I earn 17 points per minute (3,4*5). The multiplier suggests we have a multiplication.. but the points per minute just seem flat bonus. Because it would make it really long if its just flat bonus.

Korablik23 hours ago

ENG Original https://www.faproulette.co/33134/simple-daily-chastity-roll/

Mango0071 day ago

I want to do it but where atleast 1 person helps me fill the jar, so I get more cum, dm if interested, I got 6 6 so I need to do it 1 more time with anal

Korablik1 day ago

ENG Original https://www.faproulette.co/38590/denial-period/

Jagdie1 day ago

How do I get it to attach a dildo to the bicycle saddle?Any tips?

Korablik1 day ago

ENG original https://www.faproulette.co/36403/tease-denial-schedule/

walalaaction1 day ago

This is amazing! One question; say if i'm on tier 3 and break a rule from tier 1, would I apply a tier 3 or tier 1 punishment?

Anonymous1 day ago

pls translate it

SissyJuliana061 day ago

Very interesting roulette, maybe someday i'll find the bravery to play it for real :)

Subbys1 day ago

So if I'm right, w means I can only look at 4 pictures of my choosing, x means they have to be of feet, y means no twist, z means I have to keep the same 4 pictures for 2 weeks. I dont know what the difficulty bit is referring to though.

SissyJuliana061 day ago

An excellent roulette, but that maybe not comes at the right moment : during Locktober, many of us are locked up so we couldn't cum even if the roll allows us to. Unless to reach sissygasm, but way more easy to tell than to do ;)
But for whoever not locked (denied, etc...), because we ended Locktober or we just didn't wanted to do it, this roulette is really good ! :)
I only wish there were a chance (with Z maybe, or with special rolls) to end that roulette with a "restart from V" :)

Vilandra921 day ago

Finally a roulette for girls 🤩
I think I'll do it again, my last workout was very horny! ❤️‍🔥

Anonymous1 day ago

This one is my favorite so far. I keep coming back to this one.

Thot__Topic1 day ago

a good idea could be a version of this made for online d/s relationships?

Thot__Topic1 day ago

wow this sounds so fun! just have to find someone to play it with haha

trapezoid90001 day ago


kiarathecutie1 day ago

euw Kiara ara

SupportiveFemboy1 day ago

Where are all these costume parties full of horny people?? 😤

Canadianfemboy1 day ago

Got raped and taken for a month best time ever and still fucking my master

hornytransmasc1 day ago

@SissyJuliana06 yeah that's why I put the disclaimer at the bottom, some people can handle drinking a lot of water (especially if you live somewhere hot), but for people who can't handle drinking as much water, they can feel free to change it up to be comfortable for them! they could instead drink X much for every 2 or 3 hours, and can lower the X to what they're comfortable with. I mostly just put it as something I personally would follow, I didn't even realize it'd get much attention within the first day of being up

LittleSub_1 day ago

On the first day should I be trying every event and every medal of that event, or should I just go for gold on each event on the first day for a total of 6 tasks?

DeniedBeast1 day ago

This looks like a lot of fun! I'll play till I get free :3

gonzo3011 day ago


OzzySnygg1 day ago

Someone please force me to do this!

Totorobands1 day ago

Are we restricted to only doing the task for a given day?
i.e., after doing the assigned task, no masturbating until the next task?

OzzySnygg1 day ago

I would love to be made to do this <3

Anonymous1 day ago


Slifer1 day ago

Is there and English version of this?

HypnoCelebrityGang1 day ago

Click here for the punishment:


SissyJuliana061 day ago

Good roulette, but i was pretty unlucky with my Y2 Z2, so i rerolled them to make it more interesting ;)

SissyJuliana061 day ago

Not a really bad roulette, i'm surprised to see a negative ratio (3 thumbs up, 6 down), knowing this roulette isn't the first one about "pee holding".
Probably because now, people do know that more than 3 liters a day can be lethal, even with a good and sane water (don't try with alcochol, it's worst ;) ).
I guess this roulette can be played for fun with a low roll (X and Y = 1 or 2), at worst you'll pee on yourself, but with my X5 Y5 (60 cl each hour for 7h), it's already really dangerous, potentially deadly.

Skyfox381 day ago

My number is 4 and 8

Anonymous2 days ago

i like the idea, maybe a new location for each cum and how long do we have to do the cummings? :)

Tyragon2 days ago

Great roulette, looking forward to trying it out. One thing that is a little confusing is the cumulative rolls.
For all other rolls the more expensive options are the easier ones (male clothing, 5 mins etc.)
For the cumulative rolls like accessories, you pay 6 points for no accessories, but then have to do all the options below it.

Anonymous2 days ago

66 points. I'll cross some points some day....

Anonymous2 days ago

Thank you so much for the roulette.
I came so hard in my face.

Swicht2 days ago

I would love so much try it as a sissy!

Yolo19992 days ago

Soy de México

WearingpantiesRN2 days ago

@dalisamrobot do you want to play online ? DM me

sempaiii2 days ago


Thanks for making

Thot__Topic2 days ago

this looks so fun! keen to try

Spoiler_662 days ago

Who is in the background pic?

Yolo19992 days ago

1/1/1 a quien le chupo la polla 1 vez al día durante una semana

Avi2 days ago

Some Female want to play?

Avi2 days ago

Looking for a Female to play

SarahSui2 days ago

5/5/5 - I must suck a cock France

Anonymous2 days ago

Ужасный перевод.

Bankerrtx012 days ago

X is confusing as you have 4-8 being 4 times then 8-0 being 8 times which one is it?

FuntimesWhore2 days ago

The scat tag exists for a reason.

SirCap2 days ago

I may add a provision to squirt the remainder into a cup to drink it down

Painlover2 days ago

Anyone want premade with healslut?

Watch3r3 days ago

Layout besser vertikal mit 1-3 Spalten.
Hintergrundfarben weniger kräftig, vielleicht Symbole statt Farben.

Thot__Topic3 days ago

this looks like so much fun.. thanks!

Chastsissy3 days ago

reduced to 125 bpm/6 mins 3 fingers

Avi3 days ago

Looking for a female to play

Avi3 days ago

Looking for a female to play

Debrix3 days ago

If you feel the long dildo is too dangerous to insert with high speed, you can thrust with a shorter range under high speed, the whole roulette is adjustable if anything is to hard for you or seems to be dangerous.

Debrix3 days ago

For Z is just a dermination of how much water you have, you don't need to roll anything.
"Pre" is the way to show your belly, I can't come up with that much positions, but 9 should be enough I think. If you roll 0, please just reroll a number.
Don't use normal water for you will get hyponatremia which your body loses too much Na+ as well as K+ as pure water stays in your colon. This can be dangerous for cardiac potential decreases to a low level that cannot maintain normal beating.
After Pre, it should be the end of game. I didn't design the after, you can just get your orgasm and stop. Sometimes I prefer to record the whole roulette for more fun.

6Lana93 days ago

6 5 6 2 2. Please, pm me for nudes:)

Japanroll3 days ago

это лучшее... во всëм🤍

SissyLindsey3 days ago

I did this for Thirsty Thursday. I pooped earlier in the day, so I didn't do any additional cleaning. I used 1500 ml of milk plus my piss (close to 2000 ml). I didn't have too many problems with chunks. Totally wasted afterwards. I felt like such a slut.

younggatsby3 days ago

Yex, czubzix, that's correct! So the roulette will build up your rules as you increase tiers, eventually getting you into full slavery!

Anonymous3 days ago

I like how there's a lot of warnings, but it still does not look safe with stuff like 180 bpm with a long dildo.

Would be grate, if Faproulette.com would post safety instructions on most of their tags, so we could have more realistic games.

SissyJuliana063 days ago

That roulette seems pretty fun but i guess write rolls would be better than categories. I guess Cum is Z (almost everytime like this, at the point people who make roulettes without cum roll often put X and Y, without Z, what is a little disturbing because the only roll we find in the upper right corner, for every roulette, is the Z).
But the other ones ? Plug practice is Y, i guess ? Clothing, W ?

SissyJuliana063 days ago

Why the Z roll only goes from 1 to 3 ??
And why "pre" goes from 1 to 9 (no 0) ?
What if i'd only use "normal" water ?
This roulette could be fun, i really could be tempted to try it, but the answers to these questions would make it better :)
Oh, and you forgot to tell us what to do right after "pre" (take a pic, or maybe a short vid, i guess, then what ?).

DaddysLittleSissy3 days ago

M’y Kik Babysdaddy1 switch so I can hold key or be held

DaddysLittleSissy3 days ago

M’y Kik Babysdaddy1 switch so I can hold key or be held.

DaddysLittleSissy3 days ago

M’y Kik Babysdaddy1 switch so I can hold key or be held

DaddysLittleSissy3 days ago

Kik me babysdaddy1

mcUNM3 days ago

looks amazing

AnonSissySlut3 days ago

Really love this roulette! Simple, direct, and focused on the right muscles!

xhackbot3 days ago

Missing some 0s

AntoniaSlave3 days ago

Bitte Bitte mehr davon

AlexIaducFixed4 days ago

Where is Z ?

inumax4 days ago

I don't get the butplug/dildo in the cum section.
It's cumming on the object / with the object ?

footprint4 days ago

This is too terrifying to me :)

footprint4 days ago

SirCap - well, I am a total beginner in this particular area :) I had done it just a few times while I was extremely turned on. Mostly I prefer normal fapping, deepthroating and anal games. But who knows? ;)

Anonymous4 days ago


Guyforce154 days ago

Hey, if you want to make things more interesting on Z9 rounds, I created this google drive folder for recorded clips. There's even a protected folder if you want it to be somewhere where not EVERYONE can see it, just put SECURE in the file name and I'll move it to the secure folder when I can. Check it out:

Anonymous4 days ago

lol what. This roulette makes no sense you can't do any of these ties in self bondage

Sissy-3-Hentai4 days ago

The final part of the feminization le lexicon saga! This didn't have the thank you to patrons as it was made pre those changes, but I hope you enjoy it none the less!

Shy_guy9384 days ago


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