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Roulette Feedback

Cumwhore_2 hours ago

Ruby's workout regimen

Anonymous2 hours ago

What's the image source?

DreamyKatie6 hours ago

First experience done and while I am used to intense roulettes this one is definitely what it promises....
Encounter rules 1 and 3 are.....intense and I already felt that.
Dressing up as per rules can get problematic if you need to go to work like this and not realistic. I can only do it in my free time.
Love the getting home part.
As for the tasks: 1m is not enough. I was in total public and had no way of undressing fully right there in just one minute. I did the punishment and won't do it again because it was one of the most humiliating things I have ever done

BagelDogs7 hours ago


Anonymous15 hours ago

Is self scat safe ? Would like to A beginners one

Ilikecumming15 hours ago

Got the letters wrong, v is y, and w is z

SparklingPink17 hours ago

Another great roulette. I normally never bother with 'public' roulettes since most of them are mental, but this one is reasonable and uses common sense. Did this roulette at a laundromat with a vibrating plug. Very fun <3.

SylverScaile18 hours ago

Yay much ! Like & Faved!

blax21 hours ago

I like this one, very simple, but really fun.

Totig21 hours ago

Mmm... I really want to do this.

Den23 hours ago

Those water intake rates are way too high and will lead to death! Clearly, you haven't done your research or even your own roulette.

LEEL23 hours ago

How to play this in real life

MarcoNeu1 day ago


Selena1 day ago

If it's going to get harder I don't mind waiting ^^

Anonymous1 day ago

you do blackmail for french slave ?

YourCumDump1 day ago

That's what I call an update, nice!

DreamyKatie1 day ago

I will try this out tonight

Anonymous1 day ago

This is good, but maybe involves too much stuff with other people.
Now one with scat ;3

TheWiitard1 day ago


analslut1 day ago

Thank you :D

Anonymous2 days ago

wtf is "sound cock"?

Anonymous2 days ago

More are needed like this

nelson702 days ago

whats the torpedo method?

BagelDogs2 days ago

Fun concept!

Anonymous2 days ago

Rolled X=8, Y=0, Z=8.

Then what?

BagelDogs2 days ago

So deepthroats determine end period and Pts determine Z? Can we remove the Z roll or would that mess up X and Y since Fap Roulette starts with the end of the alphabet?

Twisted2 days ago

Image Source:

Post your final level in the comments

Anonymous2 days ago

We really need a lite (more practical) version of this. Like without the public toilet stuff and risks. Fresh and clean.

CaptiveLight2 days ago

Thanks, Anon, thumbgirl, and danky666 for kind words and support :)
I have an upgrade coming next week, so if you are intending to try the roulette, you can begin now, or wait for the revisions. It will be simpler, but maybe a bit harder...

Anonymous2 days ago

There was one that about a rubber doll hypnosis which I thought was very fun to think about sadly it didn't work on me. It might've been that I'm new to hypnosis

SparklingPink2 days ago

Is the point of this roulette trying to read through it all without scratching out my eyes?

Twisted2 days ago

Where I got idea.


danky6662 days ago

This may be one of the most amazing roulettes ever. I think I'm going to have to do this one.

Anonymous2 days ago

so these are the accounts of all those tinder profiles

MarcoNeu2 days ago

Btw here is the source: https://multporn.net/comics/rubys_workout_regimen#

cZuBzix2 days ago

Ever heard about the english languange? Try and better yourself.

Nerd1363 days ago

I'd download that app. Should definitely put a link when it's ready

Anonymous3 days ago


Andyy3 days ago

I forgot to log in before answering 😁

Anonymous3 days ago

if so then this is a coincidence

SureCanDoCan3 days ago

The artist is Kami Tora, go get em fam

Anonymous3 days ago

simple, but still elegant

LewdSwift3 days ago

Instant classic.

Anonymous3 days ago

You can't see anything and it hurts your eyes.

Anonymous3 days ago

Source for the pics?

SureCanDoCan3 days ago

Seems like a bit of a rip off of the already existing Instagram roulette?

Anonymous3 days ago

How is it meant with changing the diaper lol

Xardas3 days ago

Almost as good of a color combination as bright yellow on a white background. :D

SylverScaile3 days ago

Missing a few options for rolls, there... Otherwise, not bad! ^^

SylverScaile3 days ago

O_o What?! Horrid colour choices aside.. WTF is even the point? Can make out 'stretching', but.. what? Ass? Mouth? Both? Is the roll for a certain length of time? Just once? You need to make clearer and more concise instructions than this basic AF stuff. More options, too!

Anonymous3 days ago

If anyone does this, post the link to some pictures(video here, 'cause I don't believe anyone's actually gonna do it :P

philamaleslave3 days ago

Hope you like! Would love to find an Owner to do Fap Roulettes with :)

The background photo is me


[email protected]

philamaleslave3 days ago

Hope you like! Would love to find an Owner to do Fap Roulettes with :)


[email protected]

Warlock3 days ago

My eyes ... are melting ....

Warlock3 days ago

Yeah, limited amounts of pee are fine, but following this roulette is no different than begging for a trip to the hospital. It would be more surprising to not end up with some form of illness.

Jettaranis13 days ago

very hard to read, perhaps change the color of the text to be black or a darker non pink color

Anonymous3 days ago


Mango3 days ago

Oh yaay thanks! Oddly enough though, it looks much nicer with the filter you put over it.

SparklingPink3 days ago

That's a good question. Personally I think you'd get paid for all of it. Looking at the roulette, it specifies everywhere else if the amount of money you get changes. Such as X=0 saying you only get paid for 1 but X=9 not specifying. I suppose it's up to reader interpretation since the author is anonymous.

Anonymous3 days ago

sexiest thing ive ever fucking seen, make more!

Your_sissy_slut3 days ago

Love this roulette please consider making more windows ones thank you if so

Anonymous3 days ago

This is great. Would really like some others ones of varied difficulty. Adding in cornertime, writing lines, and maybe diapers would be great as well.

Anonymous3 days ago

Sophia Striker

Sinjin3 days ago

Some albums that I used:

ropekey3 days ago

Can''t wait till the next part. Really enjoyed it so far.

Anonymous3 days ago

they do not conflict, just 10-17 orgasms a day depending on interpretation and choices

Vukodav4 days ago

If everything is fine with a person, pee is sterile. There should not be ANY bacteria or other nasties in it. But, drinking it is NOT good, it is a waste disposal of your body and just because there are no bacteria in it it does not mean it is safe as it includes various chemicals your body clears itself of. And those chems were accumulated over time, pee is concentrated - you drinking it is very bad for your kidneys that now have to process concentrated crap.

Poo on on the other hand is FILLED with bacteria! Some of them healthy (needed ones) but for LOWER intestine - you inserting them into another part of digestive tract can have disastrous consequences for your health. There is a good reason why, historically, people just living next to human excrement (not ingesting it even) were sickly and died more often.

A sip of pee is fine, even a bite of poo should be harmless for fetish purpose. But doing what this roulette says - NO!!! Risk is WAY to great. It is fun to fantasize though.

Toilet4 days ago

There isn’t much of a risk drinking someone else’s pee, even if they are infected, but there still is a chance nonetheless. For example, if it gets into your bloodstream through an open wounds. But the chances of getting an infection from drinking it are very low, so do as you may, but do proceed with caution.

Anonymous4 days ago

What are risks of drinking someone else's pee ?

Anonymous4 days ago

This one deserves an interactive version to keep track of all the progress and modifiers. Maybe as a TeaseAI script or something similar.

tyragon1234 days ago

Could also add the option to randomize all the difficulty rolls.
1-2, Very Easy, 3-4 Easy, 5-6 Normal, 7-8 Hard, 9 Very Hard, 0 Choose your own

Twisted4 days ago


nannig4 days ago

It's this one : https://www.pornpics.com/galleries/sexy-victoria-rae-black-is-sucking-and-licking-this-nicelooking-dick/

COCK-doodledoo4 days ago

One for the guys?

Anonymous4 days ago

Lock yourself in a spiked cage. Anytime you get an erection, prostrate yourself on the floor and utter a steady stream of insults about yourself for either until you go soft, or 3 minutes, whichever is greater. If you stop for more than 3 seconds, deepthroat a dildo until you cry, then take a kneeling selfie with your tongue out. Post it online.

Anonymous5 days ago


Anonymous5 days ago

Name of the scene?

Andyy5 days ago

So good idea!

Decadent5 days ago

cool but i'm not violently fucking my pee hole thank you very much

Decadent5 days ago

Ah yes, the four difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard and Vegan

Vessel5 days ago

Triple option, only two possible rolls. X & Y instead of Y & Z. Fix please.

thumbgirl5 days ago

creative and exciting

SylverScaile5 days ago

"Interesting" idea.. But... No. I get the idea of having all the tasks facing like they are, but this forces readers/potential players to *have* to either read at various odd angles (bad on the neck), or actually save the file and manually rotate it for whatever facing they're on. This is just bad composition. Would work much better (and is perfectly fine) to have all the tasks facing the same direction, so it's easier on your intended players to actually read without causing discomfort.

And there's just a few too many 'rules' before the Rules. Either it's *all* rules, or a lot of the left portion is just wasted preamble, *trying* to get to the point.

Also, there's various spelling and grammatical errors scattered around.. just in what I could physically read without having to manipulate either myself or the image *just* to see things.

SylverScaile5 days ago

*Half* the text is fine (the actual tasks). But it looks like the rules were an afterthought and got a basic 'drag & click scaling job to 'fit' them into the space, neglecting that it squished them into being illegible as hell. :/

Twisted5 days ago


Twisted5 days ago

You will wear a cover for locations T8 T9 and T0, you will wear the cover over the clothing you rolled for W. Your may wear the on the way to the location, but must remove it at the location. Thus you will only wear W while you perform that task, you may retrieve the cover after your perform the task on your way back to the room

Anonymous5 days ago

Instructions for "Cover: V" do not make sense.

wetting_lova5 days ago

I do not understand this lol

Twisted5 days ago


Twisted5 days ago


Twisted5 days ago

Dance=>remove clothing=>add accessory=>Perform Task=>Dance=>remove clothing => ... => ending

Anonymous5 days ago

Not sure about the queue of actions. Is it:
dance => activity => activity => ... => ending
dance => activity => dance => activity => dance => ... => ending

X_Kenny_X5 days ago

Image source?

Cass5 days ago

Many thanks. 🙂

Anonymous5 days ago

Put this in the cuckold category.

Moonone5 days ago

Message me when you want to get Blackmailed, but be sure it will be hard 😈

Ceelfid5 days ago

Awesome roulette.
Exactly what I need.

eronog6 days ago

red is very hard to read… :-(

WorkLaptop6 days ago

Emily Bloom ;)

jt6 days ago

Nice one :)

jt6 days ago

Z=0: A and B must be T and U

zuctra6 days ago

Who is she

Xei6 days ago

SO the elf princess goes from having a blowjob to suddenly shooting cum in your ass i dont know if that was meant to be or not.

Anonymous6 days ago

Very good hook-up roulette. Great work

Anonymous6 days ago

Great roulette!
Very thrilling!! Need to try it out!

CaptiveLight6 days ago

Thanks, Slut12345672, great idea!
Thanks, docile4! Maybe after you do Z=5, you are going to want to know how much farther you can go. Z=7 maybe? ;)

Vancor6 days ago

Never use Google translator... :D

Idk8906 days ago

What happens if you cum during a challenge

jt6 days ago

Hard to read: Text is slightly blurred and small when zooming to max. It should be the uploaded mage resolution being a little too low.

mypornspace1 week ago

Why are there squares between 1 and 3?


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