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Roulette Feedback

Zenik00424 minutes ago

Please blackmail me
Kik: Zenik004

Agriyon25 minutes ago

I like the idea of this roulette. It feels like it could use a bit of fine tuning though. With the small amount of spaces you don't need to be moving x+y+z. Just one of those numbers should suffice. Also the amount of solid gray and peach colored spaces feels too high. I'm just as likely to do a task as I am to lose points or complete my next 2 tasks twice. It honestly just doesn't feel right. I'd like to see some of these spaces turned into double spaces. I like the idea someone had about doing oral and anal at the same time. Control/denial task doesn't seem to fit. It only applies if my next task happens to be pleasure and there aren't that many tiles with pleasure (5 total with 3 being split). Maybe change it to a different category like pain/punishment and do (x+y)*z spanks or ball slaps.

jt2 hours ago

Then up to you to decide if it is better to to replace them with full column cells or with the four missing split between columns.

jt2 hours ago

I do a little statistics:
[Pleasure] 2 full + 3 half
[Anal] 2 full + 3 half
[Oral] 2 full + 3 half
[Denial] 2 full + 3 half
[x2] 4 full
[-2] 4 full + 4 half
[0] 1 full

In splitted tiles, I see no couple of [Oral/Anal] nor [Anal/Denial] nor [Oral/Pleasure] nor [Denial/Pleasure].
There is one half of each culumn with half [-2]
[Oral/Denial] 2
[Pleasure/Anal] 2

The number of [-2] is high so this prevent you to advance too quick which is a good thing. But I manage to land 3 time in a row on full -2. Plus this cells do not give you any dare to do. I think it is better in splited version as it reduce the advancement on the other half in the celle and do -1 in one column. You can reduce a little the amount of full for example. You can also change the penalty amount though the difficulty value like less case but for cruel and more it do a -3.

Same I can land several time in a row on [x2] which is not giving you a dare. It is a lot.

So I suggest you replace like 2 full [-2] and 2 [x2].

jt2 hours ago

Also I agree with anonymous that there is a lot of grey cells plus the rulls on double and triple... Can a column have a negative amount of point ? because it is possible even in Normal (Especially if you play with bad gambler mode)

jt2 hours ago

Nice roulette, readable and appealing :)
Though rules can be a little clearer.
I assume Control column is linked to Denial cells. Is it right?
Also, the is once you manage to cum from one of the three column last task right?

Anonymous3 hours ago

Currently there are not enough Pleasure/Anal/Oral/Control Tiles. You loose more points than you gain, even with Normal difficulty.
I'd transform some of the blue, grey and red tiles and maybe make the pink tile less severe. Have it half the points or maybe -30 instead of setting everything back to zero

Dalatan13 hours ago

I really like the look of this one

alexane1 day ago

I'm the author of the roulette,

I created it so long ago because I couldn't find any good piss drinking roulette, and no I'm back on faproulette I can't believe my roulette has so many upvotes!

Dalatan1 day ago

Alright, starting over. I don't care that it's only whatever date!

Anonymous1 day ago

I did not come to this website for NNN tips

ThatsTooSpicy1 day ago

I'm sorry for the color everyone~ white blended in with his hair and black with the tights, I guess I was more in it for the concept when I was making it..~ Thank you all for playing though!!

SparklingPink1 day ago

Just did this roulette with a inflatable knotted dildo. Felt like a proper bitch being all fours naked while knotted and cummed in <3.

Mariered1 day ago

@cZuBzix The first feedback is a link to the image with the name of the positions.

Chastidream did not put the name directly on the roulette cause remebering their name is part of the challenge.

SissyContent1 day ago

@JoannaAmber you can try to change your ip and go to the website. Then all doors should be closed again.

cZuBzix2 days ago

Id like if you put the position names under each picture of the woman. Would make it easier to understand what “ready to please” is :)

MaskedToyBoy692 days ago

corrected tags :)

JoannaAmber2 days ago

is there a way to reset the calendar?

Spamkus2 days ago


MaskedToyBoy692 days ago

i do have the original image still, feel free to message me about it:)

Mariered2 days ago

There are a lot to do ^^ Depending on how hard you want to make it.

4. knowledge and Submission !

Thank you again !

Mariered2 days ago

You're welcome @chastidream

1.It would be awesome if you manage to integrate all positions ! Maybe do something with Dub&Trip? or use two digits ? Not a simple task ...

2.About the time spend, I got a pretty unlucky gamble on my try to see if i would be able to complete the roulette, and timming were a bit scary. But thinking about it I don't think it is much as an issue as I thought. It have to be challenging after all.

3. For sissy mode it feel a bit frustrating. When I prepare for my routine, I dress up, usually make up, put a Buttplug, a collar, and Highheels. The gag put appart i already meet a large amont of the punishement...
I think you should keep the punishment as it is for people who are not trully confortable with that stuff. Adding more position for sissys is nice too.
For a sissy specific punishment list maybe you could do things with spanking ? spit ? body writting ? adding time to chastity ? ennema holding ? Doing the next pose somewhere exposed ? Take pics ?

chastidream2 days ago

Thanks for your feedback @Mariered!
You're right, the target is to remind the positions! I'll add it explicitly. And I'll use a bigger font too...
1. There're 14 positions on the original set, I had to choose 10. I took the most interesting from my point of view. But I think there's a way to integrate all the positions. I'll see if it is possible and update the roulette accordingly!

2. I don't really agree about this point. If you're completely unlucky - but know your lessons well - it will take at max 10 positions x 20 minutes => 200 minutes. For sure it is a huge amount of time, but that's the worst case. I did some simulation, it took around 1 hour in average

3. In Sissy mode, you need to wear everything in punishment list, and have to do more positions in case of punishment. I'm not really satisfied by this rule, but that's the best I found. Suggestions are really welcome here =)

4. The real reward is the knowledge :D

Mariered2 days ago

Looks really nice ! Exactly what I need for my training !
I first I thought you could have put legend directly on the image but my-dumb-self didn't realised it was part of the roulette. Guess I'll have to memorise those positions well !

I've got a few notes, tho.

1. I am a bit sad that it's impossible to roll all the positions on the image ( Ready To Please in particular, that should be a must have in my opinion)

2. It can easily take a huge amont of time (especially with Bad Gambler on). I understand it is part of the roulette but things escalate quickly and I feel like it can be an issue. (the more I think of the less I am convinced that is really an issue...)

3. I would have loved to have Punishment designed for SissyMode. As i see it, most of the punishment are quite standard for a good sissy, aren't they ?

4. I love that there are no rewards.

Thanks for the good job.

Anonymous2 days ago

Wrongly tagged

chastidream3 days ago

Position link : https://external-preview.redd.it/H8EW8kfxMQ4pnmIkzFuvP-a4uhcTD8JKhVdXGT0Rq4c.jpg?auto=webp&s=e739d792378be82f5b1517f62822458b01fda93b

Memememe3 days ago

To take about a 2-3 min break in between them

Memememe3 days ago

I use this and have for a little while and i really like it but i sugest u use roll this 3 times over(doing it for every roll so u roll then do the work out and the roll it again and do it then roll it again and do it cuz u really feel the burn) but i would say u need

Anonymous3 days ago

Why does this pop up under chastity?

Mango3 days ago

Ok idea to start with, but that text needs to at least be readable.

docile43 days ago

great roulette, tried couple times

Anonymous3 days ago

I blew off 14 guys and was anally pounded at least 5 times I'm considering becoming a public toilet full time, some guy even made me eat his shit

Anonymous3 days ago

Bad choice of text color.

Anonymous3 days ago

More please!!!!!

docile43 days ago

very difficult in the set of doable

Anonymous3 days ago

Has the uploader been busy with life?

Bmurph27993 days ago

Had so much fun doing this i did it twice. definitely doing this every day until i can do it all no problem

luolun4 days ago

It's not deephthroat 2 x W each minute.
It's deepthroat W times at velocity 2 times per minute at least.
And if you finish your deephtroat before the end time, juste suck it and play with the balls until the end.

BonnieTimin4 days ago

first time trying trips 000

BonnieTimin4 days ago

I wish I had a daddy to make me do that

WolfpupNX4 days ago

As far as cumming from getting fucked anally, if you mean inside the roulette, that'd be Sissy Mode, so it's fine as long as you only do the daily amount of fucks for your strokes. If you mean outside the roulette such as with a partner, let your partner decide if you're allowed to cum that way while doing the roulette and if you can continue where you left off or have to start back at Day 1. ;) hehe.

Twisted4 days ago

Cut a quarter or eights of the waternelon and grind it against your pussy down to the green part

WolfpupNX4 days ago

Hi there - unfortunately, I don't have an artist or original source for the image; I think it came from a Discord. But here's a link to the original image as I have it: https://ibb.co/5krytRy

Calcifer4 days ago

The times are way too high for this

Anonymous4 days ago

What if I cum from getting fucked anally? Is that ok??

Anonymous4 days ago

Can we get a link to the image source?

WolfpupNX4 days ago

Thanks - I'm really glad people are loving this one so far. =)

Anonymous4 days ago

I rolled V10 W5 X6 Y9 Z4. Probably the most fun I have ever had on a roulette... I need a drink and a breather ahaha!

craft4 days ago

I really love the concept, good job op !

ShadowWo1f56315 days ago

Who is she

Anonymous5 days ago

Interesting, might actually show up to a Christmas party this year and try rather then staying home

Anonymous5 days ago

For watermelon 9-0 what do you do if your female... it’s just one that I noticed that only adheres to one gender

Rightsmith5 days ago

Tried again... And got Yoshi... Uh

Anonymous5 days ago

What happens if u get a Quint?

StylezG5 days ago

Sexy photo, I love this roulette

Anonymous5 days ago

Nice ass !

_ThroatSlut_ita5 days ago

I need hook-up sites too

JonneKoelows5 days ago

the website is down :(

Anonymous5 days ago

Who is this in the picture?

Anonymous5 days ago

bonjour. je suis français et j'aimerais bien obtenir la traduction française du texte ici présent sauf si vous connaissez une astuce pour traduire tous les textes de toutes les images de ce genre dans ce cas-là je serai sincèrement ravie et très reconnaissant de le connaître de la part de la personne qui aurait la sympathie de bien vouloir me l'a donné. Cordialement... anonyme.

kimm_23f5 days ago

Definitely going to do this one! But, I just rolled 8,9,8,9... This could take a while...

akiko485 days ago


makemecum5 days ago

Who is the girl on this roulette?

Anonymous6 days ago

I ran the numbers out
And I would have to wait 7 years and 3 months to be free

Anonymous6 days ago

Should have diaper tag

jameswindsor6 days ago

tobe.exposed doesn't appear to be available anymore.

Anonymous6 days ago


Thomas1926 days ago

nice roulette justwantfun😘😘
i get W:0 X:2 Y:5

SinnerthingFixed6 days ago

Thanks for pointing that out, 14+, I will fix it in the morning when I am on the right computer.

SylverScaile6 days ago

Sooo.. we're just being lazy F'rs now? Tagged absolutely nothing!? So you can get a broader viewing, or really just too damn lazy to bother?? Dafuq!? 40+ tags that fit for this damn thing, and you couldn't even bother with one. O_o

bustmepls6 days ago

Her name is Kasey Warner.

SparklingPink6 days ago

Just tried doing this roulette still takes too long. If you only write things on yourself when you get doubles, that gives you roughly a 10% chance. And that's assuming you can complete the challenge. Which means the best you can expect to do is at least 30 rolls on this roulette.

Pride_il_superboFixed6 days ago

Z is 14 or 14+?

Paddedboi961 week ago

Spoiler alert:

Day 22
bake some christmas cookies and wear a buttplug while you do it

Happycow861 week ago

Whos the girl in the pic?

fapover90001 week ago

Here's the source of the image https://live.staticflickr.com/819/41100153321_fa370cf4fe_k.jpg

Twisted1 week ago


Twisted1 week ago


SissyContent1 week ago

@WolfpupNX Thank you for the positive feedback. It´s nice that you done the task as described and I am glad to hear that one person made one more step towards to a Sissy. Lots of people wants to make Sissy tasks or further more wants to be a Sissy but they don´t do the right things or make them wrong so it won´t feel like a real Sissy experience. It´s nice to hear that one more had a Sissy orgasm for the first time which is a big step for his life. Keep going for more fun.
By the way nice story xD

Anonymous1 week ago

You make some nice roulettes, my guy.

Decadent1 week ago

don't ever call it cummies again please

Anonymous1 week ago

Whats her name?

Anonymous1 week ago

Very interesting content. My roll was X:7, Y:4, Z:0. After the preparation was the hardest part. I hesitated a bit to do the rest of the roulette but I forced myself to go through with it. In the first minute I felt strange looking at myself in the mirror but 2 or 3 minutes sucking i felt horny and kinky. After the second facial my hesitation was completely gone so I immediatley went back on my knees to do my second roll (X:2, Y:6).

Vukodav1 week ago

I like seeing people making story and themed games so as long as you keep making them, I'll keep checking them out :) Those, and the ones with particularly cute/sexy pictures are basically the only ones I check out.

As for this particular one, I don't find the tasks that sexy and "Oh my good, I sooo want to do this!" but it is a unique and interesting take - I like seeing creators toy with various ideas and kinks - regardless of my personal tastes.

So you do you my bunny friend! Keep expressing yourself through these and have fun! As far as I am concerned, your work is the freshest thing to hit this site for quite some time.

Mwaaa :*

Decadent1 week ago

Note: this roulette only applies to versatile bisexuals

Sissy_Kali1 week ago

Thank you gusy for the feedback. I will do others like this, but I will spend more attantion.

Anonymous1 week ago


WolfpupNX1 week ago

Just wanted to say I'm really having fun with this so far! Nervous I might meet a task I can't do, but so far, so good! =) A few fun stories for your amusement:
- With the candy cane one, the store was out of regular candy canes and all they had was the huuuuge peppermint sticks with the rougher texture. It took me over 45 minutes to get it down to half, and I ended up with a realllly sore tongue. LOL! (My fault - I find it amusing more than anything anything; the peppermint masked just how sore it was until I was done!)
- You helped give me my (arguably) first sissy orgasm (I had something close to it once before with a toy, but this was my first real one)! So thank you! It's been a major fantasy of mine for a while! I just never had the patience, but the 15 minute timer and right toy plus chastity cage did it! So thank you!!
- Also, I'm glad you changed the cum instruction to freezer - I was about to suggest that too, but I see it's already been changed.

Schrade1 week ago

To all asking for the HD link just DL this file. Its just a copy for V.0 though so if i update it ill probably update this link as well.

Schrade1 week ago

For the guy thats confused on the rolls. Each Letter is a day like (ex. Z- day 1 Y-day 2) You are supposed to do 5 tasks below. 1 for each day. The status effect tasks are tasks you automatically do once you reach the appropriate level no matter what day you are. I hope that clears the confusion

For the resolution yea switching to a mobile phone is indeed crappy. I normally use my laptop to upload so i dont see the problem much. To me its clear. But looking at my mobile version yea it looks like crap. Ill upload a higher raw reso later sorry for the delay.
Ps. Honored to see the guy who made "The Road" reads my roulettes hehe

kinky_john_doe1 week ago

who's the model in the background?

Vukodav1 week ago

For those not able to read it - I suspect that you use mobile devices such as smartphones? Fap Roullete does not show big games in full resolution for those devices - that is why you can't read this one.

The same thing is with my "The Road" series. When you use a PC (desktop/laptop), there is no problem with seeing HD and all the details. Otherwise, there is a limit on resolution. I don't know why but I just want to inform you that it is not the creator's fault, it is the limit of the site/device you are using.

Anonymous1 week ago

0 is the highest number in these, not the lowest

lollerz901 week ago

Not mine. I know the formatting is pretty bad, but I found this on /b/ and thought I'd save it here for posterity.

Anonymous1 week ago

I'm a little confused on how my roll applies to the text. Like what does my roll each day increase?

Lumara1 week ago

I love this roulette but I need be able to read it...

slutysissy781 week ago

How do I get to the games that each day references

TheArchitect1 week ago

I don't know about that particular video. But the series is called SlimeWave.

Anonymous1 week ago

i love this, please make next month

Anonymous1 week ago

Anyone has link for that video

kaleda1 week ago

I lost at 88 please humiliate me!

[email protected]

someoneelse1 week ago

lol to the haters

Ceelfid1 week ago

There's no 0.

Anonymous1 week ago

I know it’s 2 years later but yeah

nagaira1 week ago

seems clear to me

fr902101 week ago

Just uploaded a bunch more entries to the imagefap!!!!

Anonymous1 week ago

i love this, please make more like it

SissyContent1 week ago

@Anonymous There is no urine task.

inumax1 week ago

By far my favorite roulette. Tasks are very not much alike but do-able at the same time.

Anonymous1 week ago

When will the hd version link be available?


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