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Roulette Feedback

Rarichard2 hours ago

That is so funny! Few authors have a proper sence of humor like this. UPVOTE

FeenixFeatherbutt4 hours ago

"Artwork source"?
The biggest one in the middle is by a Japanese artist called po-jo that isn't really around anymore. I've had it saved for ages. Their website: http://www.big.or.jp/~po-ju/Untitle.shtml

the B/W Femdom strap-on ones are from here:

and here:

the other two are from here:

and the one remaining cartoon image I'm afraid I have no provenance for.

Anonymous5 hours ago

one more question the number 2 is retroactive, let's say i'm in the 8th day. i got 10x today and than after 6 days or is in the 7th day form when you buy the upgrade?

Anonymous5 hours ago


Anonymous7 hours ago

Artwork source?

elf_ears8 hours ago

Too bad. The algorithm decides your fate, not you :P

jt9 hours ago

I think it is really great! Can't wait to manage some time to try it =)

Anonymous12 hours ago

pic sourse?

Decadent12 hours ago

Finally a roulette that gets what really motivates young students

Anonymous12 hours ago

Great game, im finding it so hard to win, been playing for over an hour and im on -5 points lol. Would love to see an even dirter version including piss play, toilet licking, pantie sniffing or stuffing dirty panties in ass/mouth, maybe even piss panties and stuff in mouth... dirter the better but without scat personaly. Grest fun this game though!!

Anonymous13 hours ago

Oral version next time?

jayp2316 hours ago

love the format of this, will be one of my go to roulette's. Thank you xoxo

FeenixFeatherbutt17 hours ago

My first upload, let me know what you think.

I wanted to include a couple of examples for the first section here in case anyone is struggling to understand it:

--Examples for 10 or fewer toys using S-Z:--

Example 1:)
I have 8 toys numbered 0-7, the random number generated was 6, so I take S - X as my toys (S=3 so I use toy #3 first etc). I re-roll W because it was higher than 7 and I only have 8 numbered toys.

Example 2:)
I have 10 toys, the random number was 10, so I take S - Z as the first 8 toys and then roll S and T again to get 2 more toy selections, making 10.

--Example for more than 10 toys or using random number generator:--

I have 16 toys numbered 0-15, I generate the first number (between 3 and 16) for how many toys to use and get 14. Then I generate a number between 0 and 15, 14 times and note down which toy this corresponds to each time.

FeenixFeatherbutt18 hours ago

While this probably isn't one I'd follow in a rush (due to a busy work life and I really struggle with keeping plugs in for long periods of time) I just wanted to comment that I think the look and feel of the whole thing is really adorable, nice high quality and suits the artist's style very well. Very nice work! <3

Prostatefun1423 hours ago

I don’t know how to fix the rolls, so any feedback on how to do that would be appreciated

CumOnCorey1 day ago

This would be awesome if it was set to 1-6

CumOnCorey1 day ago

Another great one!

CumOnCorey1 day ago

Love this one, great roulette!

seemefeelmetouch1 day ago

What are times on the thing to do such as oral & anal? Amounts on enemas?

BlackAndWhiteKat1 day ago

You could just do the one above it, rather than asking for an entire roulette to be changed just to meet your limits :/

SlicesFixed1 day ago

you should specify that this uses Dice

shyexhibitionist1 day ago

I like it, but options are 1-6, while rolls are 0-9.

Slugface2 days ago

chrystaleaves -> nop , only one option :)

5980881462 days ago

could you remove SWALLOW SHIT

Anonymous2 days ago

hardmode: you start with her stress = your rolled Z

jenna843 days ago

@Niveket i guess just stuff the cucumber back into your butt and plug for 3 hours then.

chrystaleavesFixed3 days ago

Can you choose more than 1 physiological program?

COCK-aoddoledoo3 days ago

Make one for males, or sissies?

COCK-aoddoledoo3 days ago

Make one for guys?

Anonymous3 days ago

Yea having reduction slots instead of resetting ones would be a better option. If you made it 10 BPM modifiers then it could sustain a reset but not on 6.

Anonymous4 days ago

Really enjoying these futa flavored roulettes!!!
They are fantastic, and I hope you are planning on making more!

atsn4 days ago

v1.2 Fixed some spelling errors

atsn4 days ago

@Anon Image source: https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2556625

Anonymous4 days ago

what is the name of the artist of this pics

atsn4 days ago

@Xardas A lot of these seem strange, but will still yield results when you search for them. Solo gangbang could involve one person with a lot of dildos. A dildo gangbang.

Xardas4 days ago

Some of these combinations don't really make sense. Like solo gangbang.

danielgm4 days ago

do more than cbt please and if you can put danger of eating cum it would be more interesting, good job.

sissysanya4 days ago

I did post the insta links

Anonymous4 days ago

It has been 30days now...

Anonymous4 days ago

Please make an interactive version of this fantastic roulette ! :) :) :)

Maschan5 days ago

Made less extreme and fixed the font to be easier to read.

Anonymous5 days ago

I love it !!! And I'm excited to try it.

Anonymous5 days ago

V4, W9, X3, Y8, Z9

Lucky me :)

Anonymous5 days ago


Anonymous5 days ago

I've done both human dumpster and exhibitionist/.\ so middle schoolers the just got out of school seen

Anonymous5 days ago

Magic motion fuckingmachine from hs systeme is only 399€, its great up to 300bpm hard thrusting. Im using it once a week for 2h of hard fucking to stay trained.

Revisofill5 days ago

Updated: Added a youtube video link at the top that shows how to make the eggs. Gelatin eggs are totally safe for deep insertion as they melt and just ooze out.

BlackAndWhiteKat6 days ago

Just look up a recipe for it on google. Depending on which guide you use it should say if its edible or not

Also @atsn
You should probably make the huge keystroke, patron, and discord bits way smaller. They don't need to take up 1/4th of the image, especially if the actual roulette text is this small :s

Akariam6 days ago

1 Beat = 1 Thrust (in and out)?
1 beat in 1 beat out?

hihixd6 days ago

@Ashely found the recipe https://www.faproulette.co/4840/hardcore-eggtreme-tampon-bulging-belly/

at the bottom-

hihixd6 days ago

I am wondering as well! Would be nice to know :3

Anonymous6 days ago

It's quite fun to do this with a time limit and chastity penalty. Or a dynamic chastity punishment like you must stay chaste for double the time it took to reach your goal (or more, I play hard and take 5 days or so).

eronog6 days ago

great !!!!

Ashely6 days ago

Seems interesting, but lacks important information.

For one, what size are the eggs supposed to be?
Also, how do you make the eggs?

GirlyTrainer1 week ago


As a high class sex trainer, I enjoy seeing what people have been up to with the roulettes I create, so all of my roulettes include an option to send me pictures. This also helps me become more creative. While this may not be your thing, many open-minded adults are actually happy to give me this sort of feedback and sometimes it just adds to the fun for them. In fact, I have already received some very nice pictures from a few players :)

Please note that sending pictures is always optional in any of my roulettes that aren't focused on public exposure. Even when a roulette orders you to send pictures, keep in mind that it's just a game and you aren't actually required to obey if you really don't want to.

If you dislike roulettes that require you to share pictures online, I suggest that you use the filters to exclude such roulettes. You may also want to avoid all of my roulettes in the future since they will all offer the option of sending me pictures.

Anonymous1 week ago

ffs man, JUST SEARCH PORN. stop begging for nudes

Anoymous111 week ago

What mistresses do u chooses from?

subforfun861 week ago

I agree that it could take forever, which I think is the point. And to be honest, I'd rather end up exhausted and in chastity for three days instead of having a quicky and be done with it... To the OP well done designing this dare! Definitely going to do this one multiple times :D

SubMiss1 week ago

How can she keep playing if sitting in a Dom's lap? Wouldn't he be able to see her cards?

techyviking1 week ago

I really like the idea of this roulette, and I think the system for it works fine. I kind of wanna buy a bunny suit now. :) The roll 5 and 6 feel too harsh, though. A 1/3 chance to almost reset your progress is really tough.

The game could take forever, which could be the point, but it's not my preference.

Maybe instead one could be to keep it the same, or reroll and add another 100 thrusts to the result of that roll.

Anonymous1 week ago

This is fucking awesome! Please more like this one!

Anonymous1 week ago

Great roulette - please make more, but with white background, because it's a bit too hard to read this ;)

Anonymous1 week ago

Plz more fantasy roulettes

atsn1 week ago

@ainterpview Why?
@Niveket Sliding counts, doesn't have to go the full distance before hitting the floor. Most people should have a hallway about 9 meters, right? That's not super far.

Anonymous1 week ago

boy, that escalated quickly

Niveket1 week ago

ugh Atsn.... shooting someting 9 meters out of your ass might be a little .... TOO FAR DONT YA THINK btw who the f has 9 meters of room to use would i have to climb up a mountain before shooting to be able to make that distance

atsn1 week ago

@Anon Check the FAQ on the website of whichever brand you have.

Go14mei1 week ago

Give a task

Anonymous1 week ago

Is it actually okay to use Orbeez like this? I just feel like they might be toxic

ainterpview1 week ago

Please rename this to Shogi.

troublesumdood1 week ago

Anyone have good input on how they mix up fake cum that is safe to use and swallow?

k8tFixed1 week ago

Tobe.Exposed doesn't work anymore so I replaced it with "a porn site of choice"

Anonymous1 week ago

Tobe.exposed does not work

FanMaxPixPam1 week ago

Great game!!!

Livingstone1 week ago

Somebody in a forum this roulette was posted noted that you can get out of your chastity in less than one day if it's your first session and you do on or a couple of tasks. Maybe some limitations in that aspect would be clever to implement.

atsn1 week ago

@Slices It is. How to Play: Step 2. It decides your goal distance.

atsn1 week ago


Equipment is required, and must be earned while playing the game. The goals are designed to you push you towards getting more equipment.

The final tile gives you +1 extra slutty/masochist action. You can get a max of +5 actions in one category with the perfect equipment, and the final tile is needed to get you the final +1 so you can complete goals 1-4. Goal 5 requires no equipment.

Slices1 week ago

W is not used in this roulette...

Anonymous1 week ago

dont think this should be tagged as 'fantasy'

Ceelfid1 week ago

What is this? A roulette for ants?

remba1 week ago


Anonymous1 week ago

Can we get more like this?

Anonymous1 week ago

Can we get more like this?

eronog1 week ago

About goals : when you have to do all slutty or masochist actions, do you need the equipment ? are these actions equipment free ?

Rules says : "[…]they must comme as a result of your equipment OR being on the final tile

Is it about the unique extra slutty or masochist action you have to add on the final tile (How to play - 4) or about the actions you have to do from your goal ? the two ?

Since goal 5 don't need any extra actions, and the extra slutty/masochist is a result from the final tile, you don't need equipment at all ?

Anonymous1 week ago

What the last guy said.
The highest number that can be reached is 6.

atsn1 week ago

@dani Working on it, not sure when it will be done.

Anonymous1 week ago

Who is the girl in the last picture

Akeno1 week ago

This one is nice, I guess it would be perfect if an other roll tells you what position to use for each clients.

finedm1 week ago

Thanks @NewGuy. You could fuck a fleshlight or similar to simulate fucking here. You could also go get yourself a real life sexy lass with your new hot bod.

NewGuy1 week ago

really good, love the idea and the end result! :)
the only that i find missing is: what happens when you reached the endgoal? are u going to take her virginity/ fuck her and how should that be fabricated? fuck a fleshlight...?

degradeher1 week ago

That was fun! I ended with Pippa

Anonymous1 week ago

7/10 I‘d love to get a few tasks with my mistress. Please make another one

Energo171 week ago

1. Claim it with your account
2. Plz make another

Anonymous1 week ago

didnt make the rolls be d6

Anonymous1 week ago

90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90

megapo1 week ago

Чувак! Ты... Ты просто офигенен! Ты сделал мои выходные! И сделаешь еще не раз) Спасибо тебе огромное!

Anonymous1 week ago

would love some caning/spanking and piss play. and maybe an opportinity to decrease the toy diameters by 1 cm for a very humiliating job, maybe a human toilet brush.

RouletteQueen1 week ago

I liked this one. It was weird, but interesting as well.
I ended up with 00000, but sadly was not interested in the girl that was assigned to that number.

RouletteQueen1 week ago

Your roulette needs some work, honestly. First, I'd put the letter beside the category to make it easier for someone to understand what the roll is. Because right now, I have no idea whether the 1 I rolled for X is meant for how long I serve or who I serve. It would also be nice for you to specify that the Preperation category is cumulative.

Now let's move on to content. Preperation and what you have to do are fine, and I have no issues there. But in the length of service, a 6 means you need to serve your hookup for your whole lifetime, which is just unrealistic. I'd make 1 year the maximum, because that's something I can actually see happening. As for who you are looking for, I don't understand 6. What do you mean by a group of cities?

Finally, there's the picture. I'm a little confused by how it relates to a sissy hookup roulette. Couldn't you just go on a porn site and find something more suitable? Maybe a sissy in chastity being fucked in the ass or something like that?

DanNFO1 week ago

Nice roulette, well done.
It seems that you have the random numbers set to 1-6 but you provide options for 1-10; higher numbers can never be reached.

Anonymous1 week ago

if i get a 9 and a 1 is that 10 or 91?

Anonymous1 week ago

if I could self suck I dont think I would ever stop

Anonymous2 weeks ago

I wish this was a reality TV show because i would love to watch that.

Anonymous2 weeks ago

how does the new sex positions work?

Anonymous2 weeks ago

Nothing recived in 3days

Anonymous2 weeks ago


Anonymous2 weeks ago

Change color of letters. It's unreadable

Vukodav2 weeks ago

@Anonymous - I have no idea. My roulettes are not mobile-friendly and people have been complaining about that from the very first one. I need space for my creations and mobile phones do not seem to allow it for some reason. Can't help you.

Anonymous2 weeks ago

how to give 5 men a blowjob at the same time?

Anonymous2 weeks ago

I can't seem to get the image to download in full res on mobile. Any workarounds for someone who doesn't have the desktop option?


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