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Roulette Feedback

SubbyBoyMax1 hour ago

Dm me on here or kik me at MaximilianTheFox, I need someone who'll blackmail me~

Badguydragon1 hour ago

Updated the scoring so it is easier to have a positive score at the end.
-Climaxes now scored for all stages of the roulette
-Top now earns 10 points when bottom climaxes (instead of bottom losing 10 points)
(Basically bottom is still likely to get negative points, but there is a chance to earn enough points when he/she is top after roles switch [which should end up with an average score above 0, unless he/she messes up])

Also if anyone wants an idea on how to get an advantage over your patner, you can always PM me

przemy252 hours ago

Great game! Is that possible to prepare my own photo set locally or replace photos for one of existing? I dont know how to open/edit biggest file where these photos are probably stored.

herpaderpa7 hours ago

Anyone know the source of the image or artist? Tried a reverse image search and got nothing (but that could be because of the text, obviously).

SadisticSerena7 hours ago

@throw-away-13 I think you're on the wrong site lol

SadisticSerena7 hours ago

A "cum walk" is walking around in public with cum on your face. Its a very popular porn niche. So the title is a bit misleading... :/

SadisticSerena7 hours ago

@mikenakedpppubbb Correct facebook doesn't technically allow nudes, but that's what makes it a challenge! You can add a transparent overlay and distort the tint, etc to get it to bypass its nudity filters. Be creative! Sharing xxx pics on your REAL facebook for friends and family to see is the ultimate exposure, no? ::evil grin::

Indecisive7 hours ago

I'll make improvements on this. Didn't think people would use it, I made it just for me. Leave a comment or like it if you use this thing, just curious

BonChance9 hours ago

Oh no, I missed the first 2 days. Time to catch up!

Pleasureactor11 hours ago

Thanks for the feedback, I increased the time spent on some fields a bit.

Doggy61011 hours ago

It's amazing, hopefully you'll do more

Subbymain12 hours ago

Gutes roulette

cahbranco13 hours ago

I like your roulette, looks good but you need refine it.. its confuse too. if you do a better explain and layout, itll be awesome

Anonymous13 hours ago

ces sources photos m'intéresse beaucoup. s'il vous plaît.

noidontwannacum15 hours ago

good luck anon. If you can actually pull that off that's impressive

Cherryicecream16 hours ago

I got y:3 and z:5


Antt19 hours ago

Please someone blackmail me kik: AnttN1

Anonymous19 hours ago


Nattyboi20 hours ago


OnMyKnees4Rae21 hours ago

This is madness, I love it!

ShyDomSeekingSub21 hours ago

Clamps, plugs, vibrating toys, blindfold, lets get some extras in there;)

Anonymous21 hours ago

Nice game !

chibi66623 hours ago

are planning more oicture packs? would be super interested in messy stuff like pee/scat. could also compile pic packs...

mwolf3851 day ago


Anonymous1 day ago

I’m gonna try this soon but I’m changing the cums to ruins because I’m a naughty sissy

Anonymous1 day ago

I want someone to control how much water i drink, how many times i go to the bathroom and what should i do with my piss. Please

cristinabrondi1 day ago

Only 8 hours rest? 48h session with only 8h sleep?

BlackAndWhiteKat1 day ago

Its a hard call tbh. 50% chance of release is to much for the first few rolls, especially if you get low W's, but after that its a good chance, especially if you get multipliers on X.

Maybe make it to you can only roll Z after 3 rolls, and maybe remove W1 all together?

Other than that this is good. Could maybe benefit from using the full D10 rolls, for more actions and punishments?

Tessabunny1 day ago

If anyone is looking for a web parent message me.

organschnitte1 day ago

what is meant with "shots" at drinking? wodka?

SLAV3ST1 day ago

Thx i'll try my best <3

paperairplain1 day ago

@Anonymous, I agree. Source?

Anonymous1 day ago

Love the chance of never-ending slavery like that!
In theory it is very unlikely but the chance is there and it is sexy!

cZuBzixFixed1 day ago

Finally a real challenge

Anonymous2 days ago

ong whats her name

Anonymous2 days ago

Damn you get punished for cumming like a sissy slut? This is gonna be hard.

Shacless2 days ago

Anybody here who knows where to buy this mask?

noidontwannacum2 days ago

Thanks anon I'll make it soon!

Badguydragon2 days ago

@anon its actually a scene from an anime:
Saikin, imouto ga okashin da

Depraved2 days ago


Nusster2 days ago

most of the videos have been deleted from PH. are there any alternatives?

KushMan192 days ago


KushMan192 days ago


KushMan192 days ago

Pm me for my ass pics

mypornspace2 days ago

If I have to move back or forward, should I do the action on the field I land on?

amandadoll2 days ago

Looks like an interesting advent calendar :)

Anonymous2 days ago

This is great. It still seems a little too easy for me though. I’m looking forward to the hard one.

Anonymous2 days ago

Super fun, one thing I will say - the 50% chance to release is too high, considering that the X roll relies on you losing control :)

Anonymous2 days ago

Please make more of these. This has so much potential

Depraved2 days ago


noidontwannacum2 days ago

Good question anon, I should have said so earlier but no. By anal i meant either fingering or fucking with a toy.

Anonymous2 days ago

Does wearing a plug count as anal?

Fred3 days ago

l9cked since 28 days! best left 359, worst left 874!
beware of what you do
hopefully, I'm experienced 😅

noidontwannacum3 days ago

here is the easy version:

Cm608543 days ago

I think you've cut the 0s off all the tasks at the bottom of the roulette. Should they all be "do all above"?

Anonymous3 days ago


Anonymous3 days ago

Also, U but no V on image. V but no U for roll. Lawlz. >_>

Anonymous3 days ago

TIL... "alphabetical order' is apparently 'however the fuck you feel like!' " O_o

Anonymous3 days ago

Bravo.. *Most* egg vibrators are wired... And you should be lubing up properly beforehand anyways, not just stuffing things up there raw. Even without lube, you can just 'push' something like an egg back out. They are round..

But generally speaking, yes.. if it has no cord or base, and isn't a rounded end.. 'don't stuff things up there!'

Anonymous3 days ago


ThaEmprah3 days ago

If you can manage, ruin another one. More training is always good, right? ;)

Totty3 days ago


Anonsissy3 days ago

Is there going to be a v3?

SLAV3ST3 days ago

Its normally for Black Ops Cold War becouse of the escape task but you can play this roulette for any cod you want just without the escape task :)

tikba3 days ago

I like Z

Cherryicecream3 days ago

I rolled 3 https://app.unsee.cc/#EftIx9eHjGxga064

Zenya3 days ago

Hmmm should I wait a day or ruin another orgasm?

Zenya3 days ago

No NO NO! I was right on the verge of cumming after waiting two days!!! Fuck!!!!!

humihumi3 days ago

Gut gemacht!

Zenya3 days ago

Well so far I've reduced my time and bpm alot, my time by 7 minutes and my bpm by 40, I also messed up and now I have to ruin my next 3 orgasms

jt3 days ago

Well done :D

Though Y2 confuse me :
half in, half out, so it does not move at all?

Anonymous3 days ago

@Unstablesissy27 wanna play? Kik: MaximilianTheFox

Anonymous3 days ago

Kik: MaximilianTheFox, if you want a piss slave~

AwsCComm13 days ago

Who is she?

JokeGerard3 days ago

big thx, i'll try to fix it :) i mean - eng is not my native lang, that's why =(

Unstablesissy273 days ago

Wonderfull Roulette! I trink some of the Tasks Arena hard to Perform. But when you roll for me i do the best to do it and Tage pics if you want

makemecum_3 days ago

Source of photo?

tia-tv4 days ago

Personally, I would not have blindfold as a #1. That literally means you will always be blindfolded no matter what. I’d have it at a much higher number.

ThaEmprah4 days ago

Sure, go ahead. I am curious to see how quickly you "improve". ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

SissyUnleashed4 days ago

Deepthroats sind nicht wirklich Anfänger-freundlich.

SissyUnleashed4 days ago

Pretty unusual order of the letters on the roulette.

Badguydragon4 days ago

It is fine if you read up properly and take all becessary safety precautions @Mia_ Some people already have to insert them weekly-biweekly due to health reasons.

If you are worried, just use a smaller one first time.

NHISS4 days ago

What cod is this best on? Or which I one is it intended towords

Anonymous4 days ago

I found the plot of this feature quite subtle and unremarkable. However the grand and compelling ending was definitely one of the most interesting recent additions to the genre. I have indeed copulated multiple times to this roulette, each consecutive time attempting different alternate variables of the procedure. its pretty lit fam

RiskyRoulette4 days ago

missing w

Anonymous4 days ago


eclecticevolution4 days ago

This would be awesome with some position rules as well

Flare_The_Foxxy4 days ago

This is a reupload

Shadowbringer1654 days ago

Really enjoyed it

Anonymous4 days ago

1 day left!

Depraved4 days ago


dragonloui4 days ago

i want be blackmailed i'm a dog men
pm me on faproulette

ujasiuhsassdoiuhasd4 days ago

also for the workout section, links from the other roulette:

Mia_4 days ago

This is so much risky as some mere mistake in inserting it could cut the valve, hence, bloody urine & pain whenever you piss.

Just read this roulette for fantasizing. Have fun & stay safe)

Vjemard5 days ago

Add for video

Ashely5 days ago


Lokabo5 days ago

Only 23

thebumpymagoo5 days ago

Does stage 3 refer to stage 2? Or is it it’s own set of edges?

vincenzo14255 days ago

Alternative mode:
If z = 8 or 9, you get a ruined orgasm and restart the roulette

ExposureWhore5 days ago

''I would love to see an entire roulette about body writing that leaves you covered in it by the end (ideally with a lot of variety so it doesn't become repetitive)''

I would too

Bainas5 days ago

great roll

Rodwood5 days ago

Is there a risk of overrunning the final field and forcing an additional round or does a day end once a round is complete... what's the rule on that.

Anonymous5 days ago

Rolling dice when I am in her and about to cum ?

I don't think so...

FantasyRoulette5 days ago

@keytoyguckmichelle I was wrong, it's squats :D

ThatApocx5 days ago

Kik is Filips004

Jeff2461356 days ago

refill? do they mean restart?

KentfucktoymichelleFixed6 days ago

For X=6, did you mean squats? Sit ups while riding would be a bit tough if not impossible

BonnieTimin6 days ago

Hmm I like this one hehe

Zenya6 days ago

This is really good hopefully you do more, I may post updates on my journey in the feedback if that's alright

Zenya6 days ago

Oh no! my training is until I got a BPM + Time < 60... I'm going to be such a quick fire slut! ;)

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