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Roulette Feedback

betaman8 hours ago

For the fuck ass part do we use the plug? Or switch to something else?

Comandox698 hours ago

Anon and black and white Kat my bad I just wanted to make something quick and easy I will put more work in my next one

Ambers14 hours ago

They’re for the shape you are to shave your pubic hair 😉

Ok15 hours ago

@chrystaleaves I'm pretty sure type of sissy is there just to make the price roll more degrading, it has nothing to do with clothes or behaviour

Anonymous18 hours ago

What do the Arrow, Heart Shaped, etc. mean for Sissy Slut?

Anonymous19 hours ago

Wow Anon is clearly a miserable person. I think BlackAndWhiteKat was just giving constructive criticism on a roulette that I agree is pretty lazy and unimaginative

Ahualazif1 day ago

It is indeed that app. Also, this is intended to be rolled up to 3 times in order to generate the necessary amount of numbers, rather than have 9 numbers and still have to roll twice.

Anonymous1 day ago

Not enough people use gifs

SissyKada1 day ago

What does initial name mean?

Anonymous1 day ago

Wow BlackAndWhiteKat is clearly a miserable person. I think this roulette is simple and that’s its charm

Anonymous1 day ago

Duplicate entry.

Anonymous1 day ago

"0 is odd", unplayable literally unplayable

kuremento1 day ago

Reuploaded for some reason, by someone else?

BlackAndWhiteKat1 day ago

Pretty lazy and unimaginative

And in my experience, unless you have a weak bladder or are on medications that make you likely to piss yourself, this won't actually make most adults pee the bed :s

zaliphyr1 day ago

Think its an app called Chastikey, they have a website https://www.chastikey.com/

Twisttied1 day ago

I lost at 72 humiliate me!
[email protected]

Puppy_boy1 day ago

This is an App on your phone.

shysissy20181 day ago

I don't get it, can someone give short explanation?

singular_231 day ago

someone reuploaded your Roulette...

analslut1 day ago

On dubs you should use, "Write in a language that is new to you".

balous2 days ago

I think you should add a fist progression since you will be able to fist yourself before doing the stuffing science major, or even the ass stuffing 208. Or something involving an inflatable or vibrating plug for milking or anal fluid. Otherwise i cant wait for the online version to come out!!

aspiringsissyslut2 days ago

I lost at 475 humiliate me!
[email protected]

Brandi2 days ago

The lore for this is surprisingly dark

TheRealDoc2 days ago

Literally can't even read half of this lmao

Vukodav2 days ago

@Brunduk555 There is none now as the story is not finished yet. I have 8/12 patched into one large picture (in its original PNG it is more than 200MB I think) but I will not upload it yet, there is no point. When the game is finished (3 episodes plus epilogue) I will add a link to a downloadable picture with all episodes, shop and skills patched into a single picture.

Burunduk5552 days ago

Great Work! SO AWESOME I understand that it is not complete yet, but is there an assembled piece somewhere that I can download, and not put together by myself? Thanks***

Anonymous2 days ago

Fix your fucking categories

remba3 days ago

Only one category at a time, otherwise it would be way to harsh ;)
Choose one you want and then next time chose another. After all 3 or 5 categories of one number have been taken move to the next higher number.

Ceelfid3 days ago

Interesting idea, but the tasks would deserve more work. Some are unclear, and the hardest tasks should be less common. Also, what's the challenge? Do we have a maximum amount of time to complete the task?
The rewards and punishment sections would also deserve some expansion.

And as a nifty detail, you should probably use Y for tasks and Z for reward or punishment since that's what the website would give us.

Ok3 days ago

So, adding a special rule means I have to add the three categories of the same number at once or do I have to add one category at a time?

shysissy20183 days ago

very nice idea, please do more!

Void_Wtich3 days ago

What luck ... I rolled a 0 on X and nothing but Y odds till empty ...

Anonymous3 days ago

Did this with 3, 3, 3, 5, 5. Instructions said nothing about changing so I changed when a leak developed-- not quite 2 hours and 4.5 hours in.

Anonymous3 days ago

T is missing 6 too

dcshadow1173 days ago

There's also an error in the numbering for the women, 3 is used twice (2/3 and 3/4). That's why you'r left with just 99 at the end.

Slices3 days ago

U does not have a #6

Anonymous3 days ago

wow nice work
you can make more but use butt plug or dildo thanks

Xardas3 days ago

Actually, I think Bad Gambler decreases the average length funnily enough, since it significantly increases the chance for a Z=6 roll, which ends the game.

Xardas3 days ago

Look, I'm a guy and I have the "sissy" and "crossdressing" tags hide the roulettes with them, because I'm really not into them. I'm also as much of an anti-SJW anti-feminist as you get. And I still downvoted the shit out of this. This is not a how to be a man challenge, this is a how to be a pretentious, egotistic dudebro challenge. Since when is poor hygiene, reckless driving, refusal of of modern medical treatments, putting toxic shit into your body, being aggressive for no reason or fucking with nature with no reason make you any better in any shape or form? That's "manly"? Pfft, hardly, it's just being a plain old stupid, irresponsible moron. And that's before we would consider that this is FAProulette. You know, for sexy roulettes of one sort or another. So, yeah, first ever roulette on the site that I bothered to downvote.

Vukodav4 days ago

In case you were wondering WHY did you get so many dislikes, let me help you a bit.

1. You didn't put names of the women - people don't recognize everyone.
2. Some of the rules are not clear.
3. It has no sexual tasks at all, it is a pure fantasy roll.
4. You used letters not presented in the roll on top of the screen, like C D etc.

The 3rd point is fine, you can have a game like that, for pure imagination purpose. But you MUST add names, make rules in the end more clear AND use correct letters for rolls.

Those things will balance out likes and dislikes I think. Cheers!

Anonymous4 days ago

Who is that girl?

Anonymous4 days ago

cool game i like it

Dalatan4 days ago

Nice! I am having trouble reading it though, the text looks a bit small.
I want to try it though. haha

Anonymous4 days ago

2 weeks and you haven't corrected your categories. Fix your categories already.

Anonymous4 days ago

Rolled 3 4 7 0 1. Two hours in, suffered a catastrophic leak, switched out for two new, five hours in those developed a slow leak and were switched out as well.

bmz4 days ago

bondage #3 have problem, maybe 3 1+2 is correct

Anonymous4 days ago

this is like half translated and half drunk

Nusster4 days ago

jlullaby on shadbase

Nusster4 days ago

I think this i probably my favourite roulette, all the tasks and art make for an all round pleasurable experience, id love to see more of this style and definitely more art from the image's artist used.

ItsCharletteBaby4 days ago

preg enema is like the image shows

Anonymous4 days ago


Justanotherperv4 days ago

The picture and text quality is pretty blurry but other than that, it's a very nice roulette.

Anonymous4 days ago

Appears to be set to dice, cannot roll over a 6

dendersen4 days ago

I just used a redwood tree instead since it had an acceptable distance. but man, it's hard to walk while having 5 lemons up your ass.
And it was only 1,5 kilometers...

atsn4 days ago

@dendersen I think the only appropriate action is to skewer several lemons on a nearby tree of any kind, thus making it a "lemon tree".

dendersen4 days ago

Well I just had to fail it didn't I...
5 3 3 3 3 3 1
I live in Scandinavia the nearest lemon tree that is even possible for me to access is in Germany!
Is it possible to get permission to use a car for transportation? Becouse I ain't walking more than 2000 kilometers, twice!

dendersen4 days ago

Remember the other language tag

Anonymous4 days ago

Elsa Jean

Anonymous4 days ago

cumedic gold

Zead355 days ago

Dice seem to only go up to 6 rather than 10

Anonymous5 days ago

I lost at 43,humilate me!
[email protected]

Cummyboyslut5 days ago

When life gives you lemons,... jack off and cum on them.

Anonymous5 days ago

im actually struggling to find any real hypnosis denial vid

Anonymous5 days ago

Too small. Hard to read.

jtFixed5 days ago

Thanks for ths roulette. It sounds good!
However, unclear instruction on V9: Did we need to reroll or we can go to X and in how many minutes?

FantasyRoulette5 days ago

@godheksa I hope that you enjoy the game :)

HamBoy695 days ago


Zicafeliped5 days ago

Nice roulette. A few wrong numbers though. Z9 should refer to V and W, not X. And would ignore all Zs tbh

Anonymous5 days ago

the discord link doesnt work

FantasyRoulette5 days ago

Sure @bamfurlough
You can download it here:

BamfurloughFixed5 days ago

Could you post another link to the full size image? I can't read the instructions either and the other link won't work for me. :-(

Anonymous5 days ago

Anyone knows how she is?

Simonemausi6 days ago

Dice is set to 0-9 but roulett only 1-6

AriMud6 days ago

what mean "preg enema"?

Anonymous6 days ago

There is no Z, 2 Y's

Anonymous6 days ago

That´s what I get for playing with bad gambler:
I lost at 377, humiliate me!
[email protected]

Anonymous6 days ago

good roulette

Anonymous6 days ago

To the guys who said beer enema, that's why it says alcohol free

Throatfuckslut6 days ago

really great roulette! Good job

throwawyacount6 days ago

Uploaded a new version to clarify some unclear instructions

cbt946 days ago


Anonymous6 days ago

Really interesting concept, and a lot of fun. Maybe add a materials list? Thanks!

Anonymous6 days ago

Which shoe store has a fitting room?

Cummyboyslut1 week ago

You can set your roulette to do numbers from 1-6, and adjust the rolls accordingly: W: 1-2 lay on back, 3-4 Standing etc.

Anonymous1 week ago

Name please?

5lime1 week ago


atsn1 week ago

@Fated I don't care, but if you say you didn't update it and it somehow got updated, that must mean someone else has access to your account.

Anonymous1 week ago

Never do a beer enema. That'll kill you easily.

Anonymous1 week ago

No text for me :(

Anonymous1 week ago

That was fun

Anonymous1 week ago

Daddy I don’t know a good show for 6, any suggestions?

FlashAngryBird1 week ago

now, first line, is supposed to be "know". Sorry for the mistake

Anonymous1 week ago

I'd love to see an updated version of this, perhaps with more punishment options and with some of the tags mattering more.

Anonymous1 week ago

Fix your categories.

fr902101 week ago

Best public responses: https://www.imagefap.com/pictures/7863895/Edge-Esposure-Roulette-Responses

SubWithNoToys1 week ago

I like the roulette I just wish you added something embarrassing under the swimsuit like a butt plug to up the ante

Anonymous1 week ago

Very good roulette, but should be tagged as Shopping.

Anonymous1 week ago

I like it but it has too many feet tasks if you could do some ice cream or rub cock on things that would be better

FantasyRouletteFixed1 week ago

If there is a combination, you should do all 3 tasks.
The order is always the "combination task" after the 2 normal tasks.

IgnatiumFixed1 week ago

if there is a combination i should do only it or all 3 tasks? and should tasks be done simultaniously or in some order?

FantasyRouletteFixed1 week ago

Full Image (12MB) https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=501561121472

FantasyRouletteFixed1 week ago

@Niveket Sorry about that, the maximum allowed size in the website it's 10mb and I have to resize it :(

NiveketFixed1 week ago

its hard to read even when fully zoomed in

fr902101 week ago

Pretty clearly says to skip all spam bots (of which there are a lot on Omegle).

Anonymous1 week ago

How are you supposed to play this? Talking to a bot that delivers you a spam link? xD

AssLoverFixed1 week ago

I love the idea behind the roulette and it's great, but many of the parts are almost impossible, getting an egglant in is one of them. Also beer enemas are dangerous as hell.

Anonymous1 week ago

no 404 special?

atsn1 week ago

@Anon Quints: 1,000 spanks.

godheksa1 week ago

But please let us girls try.

godheksa1 week ago


I will try to make true this prisontime


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