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Roulette Feedback

Anonymous11 hours ago

Very good, both for practical and fantasy ^-^
Hope we get an oral sequel once I finish this one~

UndercoverAnhel13 hours ago

Unless I'm missing something, there should be two numbers (Y & Z) from 1-6. Instead, we're getting five (V, W, X, Y, & Z) from 1-0.

xdout13 hours ago

updated with some other tasks than just edging cuz i thought it was a bit boring

Akariam17 hours ago

POT = Post Orgasm Torture

halamanakas18 hours ago

Sorry, but no :(

Anonymous19 hours ago

50% chance of cumming is too high. Suggest change 3 and 5 to ruins.

FantasyRoulette19 hours ago

@jt the last instruction after the 5th seal is to make another round, there you can reach Y=8 and during this round you are using the "red" instructions too.

jt20 hours ago

Seams like Y8 is unreachable:
Max score is 6 +1 (seal4) +1 (seal5)
But as soon as you have seal5, you can continue to ending part. so you never go back on Y

Anonymous21 hours ago

I think its good that it actually shows what the reality looks like and not the polished pics of hot girls like in other roulettes... like sadisticserena says... the reality is kind of creepy .. sorry no hate ... be safe ... do it at home... or in your head

RouletteKinkster23 hours ago

You should make a similar roulette for non sissies. Maybe make it totally nude.

Anonymous1 day ago

cant play hogtie over minute

Anonymous1 day ago

What is POT? (In the Z rolls?)

forgotensage1 day ago

are you supposed to complete the task in the shown position?

panswitch911 day ago

Kendra Sunderland

Anonymous1 day ago

What's her name?

sissy33k1 day ago

MrLurk read 8 in X, please and thank you....

Anonymous1 day ago

needs changing catagories to other language plus diapers/nappies

Yetigirl1 day ago

loving the added presure in my games. need more like this for others. like apex

Anonymous1 day ago

if it only has z press the plus sign and add 2 more letters.

Anonymous1 day ago


FantasyRoulette1 day ago

♥ My other interactive games:

♥ My Patreon: (here I upload news, updates, alternate endings, previews, surveys, etc.)

Bussy4Men1 day ago

Thanks for the really fun cum eating roulette, one of my favs!

Anonymous1 day ago

Great idea during quarantine lol.

xdout1 day ago

well maybe i should've added some punishments for ppl like u then :)

Anonymous2 days ago

It’s an exposure site

Proctorthedoctor2 days ago

Slight oversight...Just Any trans

Anonymous2 days ago

Nah, stealing is ok as long as they steal from your bank, and not from your daily cash.

Anonymous2 days ago

You have two X and no Z

Ceelfid2 days ago

This roulette needs 3 rolls, not just one.

RiskyRoulette2 days ago

that escalated quickly. 3 penalties in 5 rolls.

SissyLeBlanc2 days ago

Not getting to cum for 11 hours (3 session) finally getting to ruin feels amazing...

Blacklistkahn2 days ago

I lost at the number of 63 deepthroats humiliate me! [email protected]

jasmineKeys2 days ago

Hmm maybe you are right, maybe the not paying should be Z=0 and only if dubs as well do they steal $200? Any ideas for a good Z=9?

Dalatan2 days ago

hm, interesting - this is mixed back and forth, triples, etc are usually a 'bad' thing

Miniwillie2 days ago

I'm now in permanent chastity...

Decadent2 days ago

Confused about the "Trans" in male categories. Are we supposed to look at trans male content, or trans female content?

BoyNailPolish2 days ago

So I have to spend a year a public pool while I’m in a chastity cage? Doesn’t make sense at all

jt2 days ago

I do not get the point to handwrite here. It just make it difficult to read.

The roulette was nice though

controlmc2 days ago

what is Eblue?

SissyKatieFR3 days ago

You could do it with ImageMagick.

Abrax253 days ago

Do You have or know the vídeo of the guy un white lingerie? The one un the rigth superior corner

Anonymous3 days ago

Would be fun to have to ruin on soles and eat or self facial it

SadisticSerena3 days ago

If I saw a man dressed like that walking down the streed I'd call the police ASAP! Creepy!

Xardas3 days ago

Bot decides options are entirely pointless if roll 9 or 0 on P.

shysissy20183 days ago

Simple and sexy! Just too bad i have so weak will to not cum for more than day

Anonymous3 days ago

Great only a bit confusing the time to use the cum.

subforfun863 days ago

Thanks for the roulette! I decided to do it with a permanent marker but rolled a quad 10 no's in so ended up with a 110 lines. I guess I'm lucky that I'm currently not allowed to go outside... Also, it is very difficult to write on your ass or other surfaces behind you, so in the end I looked like an abstract piece of art from the front :)

UndercoverAnhel3 days ago

Too many options for multiple partners with no provision for multiple outcomes (Y). And not letting partner cum runs counter to the whole point of hot wife date night, imnsho.

Xei3 days ago

I find some lines very hard to read I don't know if it's just me or there are more but for the rest does it look good.

Sabersnipe3 days ago

What is v9?

Anonymous3 days ago

Samantha Rone

Anonymous3 days ago

Task 4-6 seems to be cut off and missing something

Fireball4113 days ago

what does z 7/8 mean,what session??

Anonymous3 days ago

@Anon as for being too late, try with a penalty of $5 per minute. It's likely, that if you are late you probably have rolled T=8-9-0, so you'd make a lot of money and this penalty wouldn't be too harsh.
Unless some of your Z extras are 9 or 0 of course. :) I tried to run a 'simulation' on normal and it happens more often than you'd think. Every time you roll an extra there is 20% chance you'd not get paid and 10% you'd lose $200. And since T=8 makes you roll for 2 extras, that makes it even a higher chance. I'm not complaining, the game is fun, but in my simulation I tried to simulate rolling for 2 weeks on normal, only paid 1/3 and was harshly punished 3 times.

needstobeusedandabused3 days ago

Is it wrong that I want his done to me?

My roll: 1 8 8 7 8 6 6

catqwe4 days ago

Nice roulette, but there should be a chance for the hubby to become a cuck to spice things up.

IWantYouCum4 days ago

I would like cum conditions like "if you play as supp do X" or "if your are top do Y"
Or maybe a concrette letter for the reward if you win. But it's only my opinion though, it's a good roulette^^

Anonymous4 days ago

Is there a new month??

Anonymous4 days ago

This looks interesting. Please post a high res version that is readable.

jasmineKeys4 days ago

@IgnoreMeNow not if you play just the last digits as doubles
@Rem_ you're welcome thank you, loved your original one, just wanted to tweak it a bit, will make the link more visible x

Rem_Fixed4 days ago

Good remix of my original work: https://www.faproulette.co/4712/sexual-slavery-roulette/
I would appreciate it if the link is fully visible in your roulette which it is not.

IgnoreMeNow4 days ago

The doubles rule is so harsh. You are so likely to get a double rolling seven numbers which makes the roulette's overall difficulty incredibly high.

jenna8x44 days ago

Never seen this roulette before. I wonder why. Not a good idea to play bad gambler though. 😳

Anonymous4 days ago

No, lady Anne, don't give up not yet. Joker needs you!

Slutty_Trap4 days ago

uhm i got sext 8's now what

Cass4 days ago

Very good roulette.

How many green cards if multiple green cards? 🙂

AnonSissySlut4 days ago

Just want to say, I love it! Its interesting, a unique format, and sexy tasks!

Hornyslutboy4 days ago

Hi all I'm new here but I would LOVE to be taken and made into your sex slave

Anonymous4 days ago

Can you update it with all female operators? That would be awesome

CelticKnots4 days ago

So maybe publicly posted only temporarily?
Perhaps until the Benefit task is completed?

switch7874 days ago

Good roulette, text is unfortunately still a bit difficult to read. Maybe a different font or a bolder outline would help.

bambi810884 days ago

@CumDump_ I was curious of the same thing, so I wrote an algorithm to test it (https://pastebin.com/8Nb8xPKz). Across 100 playthroughs of the game, it took on average 54 rolls or 4 hours 25 minutes to complete. The longest run was 9 and a half hours, so definitely a roulette to make sure you've got time to finish.

jasmineKeys4 days ago

Thanks for the feedback guys, now addressed and also added dubs/trips/quads

Anonymous5 days ago

really like this one althoug I cant get far...

I tried it twice, first time just loosely following, second time really playing along as ordered. both times I hat to cum on the first opportunity for release even though I rolled edge 10 times... I had stretched my ass for about 45min up to that point and ached to cum... soooo intense!

Anonymous5 days ago

https://postimg.cc/1fJWJHqG i had trips...

sissykhasmir5 days ago

This roulette was made by Rakesh♥️

HardtitsFixed5 days ago

Missing x=5, except that this is really fun to play, can't wait to play it.

Anonymous5 days ago

Always wanted to play something like that, but what happens when you're at 55 minutes and roll T0 for example? You work longer or you only do part of it? Is there a punishment for not being able to finish in time?
I'll leave it open for now, wish me luck.

CumDump_5 days ago

Somebody that has already done it can say how long it took?

Erith5 days ago

This is kind of hell

Anonymous5 days ago

Is it truly safe to put chocolate up ur bum?

DreamyKatie5 days ago

bought a full on chastity belt for this and other roulettes. Female here so I hope this still counts ;) Rolled U9 and it took me 13 days until I was free again. Wonderful roulette. Please do more like these!

Anonymous5 days ago


Anonymous5 days ago

The pic is hedious

Anonymous6 days ago

But very cool btw!

Anonymous6 days ago

The addition at z doesnt make any sense, because the the chance is the same as rolling just z.

razorsedge896 days ago

love this roulette. very straight forward concept with so much potential to get out of hand in the best way. Also great to see an out of the box layout work so well, extra points for some of my favorite girls being in there.

IWantYouCum6 days ago

First, sorry for my english, I am spanish
I don't want to just left a dislike and go on, it seems like people do that a lot here, soo, I will point out some mistakes. It's just my opinion but because you are new and may be doing more roulettes, maybe you would apreciate the feedback.

First, the roulette have too many orders are "do something again".
Some orders can left you with a unconfortable position and you may repeat it in a while soo...

And for the last, it's a bit difficult to read, I mean, the letters can be seen easily but the setting of the squares, place and colors are pretty bad.

BUT don't feel discouraged, it's your first time (I just check it) and everyone, me included, made mistakes in their first time, don't worry^^

chaosmarv6 days ago

at the table the price for the 3rd roll are 2 coins. so if I understand that rigth I have to pay 4 coins for 3 rolls, but the example says 3 coins for 3 rolls which is the correct amount?

Anonymous6 days ago

I am looking for a master. My result is:
R:4 S:5 T:0 U:5 V:2 W:8 X:9 Y:4 Z: 2
my mail: [email protected]

Anonymous6 days ago

change the image and if it's a picure of the uploader PLEASE SHAVE FFS

BagelDogs6 days ago

Fun! I'll save this away in case I stumble across any roulettes lacking punishments. Would be a fun one to link to for future roulettes.

BlackAndWhiteKat6 days ago

reroll Y each task for the amount of time in miniatures. Reroll X to determine task

CaptiveLight6 days ago

CelticKnots - so basically you become a pornstar! Is there something you want to reveal about yourself?

CaptiveLight6 days ago

SissyKatieFR - thanks, yes, brdteengal is an image repurposer that displays lower res photos and links back to the original site at wowporn and wowgirls.

Headdeveloper6 days ago

Updated for more realistic cane marks

TheArchitect6 days ago

I probably will lower the times a bit.
Dunno about making it more extreme though :D there's some nasty stuff here.

Anonymous6 days ago

Yeah, where i can find it?

CrissyCumbubble6 days ago


rafa6 days ago

This is absolutely brilliant, would love to see this exact same concept but maybe shifted around to be more "rough" and "extreme".

really love how bad the luck can be of just having to repeat stuff, though would also be good with short times seeing as you can repeat so often, i know i lowered all the times a lot when i did it

Anonymous6 days ago

Pic source or model name anyone?

Anonymous6 days ago

Needs d6

Cass6 days ago

Many thanks. I spot most mistakes in the long run, mainly from user feedback. After reading again and again I become blind to them. 😁

nagaira6 days ago

love how much work and effort you put in these <3

shysissy20186 days ago

Simple but sexy, good job :)

Anonymous6 days ago

Is Y for each task, or you have to do as many as you can in Y time?

Cass6 days ago

That changes over time.

For now, eblue.com is good.
I see reddit could be an option, but also any kinky communities allowing pics like fetlife.com

Cass6 days ago

Okay, uploaded a new version rephrasing the title of WXY. Let's see. 🙂

Many thanks for the feedback 🙂

Cass6 days ago

New version: fixed X+Y wording (previously "X0 or ..." in many rows)

Cass6 days ago

After seems most important, but you can share your roll before you go for it in addition. Good luck! 🙂

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