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Roulette Feedback

FourthBitchoftheApocalypse14 minutes ago


paul23422 minutes ago

is any real bully here?

MaraCD54 minutes ago

if you get trips you lose, so you have 210/216 chance of winning xD

MaraCD1 hour ago

thanks for this roulette, will try it :P

CaCaKa2 hours ago

Heavily inspired by https://www.faproulette.co/32150/online-learning/

Kittero3 hours ago

Funhereandthere on EUW

Ham4 hours ago

Actually a cool one 😍😍

Badguydragon5 hours ago

That's only for you @anon

*Haha you fell right into my trap*

gonzo3015 hours ago

My roll https://www.faproulette.co/32145/whats-between-your-legs/#roll-666

Anonymous6 hours ago

not working anymore

gonzo3016 hours ago

My roll is https://www.faproulette.co/32147/asstastic/#roll-544
Pm me for my ass pics

ExposeCockBoy7 hours ago

iSoldMySister4RP OCE

Sourcerer8 hours ago

It's Mila Azul

Sourcerer8 hours ago

Name: Gayana Bagdasaryan
Source: https://www.famousboard.com/threads/59724-Gayana-Bagdasaryan
Clear Image: https://img163.imagetwist.com/i/16924/7imaysg01fx5.jpg/Zo7QOnGVQEI.jpg

kelisybrooks8 hours ago

mu roll: 0936
5x6 inch penis
7inch realistic dildo

Sourcerer8 hours ago

(?)Artist: Wen
Source: https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/5800740
(Picture at the top left)

Sourcerer8 hours ago

Artist: Tang
Source: https://tangs.gallery/art/posts/qai9gy

Xvz9 hours ago


Dankpool9 hours ago

Dm me if you want

Flare_The_Foxxy10 hours ago

Love the pic

BDSM6910 hours ago

nudes on here

Donquixote_Doffy11 hours ago

I'm excited

Anonymous11 hours ago

Some please help me I can never get myself to do it I need a push over the edge pm me

HornySamantha14 hours ago

The other numbers serve to give you dubs/trips/quads

selenee15 hours ago


Poopoo15 hours ago

What do the other numbers actually do?

Ahualazif15 hours ago

Fun to roll this when I cum in my cage~

Findel16 hours ago

Who's in the pic tho ?

Lifeskies16 hours ago

You need to add more description and instructions. It isn't clear what to do in these roulettes

NHISS17 hours ago

This ain’t extreme

Anonymous17 hours ago

some spacing in your paragraphs would go a long way towards readability

FootballTape18 hours ago

I love this roulette! It would be awesome if you could make another one with less furry stuff tho..

Savy18 hours ago


Ahualazif18 hours ago

If you need help you're welcome to beg~

Mia_19 hours ago

Cool one! But there should be a punishment task for cumming early, no?

EcchiExhibitionist19 hours ago

Pm for nudes

salad19 hours ago


Mia_19 hours ago

Now this is a scenario I'd love to try <3

Useme10097819 hours ago

Pm me to blackmail me

Ceelfid19 hours ago

There's no Y4 or Y5.

Anonymous19 hours ago

I just checked dictionary.com:

"No results found for patner"

SissyRosey20 hours ago

If anyone wants to feminize me and make me a good slut my kik is: SissyRosey

SissyRosey20 hours ago

This is going to be fun!

Useme10097821 hours ago

1 2 2
Pm me for nudes

Useme10097821 hours ago

I obey

beniboum21 hours ago

Sympa dommage que le texte ne soit pas plus visible par endroit.
Avec une brochette cerais cool

DanTheFake22 hours ago

cant wait to see your next roulette

Pornst22 hours ago


Anonymous22 hours ago

1 5 1 3
Pm me for nudes

HornySamantha22 hours ago

Disclaimer: if you get for example trips, you don't do dubs with it, you only do the highest one you get.

Anonymous22 hours ago


Kik wwwsuckme

Anonymous22 hours ago

🥺Someone blackmail me hehe kik: wwwsuckme

Anonymous22 hours ago

Someone blackmail me hehe kik: wwwsuckme

Anonymous23 hours ago

Oh my

Anonymous23 hours ago

I would love to try this but I'm too shy. Keep these roulettes coming and maybe one day I will

Anonymous23 hours ago

Azael on EUNE

Badguydragon1 day ago

Hope you all enjoy :D

(Also if any girls want to do this roulette but don't have anyone to do it with, feel free to hmu in the PMs)

LooSky1 day ago

I want to be blackmailed. I agree to play this game to the first person who DM's me!

buffag1 day ago

pls desperately need more transmasc roulettes

Xardas1 day ago

Plugged Life is an accurate title alright with the Z-6.

So, bit of basic math: on average you'll roll 6 every week (provided you are not on bad gambler).

So, let's suppose you rolled 3 3 on X Y. That's 3 plugs, 6 days each. So, on average you'll probably roll a single 6 on Z while the first plug is in.

Assuming that "remaining plug" doesn't include the current one, that means plug 2 is going to be in for 12 days, meaning on average you get two 6 rolls, so, plug 3 will be on 24 days.

The worst option would be 666. 6*12 weeks. With an average one 6 per week (which is above average luck btw), this is how it will look like:

Plug 1: 12 weeks
Plug 2: 49152 weeks, which btw is 942 years.

No need top do the math for the rest, unless you are literally immortal. :P

snake1 day ago

kik snake.267

TessaNL1 day ago

W:8 X:2 Y:7 Z:0
Had some fun with a banana :)

RubberDucky1 day ago

I can get head in mouth in position 2 and 3

Cass1 day ago

@Alfred_Ithmick: Good question! No, just 30s for every 50th deepthroat, and for every 10th except for the 50th, 100th and so on, only 10 seconds if you chose that option, too.
The last deepthroat also stays 60s if you choose that option, no matter if it's a 50ths or 10ths.

Dany1y141 day ago

Pm me for nudes

OneEyedJack1 day ago

Pm me for nudes

Boombox1 day ago

Idk if I have the balls to try this lol

Boombox1 day ago

Pm me to tell me what to do with it if you like. Short or detailed and I’ll do it as soon as I see it, wherever I am.

doggo1 day ago

>is there an english version of this?
yes, anon. one month late, but here you go:

Totty1 day ago

6-6-2 pm me to see

Riski24421 day ago

pm me for nudes

RouletteQueen1 day ago

Really nice roulette, I hope it inspires lots of sissies and trans girls to hook up with men to serve as their cum dump. Nice touch with the 40% chance of hooking up with a fat old man, that's a good lesson to show that it doesn't matter what someone looks like, a sissy only cares about pleasing cock.

warie5x1 day ago

5 - 1 - 2

Jeff2461351 day ago

still down to play

Alfred_Ithmick1 day ago

So, How does the divide by 10's interact? specifically the two and three? Does the hold time become 40sec for each 50th deepthroat?

Isaac271 day ago

562,PM me

palmer281 day ago

Who is she?

shellytales1 day ago

Need to find a boy to bully...

Anonymous1 day ago

What Corey are you talking about?

gonzo3011 day ago

email doesn't exist anymore

gonzo3011 day ago

email doesn't exist

gonzo3011 day ago


gonzo3011 day ago


gonzo3011 day ago


gonzo3011 day ago

X=0 Y=0 Done!

gonzo3011 day ago

I hope it still work. Pic has been sent.

AnnaSlut1 day ago

yes it was vere hard and very very painul, 50s holding time and 2s max pause was hard, but i will roll it again in a few days

allyser1 day ago

Awesome roulette! Loved the first one and can't wait to play this one as well, original ideas and realistic to play too! :) Keep up the great work, can't wait to see what you've got prepared next!

moon69691 day ago


moon69691 day ago


Pornst1 day ago


Cass1 day ago

To entertain and tease you. ;)

NHISS1 day ago

What is the use for the pictures

hotay1 day ago

Add me on NA, hotay54679

hotay1 day ago

hotay54679 on NA

Scaped1 day ago


Domonoc2 days ago

5-6-2 pm me

Dennis123452 days ago


Bankerrtx012 days ago

Will there be a part 3 of this challenge?

Boombox2 days ago

I want to watch someone cumming in a window as I pass by. That would be so hot idk what I would do lol.

Masteratwork2 days ago


Anonymous2 days ago

Source on the image in the top left?

SerasVictoria2 days ago

this is the best faproulet that I ever played

shellytales2 days ago

Would love to be a bully for someone.. this sounds so fun either role though!

Jeir2 days ago

@Alfred_Ithmick If that's the case, I'll think about it. Interesting offer

totallysuperfun2 days ago

5 5 1

PM me for photo. Also posting to shared roulette chat.

Anonymous2 days ago

I loved every bit of it and am kind of sad there will be no more episodes.

Korablik2 days ago

оригинал ENG

CuriousDuck2 days ago

This is the second and final episode of the Succubus Contract roulette. This one came out a lot more story heavy than the previous episode, which means I ended up including a lot more text and therefore fewer images than before to keep it at a reasonable size. I hope that doesn't scare people away from trying it.

As always, feedback is appreciated. I always read comments, so do let me know if I overdid it with the story elements or if you would like to see more story heavy roulettes like these. Also, feel free to post here if you see any errors.

If you want to play episode 1, type "succubus contract" in the search bar or look through my uploads.

gonzo3012 days ago

The best roulette!

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