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Roulette Feedback

TheNewBasilic53 minutes ago

Im not an expert about BDSM and porn pics sharing
@ShySissySubSeekingDom, but I'm agree with you, and i think that practices such "hard" as BDSM or pornpics sharing / blackmail bust be based on a strong relationship to maximize safety and pleasure ^^

ShySissySubSeekingDom5 hours ago

(x=5 w=7 .... thank you for the intense stark nude fucking I got in the car for completing this....you’re a memory maker)

ShySissySubSeekingDom5 hours ago

It’s finally been warm to do this - went to a industrial area out of town that was pretty deserted with my master and it was intensely exciting and exhilarating. Totally had to cross the street to avoid some curious people!☺️🖤

ShySissySubSeekingDom5 hours ago

It’s not IMPOSSIBLE, but boy you’ll be red and dripping if you do this.

ShySissySubSeekingDom5 hours ago

Omg this roulette is perfect to flog the stress out of me but I’m so sore....I think it was a total of 500 hard strikes with that insidious flogger.

ShySissySubSeekingDom6 hours ago

Oh Jesus I go 9 and 5 last night and I’m still tingling and sore and sensitive 24 hours later.
(Sir also flogged my chest with 40 lashes☺️)

ShySissySubSeekingDom6 hours ago

Currently seeking a Dom Drivers on Grindr (even tho I’m straight- I’m a slut for abuse😋) to make this fantasy a reality.
I got Dom’d the other day and was shocked how much body writing and the risk of public nudity really turned me on. Get out of my head CaptiveLight!🙂

ShySissySubSeekingDom6 hours ago

Someday, that’s gonna be me on a mattress covered with a garbage bag, getting relentlessly fucked.
It’s a goal. I know I have to have some more light weight experiences first. But thank you

ShySissySubSeekingDomFixed6 hours ago


Unsolicited porn pics from frustrated strangers are never fun to get lol.
Bdsm can be such an intensely
Intimate thing.... I don’t think bondage casuals looking for instant kicks quite get the nuance of trust and vulnerability necessary.

ShySissySubSeekingDom6 hours ago

This is one of my favorite roulettes of all time- and just in time for summer!!!
(Hi TheNewBasilic- fancy finding you here. You wouldn’t be interested in some online play would you-our links seem to match up..... sorry if this is rude!)

PantyFreak8 hours ago

Title of roulette doesn't make sense

U and V are missing option for a roll of 6

Chastityforever208 hours ago

no idea what the hell this says....

Anonymous10 hours ago


FantasyRoulette12 hours ago

♥ My other interactive games:

♥ My Patreon: (here I upload news, updates, alternate endings, previews, surveys, etc.)

Sluttygirl_13 hours ago

I'm a mistress, I'm looking for a sub, I want to turn him into a complete sissy.

KIK @AitaSpain

Anonymous14 hours ago

After the annihilation and my training, this was a piece of cake! Did 120 deepthroats in 25 seconds, but continued to 2 minutes and managed to do 492 throatfucks ;)

LucySweet14 hours ago

yikes my lucky roll....
1.rolled dubs = oral 10
2.in that roll Y was 2 so reroll oral = roll 0 ( uff )
3.in that roll Z is 9 so i reroll oral again and yea...=roll 0 (triple ufff)
my throat didnt like that but i loved it....great job

Anonymous14 hours ago

Wow, this was both awesome and long! Took me more than an hour, though I took some breaks. And I cheated so I did first 4 lvls just briefly because I dont have much time and Im a deepthroat addict. The thing is that Ive found this roulette just in right time because Ive spent last 7 or 8 months fucking my throat with a dildo almost every night (I think i missed like 15-20 days during that time). So, round 9 was not that hard, I did it without breaks and did 100 instead of 50 a couple of times on a 6 roll. I also skipped the fingering part because I didnt wanna damage my throat, I use it every night. Also, does 6 on lvl 15 require to snort all of the puke? I did snort it once, but couldnt do it more than that.
Anyway, amazing roulette, I used an 8 1/2" dildo and my favorite rounds were 6, 7, 8, 9 (Ive added a glass of piss over that 1l of water to spice things up), 12, and 14. Ill do it again as soon as i get the chance to make mess and noise! :)

ShySissySubSeekingDom14 hours ago

I LOVE THIS ROULETTE. God my ass is on fire after last night. I made a self bdsm challenge out of 6 roulettes, might have to replace the warmup impact play I have as of now. (It’s in my collections).
Also. Happy to sub or Dom on kik, message me for my contact. I have a lot of experience as a Dom, very little as a sub.

mcUNM15 hours ago

I love all your uploads, your doing such a good job

Anonymous16 hours ago

Hmm honestly the punishments seems rather harsh and very time-consuming. Maybe make it so you can select different difficulties regarding the punishments. Otherwise it seems very fun, would try if the punishments weren't as difficult.

Sissy_alec19 hours ago

I just started it and it seems so fun though it would be fun for a extension for like prostate milking or somthing like that bust for a beginner sissy like me this is amazing I think

Freecoins45819 hours ago

Image source?

pauld20 hours ago

cant wait for the weekend

SissyPerv20 hours ago

Kik: Kingsslut69

TheNewBasilic21 hours ago

I'm sorry but I rather not receive porn pics from people on FapRoulette @SissySlutSofia, you probably should find someone who know and understand you to sent him/her those pictures,
Luv ^^

TheNewBasilic21 hours ago

You're totally welcome @ShySissySubSeekingDom, it's my pleasure to make those roulette.

Chatter1241 day ago

More like that but make task to earn coins and with the coins you can by your permission

throw-away-131 day ago

This seems interesting. Would like to give it a shot at one point.

Anonymous1 day ago

Hot idea!
Love it!

Anonymous1 day ago

Very good, great job!

ShySissySubSeekingDom1 day ago

Omg I only made it 5 of 9 rolls- got dubs everytime that was crazy.😜😋

ShySissySubSeekingDom1 day ago

Absolutely love this roulette

danceface1561 day ago

I appreciate you saying so. It is the first one that I ever put together.

And, yes, I did construct it on Microsoft Paint. LOL! I really don't know how to use any other programs.

Thanks again.

ShySissySubSeekingDom1 day ago

You make the best roulettes🙏

Anonymous1 day ago

Like it, do not intend on being called a degenerate although. I’m still the type to kick your shit in

Anonymous1 day ago

Text is hard to read due to a lack of contrast with the background

ShySissySubSeekingDom1 day ago

Good one. Down to sub or Dom on kik......

Dieter1121 day ago

I rolled 1, 3, 4, 1, here isthe album: http://mynakedselfie.com/album/mzF6X

Zenik0041 day ago

Blackmail me to do this
Kik: zenik004

Zenik0041 day ago

Blackmail me to do this
Kik: Zenik004

Anonymous1 day ago

tu as raison je me suis un peu emporté mais j'en ai marre de voir que en français nous n'avons casi aucune bonne roulette que des truc comme sa ou des truc scatophile avec des couches :/

Queensm1 day ago

Super roulette merci ! J'adore !

SparklingPink1 day ago

Got the slave ending of course heh.

SissySlutSofiaFixed1 day ago

Can I share it to you?

zuctra1 day ago

Who is she? Yummy

M0nkeyMan1 day ago

My revision means you now need 9 random numbers R-Z, not 8 as you did initially. But apparently my amendment to that needs to be approved by a moderator? So until that gets approved, please just use the "+" icon next to the S-Z to add another number yourself before playing.

Anonymous1 day ago

Oh shit I think it worked! How long does this last again?

SissySlutSofiaFixed1 day ago

Can I send it to you as well? @TheNewBasilic

Anonymous1 day ago

Mostly, I liked the right hand column (all letters) of the old version better, can't really put my finger on why. More recursiveness perhaps? By now I've sort of forgotten what all the changes were

Anonymous1 day ago

No usually a fan of Femdom roulettes, but this one is well done and looks quite fun!!

Anonymous1 day ago

this is great, but you need to add two more rolls I think.
also, the "permission to cum" implies denial but there isn't any, maybe fix that or add a denial roll.

Oddworld1 day ago

Hey ! un peu de calme, il ou elle a essayé et n'a pas réussis, je ne dis pas que ça ne mérite pas punition ( bien au contraire :) ), mais le bash à ce point est inutile, laisse le recréer sa roulette au propre

Rem_1 day ago

Are you serious? I already answered it like four comments further down

zuctra1 day ago

Who is she?

Anonymous1 day ago

Nul!!! aucune info aucune originalité!!! On sait même pas quoi faire le but de la roulette? changer de vêtement tous les 3 min ????? C'est quoi le but? Il y a une case avec des dès faut faire quoi? Une case avec une sorte de policier faut faire quoi? Quand on arrive à la fin on gagne quoi?
A ce niveau la autant ne pas créer de roulette au lieu de polluer le site avec des horreur pareil!

MessySlut2 days ago

Kristen Scott

GamesX2 days ago

Well shit.. I missed #5 for cum eating so y’all use your imagination for #5

danceface1562 days ago

I'm sorry I don't really know. I found the photograph online after searching for: male submissive position. Or something along those lines.

Hope you enjoyed the roulette.

ShySissySubSeekingDom2 days ago

Anyone need a sub/Dom- PM me i’ll give you my kik

ShySissySubSeekingDomFixed2 days ago

Thanks to this roulette I got Dom’d hard on kik today, thank you! (Pm me if you want a slut to play with)

capistrano372 days ago

X=6 has two possibles.

Anonymous2 days ago

I’m gonna do this but cum=ruin as well

Slave4sale2 days ago

An error in the rules, V and W are cumulatives, X no

Seyras2 days ago

Google sheet

dexter20042 days ago

who's up for some rounds of pool

MissFoxxyPink2 days ago

@Anon I see what you mean. I will update that.

Anonymous2 days ago

Who’s the woman in the background?

Nevohudonoser2 days ago


DreamyKatie2 days ago

thank you for the update :)

M0nkeyMan2 days ago

I've uploaded a new version, with minor tweaks. The release day is now more intense, and I've adjusted the number-rolling to reduce the number of times you have to click "re-roll" while playing. Otherwise it's unchanged.

PainApple2 days ago

@Anonymous Leave it on as long as you want for this one. But thanks for the input :)

Anonymous2 days ago

Nice one, but the rolls aren't limited. So it's 5-6 in your picture, but we can even woll 7-10

Anonymous2 days ago

W doesn't have a 6

zolcsyyy3 days ago

who is on the bottom picture?

Anonymous3 days ago

by cum eating is the 5 missing :3

GrindrSlut3 days ago

Where are the pics from?

Anonymous3 days ago

Dubs so 666 and I enjoyed it so much I did a 666 role 2 times

Kindagrrly3 days ago

3? Can't lock the cock-let till you write the roulette.

DreamyKatie3 days ago

It looks greatly balanced and it looks like it will take a while for me to finish it.
Second day: $400 earned - $350 daily fee = $50 towards dept

Anonymous3 days ago

@HiSpdMgcianLady You can manually input higher BPMs into flutetunes (up to 480 bpm, though the slider only goes up to 220 bpm) so that's not an issue.

The BPM jumps make no sense in terms of actually scaling it to be enjoyable. The difference between the slowest and fastest speeds on a roulette like this shouldn't be more than 2x. It feels like you phoned in these speeds by just doubling the previous number for the first round. This would be more interesting if it was a series of alternating speeds of slow then extremely fast with multiple rounds

jenna8x43 days ago

I don't understand Anonymous either. But the instructions on the left say ">5 LEAVE, <6 STAY" while instructions on the right say ">6 STAY, <5 LEAVE".

Anonymous3 days ago

A very good roulette, I like it.
But I don't sure about X, if I need to do it after each lost game, seems that for x:2,5,7,8,9 is always during the first shot of the new game.
And that option of x rest of the game don't work after the fifth game.

But it's only for give my advice, IRL each gamer can decide to do the action one time at any moment of the next game.
The problem is only for the fifthty game.

Sorry for my english

sharklasers3 days ago

More rape fantasy 😍🤤

Anonymous3 days ago

Aside from the first, the position rolls need clarification, I have no idea how to do them.

Oreopop3 days ago

Who's the girl in the pic?

paulablack4233 days ago


Anonymous3 days ago

I think that V:0 is meant to say skip the W roll, not the X roll.

Terratheconfused3 days ago

theres no death condition even tho we need too set it too hardcore?

Anonymous3 days ago

isn't bayonneta from nintendo?

ShySissySubSeekingDom3 days ago

Love everything except the extra commitment.

Sluttygirl_3 days ago

Hii, my KIK is "AitaSpain" I'm a mistress that want a sub for making this roulette 😊😊

Anonymous3 days ago

I think you have to get together with others, roll and then do what the roll states. Seems pretty straightforward to me...

Slugface3 days ago

well , for me i do it more simple. I do 1 special roll at the end of every round :P

Anonymous3 days ago

The thing about Saw Palmento that Anon mentioned before is actually missing a few details:
1. Dihydrotestosterone(DHT) is about 5 times as potent as regular testosterone
2. Only 5-7% of testosterone are converted to DHT
Based on that we can do the following calculation:
(100 - x) + (5 * x) = Effective testosterone level when DHT is converted relative to when its not converted (in %)
(100 - 5) + (5 * 5) = 120%

Anonymous3 days ago

Love This!!!

Anonymous3 days ago

Feedback: when having dubs the entire roll is determined. I personally dont like that. Since you have 6 Numbers you will roll dubs or higher in around 85% of the Games. It is kinda boring that was, because almost all Games are the dubs roll

TheNewBasilic3 days ago

Awesome roulette, amazing idea ^^

elf_ears3 days ago

@DreamyKatie Thanks! (I was on anon when I left my last message) Unfortunately it's going to be longer than I thought until I'll have the house to myself but I'm looking forward to giving this a go when I eventually do.

Lexi_SissySlut3 days ago

Next time fix text colors to be more visible. Some sections are near impossible to read

someoneelse3 days ago

More like this.

Anonymous4 days ago

I like the tasks! I just want to know how long until we can remove the writing

HornySissy064 days ago

I know. Thats allways the most important thing. Be careful.

sissygabby4 days ago

Hope it was fun! :D

M0nkeyMan4 days ago

Does this work?: https://files.faproulette.co/images/fap/13772.jpg

Dex4 days ago

Balless dildos can get stuck in your ass if your not careful. Just a warning for anyone wanting to try this out.

DexFixed4 days ago

If you could set a link to a high res version of this photo it would be appreciated. Phones don't display full resolution on this site

Anonymous4 days ago

It's Sammie Daniels I believe

xax4 days ago

The resolution is really poor for me

Anonymous4 days ago

Sause for pic

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