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Roulette Feedback

Sweetlillymaus2 hours ago

thank you :* I just needed a new idea :D

Anonymous3 hours ago

Very good idea but too simple
Needs more options and rolls or even orders from you

Anonymous13 hours ago

i feel like this was rushed to be the first one nothing has to do with the game as much idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Roxy_Roulette16 hours ago

Probably any decent one will do. Only read good things about a cheap one called Fanny Hill, if you're on a low budget. But this one might be a regional exclusive.

OnlyTheBest16 hours ago

I don't have a pump plug with vibration function can you recommend one?

chrystaleaves19 hours ago

I want to like this roulette but there is no description of what you have to do based on what type of sissy you choose to be, and also, shouldn't you also get money for the clothing you wear since it is encouraging you to be a sissy?
I'm guessing the type of sissy has to do with the type of clothing though, but I'd still like to know what the game expects us to wear minimally for each type.

Jydas19 hours ago

Salut ! Je te conseille vivement de continuer je suis sûr que cela dois plaire à pas mal de fille ^^

shyexhibitionistFixed20 hours ago

Yay, you're back.

Clal22 hours ago

I love this one

Anonymous23 hours ago

du kleines luder du...

Anonymous1 day ago

If you're making a 6 option roulette, make sure to tick the dice option so we don't get 0-9 numbers for 1-6 options.

Roxy_Roulette1 day ago

A rather simple Hearthstone roulette that could be used for other games with some smaller changes. It was my first upload and I accidentally put the rolled numbers to ten, while you actually only roll once a turn (with exceptions being described in the tasks you roll).

Anonymous1 day ago


PlanetLover1 day ago

Yes, only if you get the reward to choose v for yourself does v stop being 0, sorry for the confusion, and thank you

PlanetLover1 day ago

Thank you all for the feedback!
I'll work harder to improve my drawing and thanks for the advice on the lines!

Clal1 day ago

Good job there!

Anonymous1 day ago

Can a new discord server for this be created?

Anonymous1 day ago

I think you mean sets, not reps.

Anonymous2 days ago

Scary but awesome

ButtSlut2 days ago

Anyone got a source for that comic?

Anonymous2 days ago


Anonymous2 days ago

Hey Vukodav - I would like to speak with you directly, if your interested please reach out to me at [email protected]

DressLover2 days ago

Yes, that's what it means.

vidus2 days ago

I love the idea, maybe something similar with more options for either FONV or FO4?

xsquirter2 days ago

J'adore vivement les prochaines

Anonymous2 days ago

Hello, if v=0, you mean the rest of the roulette all v will be 0?

Anonymous3 days ago

So evil, I love it!

Ambers3 days ago

This is my favorite roulette! So much fun :)

Ambers3 days ago

I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it... more to cum :) I promise <3

youngcuck223 days ago

mmmmm more of these please!

Anonymous3 days ago

English version?

Akariam3 days ago

Y could be cumulative!

Sitevl8Fixed3 days ago

If this is your first please don't make it your last!


Cassandra3 days ago

Many thanks. :D

elf_ears3 days ago

Sorry, what don't you understand?

Anonymous3 days ago

Delightfully devilish Chalmers

Playsafe3 days ago

Would you mind extending it with the two new heroes?

Anonymous3 days ago

I want to go to a party with you

Brandi3 days ago

Who ever drew this girl dosent understand anatomy

Anonymous3 days ago

you mean german... not dutch

photochallenge3 days ago

@Sweetlillymaus: Thx, I fixed it :)

Sweetlillymaus3 days ago

typo :) U-9 : sting /\ string

photochallenge3 days ago

There is a english version available, pls check: https://www.faproulette.co/7391/sexy-photo-challenge-party-edition/

Anonymous4 days ago

needs dutch language in tags

Anonymous4 days ago

number 8 for x says from 12pm to 2pm. it should be 12am to 2am

GKCH4 days ago

Nice, love the roulette, but on challenges: hands and wrists cuffed? do you mean ankle and wrists cuffed? I'll be doind that i guess

RishenFixed4 days ago

Oh. this roulette is awesome ^^

megapo4 days ago


megapo4 days ago

W0 - ЗеркАло, W9 - ЛеСбиянки, Y2 - поПу вверх, Y5 - на спИне, S9 - все снять на видео. Исправь, и ваааще заебок будет)

100demortadela4 days ago


Anonymous4 days ago

Fun denial game. Love it.

Anonymous4 days ago

I feel like this should be under fantasy, because there's no way in reality the servers will work well enough to do this roulette

Justanotherperv4 days ago

Ok, I fixed the X missing the 3, made all of the font sizes consistent and actually in line with one another, added special rolls, changed the colors to be easier to read, and fixed some other small things.

Anonymous4 days ago

Oh, you meant X, not Y

Anonymous4 days ago

No it's not

Anonymous4 days ago

Y is missing number 3

Anonymous4 days ago

Being locked into chastity until I play a certain amount of Fallout 76? I could not imagine a torture method more cruel.

Anonymous4 days ago

This is awesome, thank you.
Looking forward for more of your works~

Anonymous4 days ago

Needs R

biffbuster4 days ago

If you want a better tool, try GIMP next time.

Cassandra4 days ago

Oops, sorry. I selected the wrong file to upload for a new version. My bad :blush:

(always double tap. stupid me :( )

Cassandra4 days ago

@OnlyTheBest: Many thanks for pointing out. I uploaded a new version. Hope it's fixed now. It's so easy to overlook the small things (and sometimes even the big ones). :)

OnlyTheBest4 days ago

There is a little conflict in the daily modification: it says when the task breaks the limits don't change denial time even when you failed. And the red text says add 1 day in this case.

Cassandra4 days ago

Worship the devil: strip naked, kneel down on the floor, bow down several times, touch and grope yourself, dance a little bit, light a candle, giggle, cry, chant. What ever suits best for you (and I suggest you stick to the legal actions). :)

Anonymous4 days ago

Nice Roulette. Could be more Z though but short and sweet.
Whos the girl in the background

OnlyTheBest4 days ago

I don't like shit but very interesting roulette

Anonymous4 days ago

How exactly am I suppose to worship the Devil?

Anonymous4 days ago

@foxy merci pour ton retour je tacherai d'améliorais se point pour les prochaine ^^

Beckii4 days ago

Z 2-3 Missing.

OrangeTheRed4 days ago

There is no task for y = 9

photochallenge4 days ago

temporarily exposed isn't continued after mid of december. it's non-obligatory to send photos, but it spice it up.

Puppy-cd4 days ago

I don't understand

Anonymous4 days ago

Don't ask people to send you photos, it's clear that you're just some horny kid that wants to see nudes

Anonymous4 days ago

white/back text/background will make this legible

Cassandra5 days ago

Many thanks. Yes, one of my more complicated roulettes, again. :D

I try to explain: you make a wish, write it down with a couple of other details.
Then you roll how much denial time you have to complete. That's it already.
Optionally: you can roll for a task and according change of your remaining denial time combined with a task.

Hope that helps

What else can I explain? :)

Anonymous5 days ago

Interesting idea!
But I didnt understand it completely so maybe you could explain the process better?

Anonymous5 days ago

This is stupid

pprinces5 days ago

This was nice!

Anonymous5 days ago

Be careful with glycerin. Especially if you have more than 50-75 ml, it makes me puke every time.
Know your limit (wich I'm still searching).

CDsub4Mistress5 days ago

drop the cumulative it for W just use the + or make it really be cumulative

Anonymous5 days ago

great cant wait to give it a go

Decadent5 days ago

W has some instructions asking for adress details - it should be asking for birthday details

Decadent5 days ago

i don't get which one i'm supposed to follow

Anonymous5 days ago

got any good online stores to get these items

Anonymous5 days ago

Put the rolls in order

Playsafe5 days ago

is there a way to win the roulette?

IKonekoToujou5 days ago

i really like it , but wheres the link

SureCanDoCan5 days ago

I decided not to put the settings there. Just choose whatever you like, and if you really want to have me order you, then randomise everything.

Anonymous5 days ago

Awesome roulette!
We need more like this but maybe with certain assignments as goals when the blackmail is over or a time limit?

Anonymous5 days ago

Good roulette!
What settings for temporarily exposed?

Cassandra6 days ago

Many thanks for the feedback. Z missing 9 and (1)0 are fixed now.

I split up the birthday on W5-7 due to the power of the full birthday date. So it's unlikely to reveal the whole birthday at once.

I'll consider making a findom roulette but I have no clue about it. How do you think it should work with the dom part?

Anonymous6 days ago

Sounds good! Its very nice that you keep updating your roulettes.
Two more questions if I can ask you:
1. Would you consider my orgasm punishment worthy? I mean it happened while I slept and I was wearing a chastity cage.
2. Have you thought about adding a blowjob/deepthroat category? Anal ist already there but I do miss an oral roll.

Simonemausi6 days ago

X doesnt work >10

Foxy6 days ago

Merci pour la roulette. Cependant je pense qu'une notion de temps ou de tache aurais été utile. Pour ne pas juste porter un vêtement et l'enlever quelques minutes après

experimenting6 days ago

discord doesn't work anymore, but hey 7 months outta date and you gotta expect that

100demortadela6 days ago


Rappa6 days ago

1. You add the coin multiplier reward to your current coin multiplier
2. Sum
3. No
4. For example if you had to tease the tip of your cock for 10 mins now you would spend 20 mins doing it.
5. You start counting from the last roll.

I have been thinking about punishment roll for situations like this were you cum without a permission. Its propably going to be in the next update

Anonymous6 days ago

Needs x please

Anonymous6 days ago

I'm confused as to why W5-7 asks for your birthday but requires you to provide other details...

DressLover6 days ago

Edit: For Y, I'm pretty sure the author said to send pictures, not emails to their email.

DressLover6 days ago

@RubyCumSlut <3

RubyCumSlut6 days ago

thanks @dresslover

DressLover6 days ago

This is what I've been able to translate using the internet:
Humiliation of a Sissy (in French)
W=Clothing (cumulative)
2=put on a bra
4=a tight skirt
5=a girly top
6=pantyhose (could be tights as well?)
7=make up
8=wear a wig
9=forget the rest put on a dress (Note to author: there is no 0 roll for W.)
X=First Humiliation
1-2=Write on chest "Sissy Slut" or "Cum Slave"
3-4=Suck on a dildo for 5 minutes
5-6=3-4 but put in a large butt plug and a chastity cage
7-8=stand in front of a window for 5 minutes
9-0=go outside and walk for 5 minutes
Y=Second Humiliation
Pair(I think this means Dubs)=take a picture of yourself and set it as your phone's background for 24 hours (send emails to [email protected]).
1=cum where you want
2-9=give yourself a facial and swallow it
0=Too bad, reroll

Anonymous6 days ago

Z is missing 9 and 10. I love this roulette tho. Please make more blackmail fapa like these! Also please do a findom one

PantyFreak6 days ago

This has to be one of the poorest constructed roulettes on the site.

Suggest delete and try again with complete rolls.

Anonymous6 days ago

from the way this reads, sounds like they should go to Temporarily Exposed. I get that from it mentioning extensions.

VioletFaye6 days ago

don't worry it's not been made yet I will get on it down sorry hun ;-; feel free to use it normally in the mean time

Anonymous6 days ago

Sorry cant find the link

crazy19836 days ago

very nice cant wait to give it a go

crazy19836 days ago

A interactive version would be very cool


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