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Roulette Feedback

JustAnotherAnon4 hours ago

Short Question.
Where do you find these keystroke rollpics?
Been through their webpage and blog, couldnt find any

manodub4 hours ago

i mean couldnt you just use Grapes or something?
Might be slightly bigger, but they seem way more healthy, reading the comments below

Anonymous4 hours ago

Very Goodyear job! Error in x2/3

Aspiringslave10 hours ago

for the edging/stroking are you supposed to be in chastity, and how do you if you are?

Anonymous14 hours ago

Typo in Z Even: had --> hand
Typo in Dubs: moth --> mouth

This is really nice, I like the intros you have in your roulettes so it's not just a roll table. I wish you would change the dubs though since I would never do ass to mouth. Maybe something like ruin your orgasm and cum without orgasming on the dildo you're fucking, then stick it back in your ass and continue fucking it until you cum for real.

Anonymous1 day ago

good one..please do more with omegle !!

Anonymous1 day ago

the font needs to be changed.

Tabris1 day ago

Love this one. Please do more, and maybe include anal punishment. Pleasssssseeee

boomer2351 day ago

please make more overwatch roulettes they are so hot

boomer2351 day ago

please make more overwatch fap roulettes

knackarsch2 days ago


Narazuru3 days ago

A bit inspired by mine eh haha.

I like it. It's a more toned down version.
Good FR!

Anonymous3 days ago

You roll 3 numbers and then pick which one you want to fap to out of those three. It's like how you start the Pokémon games and you pick one of three Pokémon, which is why Prof. Juniper is asking which one you want to choose.

Anonymous3 days ago

Try! Vero good job

cbac2fd93 days ago

so many spelling errors. and put "cupcum in nose", yeah..

Anonymous3 days ago

How much would I want to try my wife... very hot

Anonymous4 days ago

seems nice...could you do the english version?

saesee4 days ago

@rob204. Ho! My bad, you made a point...
I'll check if I keeped the PSD and if edit it but I'm not sure.
Anyway, thank you for the feedback.

jt5 days ago

Same with W that can't refer to dress up... It must be T

jt5 days ago

Is X really refers to U ? It seams to be V each time...

mezimir5 days ago

the title is in english but the rest is german? why? i figured it would be all german or all english

Anonymous5 days ago

Top roulette

Anonymous5 days ago

z says:
1: floor
2: pb&j sandwich
3: chili
4: taco
5: pizza
6: hot dog
7: potato
8: ice cream
9: anything on this list
0: dog bowl (and lick it up like a dog)

Anonymous5 days ago

I might fix it, but I don't have the pic. So I might just do a revision with a new pic. Sorry.

ObedientLiliana5 days ago

Did this as a punishment, here is a report: https://obidientliliana.tumblr.com/post/159706177744/fr-punishment-roll-report

Anonymous6 days ago


Cassandra6 days ago

Thank you so much for the feedback. Is it better now?
Do you like the content? :)

ObedientLiliana6 days ago

Report: https://obidientliliana.tumblr.com/post/159662566649/fr-earn-it-deepthroat-anal-report

Anonymous6 days ago

Nice idea but so many dislikes becourse cant read anything. Fix colors and task ordering.

crazy19836 days ago

it is missing time (how long to do it)

Anonymous1 week ago

Can't see the blue writing very good, fix please

mezimir1 week ago

why is playing mei q punishment? lol! i dont get why that is bad

Anonymous1 week ago

Shrinked to fist size and cum several liters of cum. Guys, I didn´t choose hammer space, where am I going to store that? :D *Laughing my ass off*

Anonymous1 week ago

Can anyone post what they found closest to matching the outfit?

rob2041 week ago

Dubs say W=0, Z=0.. W=0 means cum into condom. Z=0 means cum on face. But W has priority, so W=0 overrides Z=0. Then what is the point in making Z=0 on dubs?

Ivorybottoms1 week ago

I doubt anyone will actually do 5 years

Zum1231 week ago

5 years? Seriously?

Anonymous1 week ago


mezimir1 week ago

what is wrong with that mans junk? it looks like one of his testicals grew a penis lol!

Anonymous2 weeks ago

There is no clear XYZ scheme

SamusAran2 weeks ago

I love the extreme roulettes, more please

Cassandra2 weeks ago

You are very welcome. :)

sexyboy1424142 weeks ago

Thanks for the inspiration :)

Tytyhub2 weeks ago

I mean I like it but, some stuff is unrealistic tattoos piercings and my family

Lobrako2 weeks ago

Glad you liked it

Anonymous2 weeks ago

Just wondering who the girl is ?

mezimir2 weeks ago

hey qwerty, but some of these need to be said, just common sense.

qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm2 weeks ago

Hey, Mezimir, some things shouldn't have to be said. Common sense.

Cassandra2 weeks ago

Awesome. I love it! :D Well done.

JarketheSharke2 weeks ago

No problem. c:

feget2 weeks ago

Good roulette overall. Text outline strength ought to be lower though.

feget2 weeks ago

Honestly speaking, this roulette is my absolute favorite. Thank you for your hard work!

mezimir2 weeks ago

some of these lack some explanation, one of them states that you should put pens or pencils in your ass along with anything else that might be in it however, none of the rolls except one state that anything should be left inside. theres also the roll where it states to put a vibrator in your ass and then stuff the largest object you can find in your ass. does this mean both the vibrator and the object should be in your ass at the same time or not? and should they remain in there till the end of the roulette?

jordan_bangs2 weeks ago

Thanks guys, I'll look at re adjusting it!

Joebob2 weeks ago

I know it's probably a joke but how would you get quads

JulijasSlave2 weeks ago

On the uploader's profile you can find some more: https://www.faproulette.co/u/atsn/uploads/

Anonymous2 weeks ago

Too many numbers required. Nice fantasy, but should be more realistic

Anonymous2 weeks ago

Anyone know where to find all the Keystroke faproulettes?

Anonymous2 weeks ago

Fuck yeah

fellischan943 weeks ago

yeah the numbers got screwed up a little cause i didn't realise V is before X. All of the rules apply since this is more of a long term thing :)

Anonymous3 weeks ago

in Femdom, Y=10 allows for rolling another X and Y...but Y is already cumulative.

Anonymous3 weeks ago

From the way you worded it, it sounds like there's supposed to be a follow up roulette. Are you currently working on it, because I would love to roll it?

katy_jane3 weeks ago

* Simplified the Cum-Roll on the left side.
* Slightly adjusted the numbering order (accounting for bad gambler settings)

JulijasSlave3 weeks ago


Well, fucking your gear stick is kind of the point of this roulette. You can however bring other toys and just focus on the exposure & humiliation.

Anonymous3 weeks ago

I like this one. Hard to find decent anal only roulette. +1

Anonymous3 weeks ago

Picture is fuzzy when enlarged and hard to read

mezimirFixed3 weeks ago

it would make more sense that way instead of it being repeated the same way with no difference, the placement wont matter anyways since the rolls would be completely random anyways unless someone has bad gambler selected which means that the higher numbers are more likely along with zero

xLianaAmesX3 weeks ago

Hey, so I really like this Faproulette, my only issue with it is I have a gear stick that's unfuckable, lol. Would love to see an updated version of some sort.

tyragon1233 weeks ago

A really interesting way of choosing tasks

Anonymous3 weeks ago

Trips says Dubs + T and V, but Dubs already includes cumulative V.

novafailure3 weeks ago

W isn't used.

boomer2353 weeks ago

Please nake more overwatch roulettes they are the best

Anonymous3 weeks ago

A V will be added to the actual roll soon. For the moment, it best to just use another W roll in its place.

Anonymous3 weeks ago

who's 29-35?

kink_always3 weeks ago

Just did this had to reroll 4 times befor I could cum than had to reroll 4 more times I've never cum that much in my life..... will be doing this again real soon

JulijasSlave3 weeks ago

So I finally came around to updating the roulette.
The big changes are in the exposure department. There a no longer clothing options, only full nudity (except pussy mode). On top of that there are more ways of getting you caught.
Overall i'm happy with what I've created, the only thing i'm not sure about is the font color.
What do you guys think? There shall be many more versions to cum.

katy_jane3 weeks ago

Thanks for your feedback.

The intention is that there is basically no punishment whatsoever (except the chance that you get the sissy roll instead), it just decided the fap material.
I could basically replace all Z-numbers except 6 and 0 with "cum wherever", that would also take up less space.

Anonymous3 weeks ago

Whore Training is missing 4

Cassandra3 weeks ago

Hello johndoe78,
Thank you very much for your feedback. After a closer look I hope I figured out the problem in my text. I uploaded a new version that makes it hopefully clear.

Kind regards


johndoe78Fixed3 weeks ago

I do not understand Z: when do i do Z? What does Z3 means?

Anonymous3 weeks ago

Do you roll for rules, or do all of them apply?

Anonymous3 weeks ago

Y9 is a bit redundant.

mezimir3 weeks ago

"she grabs your penis and balls and tries to stuff them in your ass (she will get them inside)"? how? thats not even possible! youd have to have balls and a dick stretchy like silly putty for that to work or castrastion would be necessary! also theres another one that says a whole roll of toilet paper which on its own doesnt seem possible either, but it also adds other things depending on the roll so.... yeah, that all isnt gonna fit no matter how hard you try. your best bet would be periforation of the walls of the colon! good roulette though aside those issues!

mezimir3 weeks ago

what is even the point of the normal side when almost all of it is just "cum as you want" and stuff?

PholidotaFixed3 weeks ago

Number generator seems to be on dice mode, nothing over 6

Anonymous4 weeks ago

English version please

Anonymous4 weeks ago

Extreme sissy Slut Roll should be: Dubs, Trips, Quads and then section 2 with 9000 instead of 0000

tenderfoot8Fixed4 weeks ago

Instructions for Z ask for a V roll as well - number count needs to change.

Anonymous4 weeks ago

artist name?

CassandraFixed4 weeks ago

Thank you. I changed it to 150. The lower numbers are supposed to be easier, that's why I went for the lower number of your range.

AnonymousFixed4 weeks ago

The minion kill objectives are extremely low, in comparison to all of the other options. Unless you're playing Support, you should have well over 150-200 in a typical game.

jt4 weeks ago

X2 refer to X2 + several orthographe issue

Anonymous1 month ago

which website?

Puppy-cd1 month ago

This is mine how do I go about putting that ?

mezimir1 month ago

leave your job and work as a whore? lol! cause of a rollette? thats stupid and unreliable since its illegal so you never know when you might get busted and then ruin any fhance for other careers.

Anonymous1 month ago

Even though Y9 is missing, you can pretty much tell what it should be- he fucks her ass

Anonymous1 month ago

Same as king, pls make a translated version :)

Anonymous1 month ago

who is the girl?

tarkin391 month ago

Roll X for each load

silicon1 month ago

Well, 0 is usually 10 in such cases. ;)

KingGrey021 month ago

could you please make an translated version

Anonymous1 month ago

Yeah, no.

Anonymous1 month ago

where to see these pics?

Anonymous1 month ago

Z0 involves x+y+z, since Z must be 0 to perform that task, it's pointless to involve the +Z part. It'll always just be x+y+0.

panini1 month ago

Thanks for sharing! This sounds just like the thrill and exposure I am looking for :) I will try it as soon as possible and I will definitely keep an eye for changes.
Thanks for uploading!

JulijasSlave1 month ago

Even though i'm no longer content with this roulette (I'd like to change some aspects of it, add dubs/trips, more options for w and y, make x more interesting, maybe an easy and hard mode) I absolutely love the idea behind it.
You feel like in a class cage, trying to stay observant of your surroundings but in the end you can't escape the situation.
Last week i tried this i rolled V-5, W-4, X-5, Y-0. I went there late at night on a weekday so it was not too risky, but truckers don't know time. I got 'interrupted' by 10 cars parking next to mine, I covered up, looked at my phone and tried to avoid eye contact... I don't know how many truckers watched me from the dark but i like to imagine that i put on a good show :D It turns out Z=6 is way more difficult than it sounds. I made a mess all over and had to get in strange positions to reach all i could find.
Anyways.. i liked it and will continue fucking my car.

Anonymous1 month ago

It says "Ignore new roll for A" I don't see any A roll. What is meant?

panini1 month ago

Thats an amazing roulette - I do it quite often. Thanks for uploading!

panini1 month ago

Hey I am thinking about trying this. Can someone share experiences? :)

jt1 month ago

Cette définition est horrible. Quasiment illisible !


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