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Roulette Feedback

dareme22 minutes ago

I played "luck or suck" roulette but my offering if I lost was that I'd play this roulette. Of course I lost. So, paying up. Z=4 on this one.

yoki39 minutes ago

need an asshole to lick

Anonymous1 hour ago

My bad : the first letter seems to be the L, so 3 letters more than the max' playable here. We have to use real dices, i guess, or to use a random generator.

Anonymous1 hour ago

Nope, Gouperv, watch better : Faproulette system can go with 12 d10 maximum, but THIS roulette needs at least 2 dices more, since you need a M (so a N too) ! 14 dices, 2 more than the maximum on Faproulette.co ! :D
I guess it will be longer to read and understand the rules, than to learn to be fighter pilot... Lol

Gast0021 hour ago

great concept, would love it with other or even more girls and combos!

yoki3 hours ago

pm me, I'm a slave

TantalisingTwink4 hours ago

I'm in, if anyone wants to blackmail me.

StayPositive5 hours ago

You ruin a day for 4 people, but brighten for 5 other. That's just how league works hehe. Goes for all queues, even ranked.

StayPositive5 hours ago

Oh, I get it. That's really not simple lol.
I've been thinking and and you can slap there:
4-6 Reroll and edge 2x for each edge condition

StayPositive6 hours ago

The alpha version is out! It's fully playable!
I will be adding get out of jail card and days counting down next.
After that I will enable sync with real calendar, so you can only move one real day at a time. (I might add fantasy mode that disables this feature).

Anonymous7 hours ago

not sure if a third one of these could be made but im sure as hell hoping for it

Anonymous8 hours ago

who is the girl on the right?

DiaperFanBoy9 hours ago

Haven’t tried it yet does it work to make you need diapers?

lenatgirl9 hours ago


bebelisk9 hours ago

Whenever I see a roulette like this I just have to wonder where the hell people are going to find enough people to fit the required specifications.

ABCDsex10 hours ago

Problem: -there isn’t a roll to choose who start (in Tic Tac Toe who start has a huge advantage)
-there isn’t an ending for parity, and in Tic Tac Toe, if both players are good, is the most common result (if the first put the mark on a diagonal square (NW, NE, SW, SE) and the second put it in the center all the matches will, normally, result in a parity (the fact that every square as is task made a win easier to get))

HKojima11 hours ago

Heehee<3 Guess i have to fuck 40 guys 0_0"

HornySamantha11 hours ago

Since a lot of you wanted a punishment task for previous roulettes, here's one. If you go over the edge without being allowed to, you must ruin it and also ruin your next 10 orgasms, then add a week to your time left. If these orgasms are after you've completed the roulette, that doesn't mean you get off easy. You will ruin them, and you will space them out at least 12h apart.

Anonymous13 hours ago

very nice, excited to see how the last one turns out eventually too

Anonymous13 hours ago

I like it in theory but it has too much going on to understand very well. If the roulette had more structure to it rather than things being all over the place it would be much easier to read.

SubmissiveBottom14 hours ago


Shwrex17 hours ago

it's nice to see a new training from you :)

lenatgirl18 hours ago

dm :p

HornySamantha19 hours ago

Frenzy: https://www.xvideos.com/video14489331/mistress_t_frenzy
Art by bluefield

HornySamantha19 hours ago

Frenzy: https://www.xvideos.com/video14489331/mistress_t_frenzy
Art by bluefield.

HornySamantha19 hours ago

Frenzy: https://www.xvideos.com/video14489331/mistress_t_frenzy
Art by bluefield

HornySamantha19 hours ago

Frenzy: https://www.xvideos.com/video14489331/mistress_t_frenzy
Art by bluefield

Findel20 hours ago

Id like that background lady to stop looking at me like this. She ate my soul plz send help

Gouperv21 hours ago

12 d10 and a special dubs condition ? Really ? o_O

amandadoll22 hours ago

Love this idea! Can't wait to see part two and three!

BlankBlankk22 hours ago

Please link to the punishments

Bone23 hours ago

really great stuff, would like to see more cum play stuff and i love that it not that hardcore ^.^

idk2341 day ago

at least boil then peel the eggs before you do this. The shells are unsafe af

idk2341 day ago

Just for you, I calculated the frequency of the maximum volume you hold per game.
0-3.5 quarts is 0% because the game cant end unless there are 4 quarts
This is after 100,000 test games
Holding maximum 4.0 quarts, happened 9.091% of the time
4.5 quarts, 9.882%
5.0 quarts, 10.239%
5.5 quarts, 9.496%
6.0 quarts, 10.235%
6.5 quarts, 9.387%
7.0 quarts, 8.467%
7.5 quarts, 6.924%
8.0 quarts, 5.877%
8.5 quarts, 4.726%
9.0 quarts, 3.849%
9.5 quarts, 2.904%
10.0 quarts, 2.268%
10.5 quarts, 1.725%
11.0 quarts, 1.294%
11.5 quarts, 0.9820%
12.0 quarts, 0.696%
12.5 quarts, 0.52%
13.0 quarts, 0.385%
13.5 quarts, 0.262%
14.0 quarts, 0.198%
14.5 quarts, 0.148%
15.0 quarts, 0.111%
15.5 quarts, 0.086%
16.0 quarts, 0.067%
16.5 quarts, 0.05%
17.0 quarts, 0.036%
17.5 quarts, 0.023%
18.0 quarts, 0.015%
18.5 quarts, 0.013%
19.0 quarts, 0.009%
19.5 quarts, 0.008%
20.0 quarts, 0.005%

idk2341 day ago

The lose half your money roll is the one thing killing this roulette. A game could literally last a few million rounds with that. It makes this roulette near impossible

ThatsTooSpicy1 day ago

Finally <3 my favorite way to healslut~ EUW: origummi or msg me for na <3

Anonymous1 day ago

I got 3 3 3 3 3

StayPositive1 day ago

Update: Settings are now working, you can turn on or off rules.

tsazville1 day ago

Added dubs/trips as suggested by jasmineKeys (thank you).

Anonymous1 day ago

Yeah, it's true the "donation (daily ! :D ) task" is insane. And if i had the look of VickyHuney on this pic', i think i wouldn't need to put that task in a roulette, to earn money (i have no doubt many men would pay to pass time with me, if i can satisfy them sexually).
But i would say too Vicky had at least the good idea to write in white squares, and not directly on the pic', as many does, making really hard the reading.
So, beauty, you'll dont have my money unless you provide tips and/or stuff to a femboy like me, to look like you (at least a little...), but you have yet my compliments.

Anonymous1 day ago

Very good roulette indeed ! I just regret the Z0 is "No Swallowing", while the Z8 is "for 30mn before..." (which is way too long, for sure ! You can't keep something, especially a liquid one, in your mouth for half an hour : you'll swallow or spit after only few mn...).

hunter1 day ago

Hey i am searching who blackmail me

My kik : halo99457

Anonymous1 day ago

Well the previous anon' was... a bit critical ;)
I would say your roulette is cool, but Y is named Position (well, posiStion, lol) and it's about everything excepted positions ! "Ass up, head down; cowgirl, doggystyle, etc... are positions.
"Anal only" isn't one. "Fap normal" neither. "Hold a pair of..." neither...
In definitive, that roulette is far from perfect, but cool anyway. I like it.

intense1 day ago

Please move roll numbers above pictures, or in the middle between each row

Anonymous1 day ago

It's a little weird to see "When you get your release code, do all the tasks..." as if we have to do the tasks only the day we get our release code, and not before.
I don't know if it's me who have an issue to understand the idea, or if it's really badly written here...
Whatever i hope Sissy_Clarese get another 496 since the last time, 2 years ago ! :D

sissygby1 day ago

Hello! Very good roulette, just finished it right now, it was great. But just one thing, while doing my day 8 before bed task, in my 40th ish edge I almost came, so I think this should have a punishment for cumming early. Nonetheless, it was great! Good job!

Ceelfid1 day ago

There are two Z3 items.

Dr5dB1 day ago

If you're going to do this one, there are some ground rules that you probably know, but are important enough to re-iterate:
1) Don't inject or "enema" something unsafe into your urethra. Spit is unsafe, as it contains a ton of bacteria that live in your mouth. If you then shove a sound down your urethra, you are basically fast-tracking the bacteria into your bladder, which will get you a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). You really don't want to experience that. Lube is only safe as long as it is sterile, which means any lube that is open isn't really safe. That being said, it can turn out ok, but it's somewhat risky - use your best (non-horny) judgement. Be aware that any lube with either an attachment for injecting into the butt, or that was used to "re-lube" during butt-stuff is to be considered unsafe, as there's no way to tell if you have accidentally contaminated it. Keep your stuff clean folks.

Dr5dB1 day ago

2) Only sound with things that are safe to sound with. Ties in to #1.
Don't be a dumb idiot that sounds with a pencil, or other random household objects. Be aware that thinner sounds (metal or other rigid materials) are less safe than slightly thicker sounds, as the tip of a thin sound will be more pointy/sharp than an equivalent thicker sound. Silicone sounds are cheap, quite safe, and easy to sterilize. Wash your genitals, sterilize your hands & sounds before use, don't touch non-cleaned things between sterilizing and finishing, and clean them up with soap after use. This also goes for anything else that goes into your urethra, like the syringe used for lube(if you didn't sterilize/use a new sterile one, you could be in for a world of non-fun pain). Otherwise you're looking at a UTI.

Dr5dB1 day ago

Needs a diaper tag, so it can be properly filtered (for people that want, or don't want diaper roulettes). Also seems like Z roll should be changed to X.

Dr5dB1 day ago

Needs a Diaper tag, so it can be found by people into that, and doesn't show up for people not into it.

Tipsy_1 day ago

The word is "roll"

Other than that, it's an amazing roulette!

Anonymous1 day ago

Bei Interesse an meiner Frau gerne unter [email protected] melden

Anonymous1 day ago

Sehr gut das möchte ich gern mit meiner Frau ausprobieren

Juno1 day ago

0 is not possible on a 1-6 roll

NHISS1 day ago

Pm me I’m a slave.

Anonymous1 day ago

This roulette is very dangerous, and should not be done without alterations. If someone as ignorant as the 3rd anonymous below me doesn't know what the fuck UTIs is, it means urinal infections; and they can cause diabetes, kidney stones, and other diseases caused by the increased amount of germs.
You can have fun with pee holding ofc, but please don't do it for more than a day, or it may risk your health. :(
If you want safe and very enthusiastic pee holding roulette I'd recommend the "One Dildo Pee Holding Roulette" (for females, but can definitely be used by other).

Nman2 days ago

PM me for 1 week

Anonymous2 days ago

You meant do Y twice, right?

Anonymous2 days ago

cumulative is not a word you just put at the end of something to be fancy.

EcchiQueen722 days ago

So hard to read

curiouspl922 days ago

love it as always <3

StayPositive2 days ago

I need your help testing the roulette, make sure you visit: http://feminization.rf.gd/
If you see any typo write a comment here :D

StayPositive2 days ago

Removed option to go back and restart the game.
Configured auto-save on every page. Now as long as you are not in incognito or not clear browsing history, you can close the browser at any time and come back to exact same moment.
If you want to clear your history or change a device, there is a save button, but be carefull, because loading save from few days earlier will make you suffer additional special rules (todo).

SomeSnakeBitch2 days ago

Dm please!

Suititop2 days ago

i got y=5 and z=4 gl me

Anonymous2 days ago

Whats the source image?

Anonymous2 days ago

Another racist roulette. I thought it was forbidden ??
I probably read too fast, it must be "for Biden", i guess...
I still ask myself what you have to compensate, because "against all logic"... white guys fuck at least as much black guys (even asian, and... we know they're few to have a 19cm dick). Perhaps white female don't want be close to you because all your violence cases on women ? Or perhaps it's something else...? :/

HeartCrush2 days ago

I'm a beautiful pink Princess whore❤️

HeartCrush2 days ago

My cum tastes solo good😋

HeartCrush2 days ago

Wish I had a sissy trap friend to do these roulettes with :)

Sourcerer2 days ago

Artist: naturalton
Source: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4964859

M0nkeyMan2 days ago

I think you greatly exaggerate the potential impact of 100ml of fluid.

Sourcerer2 days ago

Background Source
Artist: ryokutya
Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/4222/artworks
Clear Image: https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3955994

Sourcerer2 days ago

From what I've been able to find she's a model and her stage name is Mirta.

Sourcerer2 days ago

Couldn't find the source :(
This photo is at least 8 years old...

Anonymous2 days ago

Don't worry about effectiveness, since face mask doesn't work anyway.

MandySamantha2 days ago

I think it'd be interesting to spend 1 year on a bus. This one is silly.

Anonymous2 days ago

Does anyone know what kind of monitoring gotalk uses? I'd hate to play around and find out some employee is also watching while I don't know about it

melonchis2 days ago

Was difficult, but I made

gonzo3012 days ago


Wantatoy2 days ago

Love the updates keep it up :p

zivaa2 days ago

blackmail me someone please!!! kik: thelittlebitch69

tismeandnoonesouthlondon2 days ago

25 year old submissive guy in London. Very keen to do this roulette with someone as my blackmailer. Let me know if interested. Kik: taintmetoo

Redjohn842 days ago

nice translate from https://www.faproulette.co/31638/wir-machen-eine-schlampe-aus-dir/

ThaEmprah3 days ago

Artist: Bluefield
Series: RWBY
Part 1: https://www.faproulette.co/32335/quickshot-training/

The left part ended up a bit text heavy, but I didn't want to cut anything. Also, Yellow/Orange sucks as a text colour. Putting any image behind it, even with >80% transparency makes it unreadable. Hope size and colour is fine.

I already have an idea for the final person from the group, but her color is black... so that will be interesting.

If anyone is interested in the math for the optional Dub, starting with 50 orgasms to go means on average you'll have to complete 168 orgasms. For 25 it's 65 and for 15 it's 29. MATH!

Anonymous3 days ago

Love it! But any chance of adding a short and long term duration of how long we have to keep the writing?

LittleSlut3 days ago

what’s the risk?

NHISS3 days ago

What’s a water/soap plug?

NoneNone3 days ago

The time modifier isnt very clear.... What does it mean?

Jason64703 days ago

Hey Abuse_My_Holes ... anytime...

Ineedcumming3 days ago

That's a really nice idea, but could you do another one that is a bit harder? E.g. Orgasms costing more points and if you buy an orgasm there's a bigger chance that you have to ruin or be denied completely? I think many people would really like that. Also, chastity would be a suggestion for a punishment.

lindazamon3 days ago

I did 2, 2, 3, 1, 2
Thank you

lindazamon3 days ago

This was my first roulette, but nor the last.
I did : 7, 1, 2, 8.
I cheat a little and did lying bed, next to my wife sleeping

CumslavePAIN3 days ago

What is the girl name?

lizacd3 days ago

I love this game, it's fun and interactive. I like begging at the end when I'm desperate.

StayPositive3 days ago

Hosting done you can now play online! Let me know if you spot any typos. I will write here whenever there are updates.

varns3 days ago

I have already started to create step 2

lizacd3 days ago

Wow, i WAS desperate to finish this roulette. Loved it.

StayPositive3 days ago

Update: Display interface is done. Now it has the same capability as a picture roulette.
Currently working on: Variables that track active rules.

Masteratwork3 days ago

Pm me I m a dom

Mistress_Emma3 days ago

I just

Maxag3 days ago

4, 6, 6 je vous attends

AlexisS3 days ago

@StayPositive: Sounds great :)

Anonymous3 days ago

It started fun (i've never been with a black guy before) and relatively soft (except the T=0 but then again part of the "interest" of a black guy would be the risk of getting pregnant i guess). And then... quintuple 1. Well, shit.

Depraved3 days ago

Since the original roulette as 2 numbers, and I have not figured out a way to update the number on a roulette. You may reroll Z for each task

Depraved3 days ago

Updated Roulette adding more tasks to make it more interesting for any chastity whore interested in trying it. Feel free to add other suggestions here, and if they sound interesting I might incorporate them.

Ellythehevymetalsissy3 days ago

I got quad 0 Rest In Peace my little dick clit

Sam12343 days ago

Pm me if you wanna play with me

Dreamman3 days ago

Good luck

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