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Roulette Feedback

CumOnCorey49 minutes ago

Why are they all girls clothes? Can you make one for boys?

Anonymous2 hours ago

Bro this lowkey illegal

SissyLYRA3 hours ago

I hope you followed through @Sweetlillymaus

remba4 hours ago

Z0 is the highest number and counts as 10. Everything above 10 stays 10 :)

So a Z9 with +3 would give you a Z0

Doctor_Butts4 hours ago

For people telling me to change it to 1-6. I know. it takes a little bit to go through.

Anonymous6 hours ago

Tips on cuming with tied hands ?

Anonymous6 hours ago

set roll to 1-6 not 1-10

Alan9 hours ago

Needs set to "Use Dice". Numbers are rolling too high.

atsn9 hours ago

@ScatBot lol. If anyone actually organizes that, I hope they post how it went.

Anonymous10 hours ago

So what happens if you roll z 9 but have a z modifier of +3?

ScatBot10 hours ago

I can tell you this roulette is the most fun if you have someone else to hide the eggs. And to decide on their different types without telling you, so whenever your face touches something you have to use your tongue to try and decide if it may be an egg before shoving it up your ass. The whole time worrying your competitors might beat you. Maybe some of them are female with the privilege of a second basket? What place are you even at? You feel and smell the pleasant moist grass but haven't seen anything since she put you in that car and drive for like a good 30 minutes, with you wearing just your blindfold, hand cuffs, ankle cuffs and nose clip.

Anonymous11 hours ago

@SubSlut, I don't think it's your fault. Probably it mostly depends on the eggs. Maybe try eggs from a different shop, older ones, brown ones, poke a small hole into the shell before cooking, maybe plunge it into cold water after cooking or use salty water? 20 minutes sounds awful long, maybe you destroyed it?

singular_2311 hours ago

1 - 6 or 1 - [1]0... others will not work

Sweetlillymaus12 hours ago

8 - 7 - 8 - 0 --- Really HOT!!!!

Sweetlillymaus12 hours ago

Do not like the part of uploading pics, but except that it's awesome <3

inumax15 hours ago

Could be better with a title !

SureCanDoCan16 hours ago

Pretty cool! You're missing V though.

SureCanDoCan17 hours ago

Thanks for the feedback!
I was planning on making harder versions, and versions based around specific fetishes.

Anonymous19 hours ago

Sips of what water or pee?

MetalHeart21 hours ago

Great roulette! what if X=2?

Anonymous22 hours ago

I like the concept of it but maybe try to make it harder next time and maybe include some anal task!

Moerice1 day ago

Bad upload! Fixed!

BlackAndWhiteKat1 day ago

I hate it

srsly tho don't know what you where trying to do? bad upload?

wizard235561 day ago

Sorry missed that one, either pick or Z:1-5 on up arrow, and Z 6-0 on right arrow

Anonymous1 day ago

After you are told to remove panties and bra, are you allowed to pick, or is there meant to be a roll there?

atsn1 day ago

@Anon No.

@SubSlut I've made some poached eggs once that turned out really hard because I forgot about them. Boiled for like 30 minutes I think, I'll add them to the list.

Ceelfid1 day ago

I agree with qsqa2005.

SureCanDoCan1 day ago


Anonymous1 day ago

For the Pros: Double the size of the bingo Board

Redjohn841 day ago

and what did you do. if you havn't a master?

Redjohn841 day ago


4 all copy and paste

Anonymous1 day ago

Suggestion for egg type: ice cubes. Leave an ice cube sat out (on a plate or something) at each location, if it melts before you get to it then that "egg" has been lost.
- You could either roll for how many you're allowed to lose or pay off the number lost using punishments, with a reward only if you retrieved more than half.
- Bigger cubes gives more time but downsides when putting them in.
- How warm a hiding spot is has to be considered, you have less time to get some "eggs".
- Now you have a time limit, so don't spend too long hesitating.

megapo1 day ago


SubSlut1 day ago

I can't express how much I love the egg ones. As long as you know your limits, it feels so damn good. I feel really fulfilled in the end.
By the way, does any one here know how to make boiled eggs more firm/consistent?
Even boiling them for like 20 minutes, some of them are so soft that they start to "mush" apart as soon as I start peeling and really can't be shoved up anywhere other than my mouth. The best ones I get are like a 75% boner. Can get the job done but it's not really ideal...

Anonymous1 day ago

hi this is safe?

selyodkapartyFixed1 day ago

missing x

selyodkaparty1 day ago

how can you even switch clothes like that..

someoneelse1 day ago

Loved 8470, thanks for this one too. You're on a roll.

Anonymous1 day ago

Who is she? Hot af

pinkless1 day ago

Thank you for your attention! Fixed

Sweetlillymaus2 days ago

2 - 5 - 1 ... really exciting <3

Anonymous2 days ago

Cali, it's for a game called 'Enter the Gungeon. https://store.steampowered.com/app/311690/Enter_the_Gungeon/ if you want to buy it on Steam

Cali2 days ago

What game is this for?

Anonymous2 days ago

does this still work?

Peter_Honig2 days ago

this need a V ;)

Anonymous2 days ago

Pure Genius!!!

Anonymous2 days ago

I really want to do this! but as guys already said: I would probably get arrested!

Anonymous2 days ago

Pic source?

TombofBoom3 days ago

Love that cock

pea3 days ago

as a trans girl i can ensure you the cops would be called if i did this ;p very hot though

CaptiveLight3 days ago

That is a good question, MarcoNeu. Criminal exhibitionism varies depending on the country.
In Canada the law is very simple. It determines unlawful nudity based on "clad as to offend against public decency or order" rather than on a level of undress, or on exposure of specific body parts. Charges require consent of the Attorney General, so it almost never gets that far. People typically get a municipal fine for disorderly conduct rather than any sort of nudity charge. That is Canada, though, and it may be different for other nations.


MarcoNeu3 days ago

Is exhibition actually allowed in your countries? Like if I would do something like that and be seen by the wrong person i get like 1 year jail minimum.

Anonymous3 days ago

does c3 an c9 mean y3 and y9? same question with r and z

CaptiveLight3 days ago

Sounds good! Will do something up for you :)

Anonymous3 days ago

Yes, a version for boys would be very cool!

Zonadin3 days ago

Thanks, i plan make next roullete. Stay tuned.

pinkless3 days ago

yep, do the task and roll again

mezimir4 days ago

got to give him credit, at least he made it seem like he wasnt begging for pics.... or at least for a second

Anonymous4 days ago

Great roulette! Kind of like https://www.reddit.com/r/HealSluts/comments/a2gdcf/my_guide_to_healslutting/

Anonymous4 days ago

Coffeeeeee!!!!! :3

CumOnCorey4 days ago

Need to make a version for boys! :)

Anonymous4 days ago

yes artist pls

Anonymous4 days ago

Really love this roulette! I think it would be great if hard mode was just what every roll should be, and for category Z, it gave suggestions of places to park your car instead, such as at a park, mall parking lot, near a walking trail, side of a road, etc

patchwolf4 days ago

This is very cool.

Anonymous4 days ago

@Anon, now this one looks promising: https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/3589024

Hank030303034 days ago

the roll is out of 6 instead of 10

Anonymous4 days ago

fuck off

Zonadin4 days ago

Oh, i forgot it. I will update it.

Anonymous4 days ago

who is the artist

FantasyRoulette4 days ago

English version an my other games: https://www.faproulette.co/u/FantasyRoulette/

Anonymous4 days ago

Definitely assign the letters and add shoes. Would maybe add some public places (like. Store) instead of crush house and add some shoe options. Not sure just panties is realistic in public. Great

Anonymous4 days ago

Text is a little small, would make the whole image larger even if it's not that high resolution.

Anonymous4 days ago

Protip: penis is the perfect tool to apply sunscreen inside anus

ScatBot4 days ago

@Anon, missing tags ain't making it a bad roulette though.

Anonymous4 days ago

pretty good. only thing is that z6 is missing... :)

Anonymous4 days ago

Hello, i started the roulette because i liked how works, dont have a cb but i will get it soon, i dind a triple 0, the permanen chastity u mean meanwhile i do the roulette?

qsqa20055 days ago

Should the counter modifiers go the other way so that it gets more difficult the closer you are to completion?

Anonymous5 days ago

why this thing has 6 down votes is beyond me its my fav one on here

ThePornoAvenger5 days ago

Do we reroll if Z=1-5?

Anonymous5 days ago

Rachel Archer


Kelly2105 days ago

looks like it was supposed to go Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4-6

MetalHeart5 days ago

Cool but.. how many deepthroats to do??

Anonymous5 days ago

The butt plug while playing gta5 was great. The finish with the medium dildo and a hard pace took almost a half hour!

Dinoel5 days ago

-Mettre un butt plug à queue pendant les tâches à effectuer
-boire ou manger dans une gamelle pendant une tâche
-pisser comme un chien
-tenir un jouet pour chien dans sa bouche quand on se doigte
-baver pendant les tâches

FantasyRoulette5 days ago

Just to avoid mistakes with wooden spoons or sharp metal spoons :D

mezimir6 days ago

should be tagged russian language

Anonymous6 days ago

We need more

Anonymous6 days ago

Please do more

mezimir6 days ago

"soft metal spoon"? are they expecting gold spoons or something?

Anonymous6 days ago

the girl in the picture

Trom6 days ago


Tout doit être fait a 4 pattes en tirant la langue comme une chienne

Interdit d’éjaculer avant d’avoir tout fait.

Durant les 3 jours toutes les demandes que votre entourage vous feront devront être acceptées.

Interdit de toucher sa bite durant les 3 jours.

Comportez vous comme une vraie chienne et n’hésitez pas a ajouter des choses a faire !

Bonne chance !

SissyLYRA6 days ago

Name of what??

Anonymous6 days ago


Anonymous6 days ago

34 y/o married, mother of two here. So fun!!! 4-8-4-3-5. Picked up a 21 y/o college guy. My girlfriends listened to us over the phone whole time. Most fun ladies night we ever had!!!

Anonymous6 days ago

Who's the girl?

Xemanon6 days ago

Please more! I like your Uploads :)

Mrcuckman6 days ago

Trying to get it changed. Well spotted

Slugface6 days ago

so nice to see a overwatch roulette !

CaptiveLight6 days ago

Great concept, Faith811, that is hot! Thanks for the inspiration, I will see if I can come up with something along those lines.

Anonymous1 week ago

fucking love this

Anonymous1 week ago

Who is she

Anonymous1 week ago


Anonymous1 week ago

wow i need more thanks

pea1 week ago

The Y roll isn't very clear, but I guess it's pretty possible to figure out/make up yourself

pea1 week ago

A bit too illegal if you live in a city and a bit too socially damning if you live in a small town, I imagine.

Faith8111 week ago

And imagine getting two stashes with slutty shirts but no stashes for panties, one with a super short skirt, one with a simple bow(brutal), one with thigh high socks(how helpful), and then you finally find... A chastity cage, with a note inside as a scavenger hunt for the key ;3

Faith8111 week ago

One fun twist I could imagine for this is maybe instead have more stashes than keys, and you only get the clothes from certain stashes and have to make those work ;3

And maybe some stashes have more humiliating clothes than others, maybe an empty stash, etc.

LRayneFixed1 week ago

Z3 is missing

Anonymous1 week ago

Heartcei, i can send you my results via kik, slavesteveo

Artegorre1 week ago

nice roulette, I hope you'll do others!


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