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Roulette Feedback

Anonymous2 hours ago

Great roulette, does anyone know source of image for Royality? One with number 1 in upper left corner.

BlackAndWhiteKat6 hours ago

Huh, so how come Swift's roulettes got deleted? Right now these are only viewable in peoples fav's

Lumara7 hours ago

Well, I was anxious about it. We talked about it the roulette and after it we meet each other.
He leaves my ass filled with cum and piss.
He takes a copy of the keys of my apartment so sometimes he comes and we have some kinky sex.
I discovered he is married.
I feel bad for his wife, she had this man everyday on his house and she doesn't take advantage of him. He fucks like a bull.

Anonymous12 hours ago

TF... Seriously, you made a roulette based on a... how many ? 20 years old game ? maybe 25, btw...

GoodBoy115 hours ago

I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone else or if it’s just me but I can’t see the post. Unless it’s meant to be invisible, it properly wasn’t uploaded properly. Could just be me though but I’ve done everything I can to fix it on my end and had no luck.

morgenfrisky22 hours ago

Love it! Would like to have a version that include some chance of scat into the filth of the day

Simonemausi23 hours ago

if it is a Sissy Roulett you should use a Sissy in the pic

Anonymous1 day ago

They updated the app. There's sticky cards now.

Dreamman1 day ago

Ropelocer92 good point.

Depraved1 day ago


Depraved1 day ago


Tessabunny1 day ago

Only uploaded this because I cant find the original on here but I had this picture. If someone finds it post the link in the feedback section and I'll delete this. I don't want too steal someone else's work.

Depraved1 day ago


Schrade1 day ago

Ahh it's a common story trope and genre. I was parodying the isekai genre where the protag dies and gets reincarnated on a new world. Gameplay wise everytime you reach a bad end you are considered "dead" so you get reincarnated again as a new character when starting a new game. But mostly its just for the story stuff tbh.

Rodwood1 day ago

Just as an idear: I've got multiple plugs/toys with the same max girth, jet they are very diffrent. What about accounting for the diameter at the neck and the overall length/depth:
Like: 0.5 per inch at the neck and something like 0.25 or 0.2 per inch depth.
ofcourse, that grants more points, but that could be balanced.

countdown1 day ago

I just uploaded another one, it's pending for approval ;)

subboy21 day ago

more roulette for feet loser please :D

Jenny_Moon1 day ago

I think I don't understand the reincarnation part tho

Schrade2 days ago

Yea it's pretty unfair but thats fun. I might balance that soon to increase the max amount of vials
Ahh count the honey task as a fake cum type task. I will add that tidbit in the next update i make.

Sissy_Janet2 days ago

Geez, this sites notifications are late... mute the game

lolopopo2 days ago

Still doesn't make sense to me. Mages expend an average of 1,3 vials per attack and can only get max 1 back per turn. They will run out of mana after a few fight.
Didn't see any fake cum tasks for the bee impregnator

OnlyTheBest2 days ago

this is hard to complete but I love to

Depraved2 days ago


Schrade2 days ago

The Quest ch.0 "Reincarnation" V.1 Download Link

I fixed the numbering issue.

Schrade2 days ago

The Quest Ch.1 "The Forest" V.2 Download Link

I fixed the numbering to match the site. Sorry for that big mistake.

Schrade2 days ago

Should be fixed now don't worry. Thanks for the the feedback

Sleet2 days ago


Was a little scared but lucked out towards the end. Will have to hope no one finds the usb when I "lose" it

Schrade2 days ago

Ahh it's a big typo I'll try to update it today

Playsafe2 days ago

In the Random Event Tutorial you're explaining 3-5 twice. I suppose you wanted to explain roll #6 at the end?

Schrade2 days ago

Ahh right ahha thanks for telling me. Ill update it when i find the time

DevKoko2 days ago

Just rolled 6651
Hell yess! :)

Stacykleibe2 days ago

Thank you this was awesome! Cant wait to do more of these ;)

BagelDogs3 days ago

Dice fix; otherwise seems fun!

jt3 days ago

Good job :)

You forgot renumbering bad evend 6 here and random event tutorial on the ch.0 ;)

Schrade3 days ago

Each enemy has an attack that involves fake cum. Every time you do that task you gain 1 mana vial. So if you are unlucky well yea you have no chance. But there is a chance of winning as cum tasks are common.

DevKoko3 days ago

Can't go higher then dubs, i guess??

DreamyKatie3 days ago

Am I the only one that did this roulette and got Z9??
Since it is a requirement to share my experience.

First off: I got payed to do this! I would not have done it otherwise!
We watched some netflix for a few hours until we got to this. I dressed up in wetlook stockings and heels only. Hands tied behing my back (he had no handcuffs so we used rope) blindfold and vibrator. The front door was visible from the street but it was not a busy street and 11pm. All the Z tasks were bad. I will not comment on them. I was outside for 15 minutes. For the last task I sucked him off on my knees.

Anonymous3 days ago

Link to teases? I don't understand where to find them.

Anonymous3 days ago

can't post links... for original wheel design go to xhamster, gallery "Chastity Toons" (the one with 393 pics), page 5, pic no 41
warning, it's a lot worse than the roulette

Anonymous3 days ago

I enjoyed being forsed to watch furry porn as I enjoy being forsed to fap/watch things I don’t like

FootballTape3 days ago

Wheres the image from?

lolopopo3 days ago

Hard to understand some rules. Like the mage has only 10 mana vials and consumes 1 on each attack (and 2 on "good" attack)? So after a few attacks you run out and basically have no chance of winning

shyexhibitionist3 days ago

Image source: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3830309
Blog link: https://neurodenied.blogspot.com/

shyexhibitionist3 days ago

Thank you for the feedback. It should be fixed now.

FinnyJones694 days ago

@Recycle12 thank you :)

Schrade4 days ago

The Quest ch.0 "Reincarnation" V.1 Download Link

I fixed the numbering issue.

Schrade4 days ago

Oh yea. Thanks for reminding me. I've been used to the 0-9 format that i forgot there are no 0s in the 1-6 roulettes. . . i'll update this in a jiffy. I'm sorry for the minor inconvenience

Rem_4 days ago

Great fantasy themed roulette!
Lots of fun with it =)

Hope there will be more such roulettes in the future!

xsparrow4 days ago

It seems like all Rolls are 0-5 but the d6 on this site is 1-6. Otherwise Nice roulette

miro7774 days ago


Depraved4 days ago

This is great! Thanks so much for making this

Anonymous4 days ago

amazing roulette never knew coffee can be so gd 😉😉😉

Anonymous4 days ago


Who microwaves coffee!?

Beckii4 days ago

W is used in V:1 to determine how many diapers to wear, correct?

jt5 days ago

no X0 for round 3

TheArchitect5 days ago

@username331122 May Thai

Danish_slave_boy5 days ago

I have send a mail master

Schrade5 days ago

Oh right i forgot to say that ch.1 is already posted. Here is a link for the main game


Rem_5 days ago

Woah....this looks amazing!
Reminds me loosely of my old fantasy roulette.

Can't wait to try it out :D

Schrade5 days ago

Anyways here it is the newest roulette series in the schrade catalog ahaha this took a while and allota pics. Anyways i will be updating this roulette when i get some feedback from you guys. It's hard to make a balanced RPG system and it took alot of thought in what features to include and exclude. I tried my best and if you guys tell me that some things are off about this roulette i will try to fix it ahaha. Anyways i really hope you guys love the new design.

Here is the HD download link of the Quest ch.1 : The Forest

If you wanna know about the latest News, Teasers and some conversation on the progress of roulettes then come on over to my server at https://discord.gg/6dypqdP

If you wanna support me and get extra roulette content, exclusive polls, etc then consider supporting me on https://www.patreon.com/Schrade

Schrade5 days ago

This roulette is the tutorial and infodump for the Quest Series. You need to learn the basics for the quest using this roulette. Sorry if it's a bit too wall-of-texty. This is a new attempt of making a new and interesting roulette and my take on the RPG faproulette genre hehe i hope you guys like it.
Here is the HD download link of the Quest ch.0

If you wanna know about the latest News, Teasers and some conversation on the progress of roulettes then come on over to my server at https://discord.gg/6dypqdP

If you wanna support me and get extra roulette content, exclusive polls, etc then consider supporting me on https://www.patreon.com/Schrade

Recycle125 days ago

@penepolain Her name is Roxy Raye

Chatter1245 days ago

Chatter12411 minutes ago
I would love to blackmail on of you guys and Play this Roulette with you.
Private Message me on faproulette and we can start!
I would prefer a female sub.

AriMud5 days ago

swap every w+x-y*z? For example 5+5-5*5=>5+5-25=>10-25... May be (w+x-y)*z?

Chatter1245 days ago

I would love to blackmail on of you guys and Play this Roulette with you.
Private Message me on faproulette and we can start!
I would prefer a female sub.

seacuck5 days ago

Kik skcuck

Anonymous5 days ago

Y category is kinda boring

username3311225 days ago

hey, did u got the actress name?

sissyxoxblow5 days ago

Monokini or Molokini?

Fehenry_995 days ago

Português! Que legal, parabéns pelo trabalho

username3311225 days ago

u can't post somthing like that without giving us the sauce =)

CaptiveLight5 days ago

Love this one!

9MonthsLocked5 days ago

i would assume after you go through it again and get a roll to unlock, but it could also be never..

9MonthsLockedFixed5 days ago

some missing bits like what letter is for what roll and at the very bottom you have an "if" but nothing after it.

9MonthsLocked5 days ago

better if some of the earlier "cum" were ruined instead make it a bit harder to get a full orgasm out of it.

Kena5 days ago

Gonna try this out, see how it goes. I'm generally really really bad at doing other longer roulettes and sticking to them but this one seems to be alright so I'm going to give it a try.

Xeenith5 days ago

you put the dices on 10 sides but the roulette is only for 6 sides (and damn I just wanted to read it, but I got bad gambler for a full 0-0-0-0-0 roll lol)

elf_ears5 days ago

This looks great. Just a small practical suggestion. rolling mid-play is a bit of an issue for such a messy game. maybe just have enough dice so they can all just be rolled at the start of the game.

LittleSlut6 days ago

That’s an interesting idea. I think one of these with instructions for what to put on the mask would be a fun idea.

Shbeave6 days ago

Please add more variety on X, “work up to cum”. This would be perfect with more ways there. Some sex mixed in would be great.


Anonymous6 days ago

Who is the model?

tenderfoot86 days ago

For the X+Y maybe just concatenate the digits together, rather than adding them properly. Like rolling a d100 with 2d10. 00=100, if X is 5 and Y is 3, 53, etc.

Regarding adapting for girls, most of that could be done by just ignoring the "lick it up" instruction. Maybe take 2 edges for every 1 ruined orgasm, if stopping stimulation at the moment the orgasm hits doesn't produce the desired effect. As for the self facial at 10-19 points below, you'll have to use your own judgement as to what kind of equivalent thing would fit in there.

zakamaruz6 days ago

Why would I reroll if I'm gonna buy them online?

Anonymous6 days ago


Anonymous6 days ago

English version?

ashlee6 days ago


Let me know if i made you cum on Kik ashlee.patricks

zakamaruz6 days ago

I'd love "inside pussy" or "between tits" for Y

Depraved6 days ago


Totig6 days ago

Who’s the girl in the middle?

mackan646 days ago

Really nice.
Starts a bit slow and escalates a bit quickly at the end I feel (cumming many times in a row is superdifficult).
Would love a intermediate version where you quite quickly get to cum on face and in mouth to taste.

shyexhibitionist6 days ago


shyexhibitionist6 days ago

Oops, I think I accidentally put too many rolls in there and I don't know how to change this

Schubbie6 days ago

Nice roulette! Does someone have the source of the Background-Pic?

Lavodan1 week ago

I quite liked this! My only problem would be that this is more of just following some instructions with some randomness to specifics rather than something you could do multiple times. Although this is more work, I think that adding in some more fun randomness would be very cool! For example, you could roll whether or where or how to rub in the solids. Otherwise, this roulette was very solid (pun intended)!

NoMercyNeeded1 week ago

I believe these comments realizes that it's meant to be unfair.

TheNewBasilic1 week ago

I'm really happy about that @spyder51!

Depraved1 week ago


CumDump_1 week ago

What if I roll a 0?

Anonymous1 week ago

Can you make some more like this please?

spyder51Fixed1 week ago

love the roulette and i do it daily

Anonymous1 week ago

Made it thru once, ended up in bra, panties and stockings with a three minute film, a sore arm and an aching ass. Loved it! Cannot wait to try again.

9MonthsLocked1 week ago

background source?

wazzarian1 week ago

annyone has a good alternative for making the gelatin eggs? cant seem to find the right molds.

BlackAndWhiteKat1 week ago

seams kinda boring tbh

_ThroatSlut_ita1 week ago

Very cool! I'm willing to try it

sharklasersFixed1 week ago

Love the anticipation of being forced 😍

Infinite1 week ago

Looks like two typos in the text:
1) X not W determines the water temperature.
2) Given the 1-6 dice rolls Y+Z can never become 1, so I guess that it should read 2 or 12 (i.e. 1+1 or 6+6).

IamDutch1 week ago

I would love to do this with someone in the netherlands

Schrade1 week ago

I have a Channel for pic sources requests in my discord. Also it depends on the pic. Some of the pics in the roulettes are not in the commor hentai pic sites anymore unfortunately. But i will send the full picture when requested in the channel. I'm not just sure about the manga or artist CG cources

drownourdoubts1 week ago

I am uploading a new revised version that provides a bit more clarification and is a little harder! Check it out in a few days!

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