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Roulette Feedback

kink_always3 hours ago

Are the new operators out yet

rafa5 hours ago

Hey @anonymous, i would recommend for anyone that uses the site regularly to make an account, and enable the "bad gambler" option under preferences, makes most roulettes much funner. as for length, the game by no means has to be completed in one sitting, and can be split any way you like, that's all up to you. thanks for the feedback

Anonymous10 hours ago

I would like to see a roll for sizes/objects as well

Anonymous16 hours ago

Nice roulette overall, but I have a feeling most people making roulettes do not realize the probabilities of drawing trips+.

In this case, drawing trips has only a 1% chance, meaning that the hard difficulty will take, on average and assuming no breaks, 25 hours with 300 rerolls. For comparison, the easy setting will take, on average, 3.5 rerolls(17.5 minutes) and the medium will have 14(70 minutes).

I know it's only the hard+ difficulty but seeing so many roulettes requiring something as rare as this irks me off a bit.

PantyFreak17 hours ago

Blury and can'r read in some sections

Text color against background is very hard to read... change colors.

Love the concept.

Anonymous20 hours ago

cant find that name? any other alias? txs

Anonymous22 hours ago

Is this fuckin piddleass? Lmao

Anonymous1 day ago

I cant seem to find "Y"??? Just X and Z.

Anonymous1 day ago

I'd add at least a roll letter too. That way, I know what u-z apply too. Small details but it would turn this from good to great.

Anonymous1 day ago

Game rule number 6 is the same as Pain number 6.
I don't think it was intentional.

Anonymous1 day ago

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Fitnessdick1 day ago

there are no Links to the Videos :/

Anonymous2 days ago

Lots of popups to cam sites and ads on that site too save yourself the hassle and just use the real site temporarily.exposed

Anonymous2 days ago

no 0(10) poorly thought out. tobe.exposed is a knock off of temporarily exposed not many people use it probably the webmaster spamming to get traffic

Anonymous2 days ago

Nothing shows up, there is no image for me

Raadlehze2 days ago

Bad gambler is a setting on faproulette.co
If you activate it you have increased chances of getting higher numbers and dubs/trips/quads/...

Anonymous2 days ago

All edging roulette should have a "if you cum too soon" punishment.
Yours is very good, I didn't know if the chance setting on emlalock. Thanks.

kayway2 days ago

the board needs to be waaaaaaaaay bigger

Anonymous2 days ago

Nice one, but w2 and y0 are not working together.

CagedSarah2 days ago

It helps to have someone else to hold you more accountable but that is also hard to get lol. I can do an exposure one for the next.

Anonymous2 days ago

Who else ended up in chastity again ?

Anonymous2 days ago

Hey, very nice game, too bad i have weak will for ruin or even worst to deny myself. anyway it's very nice, please do more. If you are into, maybe about outdoor crossdress? ;)

CagedSarah2 days ago

@hentai_69 damn lol, I always miss somethin. Ill update it

Anonymous2 days ago

Good idea on the number combining

Anonymous2 days ago

It isn't clear for my little brain. We must do Z after to complete U or just for U who Z is present (8 & 9)? And when we must do Z but the number don't match with C= from tasks V&X, we must reroll Z or do not do it?
But it's a great faproulette.
*Sorry for my bad english level

Anonymous2 days ago

Could you add the roll letter to each category to make it easier to remember?

Anonymous2 days ago

What does the whole, X0 + W10 mean?

Anonymous2 days ago

who is the girl

hentai_692 days ago

What about W4?

cockfapaddict2 days ago

problem with these temporarily exposed ones are that it doesnt tell you what to take a pic of

atsn3 days ago

@Pholidota With perfect 6 rolls every time, it should leave you with doing 3 tasks. How many tasks do you think is a good number per game?

Anonymous3 days ago

Yeah there is nothing that lists c’s meaning

seemefeelmetouch3 days ago

I like it, but there is no 0 (10)...

Anonymous3 days ago

missing x roll

Anonymous3 days ago

What does "c" refer to?

Pholidota3 days ago

This is great but I wish the board was bigger

Nochance3 days ago

The green text is pretty hard to read.

SystemError5143 days ago

Love this concept.

Anonymous3 days ago

I think 4 on T was supposed to be do 3 not do 2

Cassandra3 days ago


Anonymous3 days ago

Played this last night with my wife who was out of town. She was a great sport about it. It was so hot. I can’t wait for her to go out of town again. I see there is a level 3&4. We are not that dareing. Where is level 2 though. I am hoping it’s a happy medium.

jt3 days ago

I'm not sure that I understood the rules.

What I understood:
first roll YZ will determine your master (Z) and the task he want to do now.
let assume he want to do anal training you need to roll for the 3 anal training task (width speed time). let say you roll 254. It seams that after the task you roll two more times (the minimum of 254 is 2) to attemp to get free (if you manage to have a triple).
If you cannot manage to escape, your last roll is used to detemin when (X) and how (Y) your current captor want to use you.
You can choose to not try to escape and instead roll for a new master (Z)

Is this alright ?

Anonymous3 days ago

How about a proper piss roulette now rather than half attempts

Anonymous3 days ago

According to my calculations, each game has a 6% chance of ending with a cum, a 12% chance of ending with a ruin, and an 82% chance of ending with denial.
My list of probabilities for each round (the rounds you can proceed to are also taken into account):

atsn3 days ago

Sorry, missed that one. Fixed now.

Anonymous3 days ago

love the moan like category, would love to see it again

Anonymous3 days ago

not tagged as pee/scat

atsn4 days ago

Thanks, fixed

AhualazifFixed4 days ago

Needs to be set to D6

BaileyScreams4 days ago

Would love a male version of this!

CagedSarah4 days ago

@Sorlina oh thanks, I forgot to change it. It is supposed to be W. Will post updated version

Sorlina4 days ago

is the letter for daily task supposed to be W or Y?

Anonymous4 days ago

what happened to making more of these on Monday?

Anonymous4 days ago

Love this roulette (especially the pics :P)

Just started my second round, and looks like I'll be waiting until the 9th of June to come again unless I get off my bum and get exercising 0_0

atsn4 days ago

@SubSlut Glad you had fun :) I managed to fill a condom with about a gallon of orbeez once, 14 eggs is doable. Getting it inside you is different problem though, not sure what can be done about that.

SubSlut4 days ago

Really liked this one. It was harder than i thought. Both filling the condom without making a mess (7 eggs, butter and 1 cup of milk/starch) and shoving it up there. I'm used to putting things up my butt, but this condom was all wobbly and wouldn't cooperate lol.
I managed to put it all inside (the second half was another struggle) and I was feeling so full that I couldn't complete the special rule X+3 (I tried)... I proceeded with my roll and pushed it out without my hands but when I started inserting it again, it burst with only an egg inside. I was disappointed with myself but at the same time feeling great. I couldn't resist and started fucking my ass furiously with my dildo in the middle of all that mess until I came.
Finished up with a bath and a couple enemas to clean it up.
Problem is: I don't think I can fit 14 eggs and 2 cups of "cum" inside a condom(Z=5) AND make it fit inside of me. It will probably burst before I tie it lol.
My roll was 3646622335.
Love your roulettes <3

Anonymous4 days ago

Is The best

Cumslutfuckme5 days ago

What exactly do you do for dubbs?

Anonymous5 days ago

pls stop

Diaperboy31965 days ago

Love this for a lazy afternoon

knat_25 days ago

Can't wait for level 2! There are not enough woman focused faps here!

Anonymous5 days ago

do more like that! Not only on temporarily!!

Budder5 days ago

yeah names amazing but what's the name of number 7 anyone?

someoneelse5 days ago

love it

Jronan6 days ago

Still not too sure what bad gambler is..

HansRegenkurt6 days ago

I love the idea, and it's a very good roulette. It can be a bit repetitive, maybe due to the cumulative rolls.

MetalHeart6 days ago

Very cool! An only oral version would be fine, but for now i just removed some cards

BlackAndWhiteKat6 days ago

@beebus17 The shit. Never really came across a soft condom ;w;
You want the shit to mix with the shit enouth to make it a kind of paste, to solid and it won't risk popping. Depending on how much shit you fill the condom with you might want to stick to one knot.

someoneelse6 days ago

Rolled 18810. Does this mean I always have to wear a condom for life?

Anonymous6 days ago

just a copy of chemotete's

beebus176 days ago

"The bigger and softer the better" Is that referring to the condom or the shit? Or both?

Joker126 days ago

I have made a graphical environment of the game. Windows 7 or newer. 720p or higher resolution recommended.(readability text)


CapnQuack6 days ago

What is one round? when is a round finished

Slices1 week ago

no 0 rolls...

jenna841 week ago

yeah, please make version for men too 😂

atsn1 week ago

@Anon What bpm level do you have a problem with?

Anonymous1 week ago

This 60 bpm or faster nonsense is just asking for prolapse. Friction is generally bad for the anal cavity regardless of how well you lube. Save the friction for a real dick, go slow and big

Rikk951 week ago

BTW it's a Photoshop the dick is fake

Anonymous1 week ago

Please make a version for men that doesn't involve heavy crossdressing

Anonymous1 week ago

Reward 9 missing

Anonymous1 week ago

quit begging for nudes, you have access to the internet

Puppy_boy1 week ago

Just a copy. Rofl

thec951 week ago

this one is a copy as well!!! :(

thec951 week ago

just a copy

wizard235561 week ago

plus three

Vukodav1 week ago

I like condom play so this one is very interesting. Not that many options, for either filling or what to do with it afterwards, but it is a nice little roulette. Thanks!

And do be honest, you gave me some ideas. Maybe I am gonna make another roulette based solely on various condom related things.

Keep up the great work! :)

Anonymous1 week ago

Would love one geared towards men!

Anonymous1 week ago

Would love one geared towards men!

Anonymous1 week ago

if your gonna copy someone, dont make it so obvious

Anonymous1 week ago

Nice roulette
Any chance for a multiplayer/couples version?

Mr_an1 week ago

Haha ill take some time and make a better one for you

Anonymous1 week ago

needs a 0 otherwise it sounds hot

Glucky1 week ago

Very good roulette ! As always ^^

MetalHeart1 week ago

Very cool! one similar of just oral and deepthroat would be great

PumpingGoon1 week ago

Yes, you get points from X, Y and Z. The amount is listed at the end of the task each time.

Boompje1 week ago

This is word for word the exact same as https://www.faproulette.co/349/rape-risk-fap-roulette/

atsn1 week ago

@Anon Leave a small part sticking out and cut it.
@chrystaleaves Grapes may work.

Anonymous1 week ago

my guess is minutes since you can roll 162 which is almost a week

chrystaleaves1 week ago

If/when a computer version comes out, I will be all over it

chrystaleaves1 week ago

The only thing I can say is that I want more classes to choose from (ie outfits), great game though. Also... I don't have orbees, so I'm just going to do something else instead

Anonymous1 week ago

The roll for time is in minutes or hours?

Anonymous1 week ago

Hi there, I am a bit confused.
Do I get points from Y and Z, too? I am not sure, because if I don´t, it would be a really long roulette, but ok... but If I get, it would be too easy, maybe.

Anonymous1 week ago

no possible to get idol harem, as there is two digits

Anonymous1 week ago

How do you pop the condom full of orbeez once its inside you?

Anonymous1 week ago

2 years chastity wtf?

Anonymous1 week ago

love the idea but as someone highly skilled you should add a hard mode where you try to maintain the lowest health for rewards or add a mode where you have a task to do during the game until fucked then reroll. also a cumroll upon completion would be fun as well. Just some ideas, keep up the good work!

BetsyDrake1 week ago

What are the points for a dress? Could you write in the comments?

Anonymous1 week ago

he made more music than this now waiting for a V2 with the Long MTC Saga ;) and music is my savior

Anonymous1 week ago

Aweful. This is a lazy construct just to get some rube to email you photos.

Anonymous1 week ago

Poor design and incoherent theme. Go back to the drawing board.


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