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Roulette Feedback

LexiLovelips7 minutes ago

079888... mite try!

Divuod25 minutes ago

ok, I made the background a little bit more transparent, hope it looks better.

ftmsubwest30 minutes ago

Q=5 seems pretty extreme for halfway down a cumulative list tbh

ftmsubwest48 minutes ago

Almost half of these options will never be rolled because the dice roller is set to 1-6

Anonymous1 hour ago

A bit hard to read some of the text due to the colors crashing with the background, especially on a 4k monitor where it's a bit further away, or when doing stuff.

Vector2232 hours ago

Name: Anjelica aka Abby C aka Krystal Boyd

oopss2 hours ago

@shiny_slut good girls are eager to try and so u are! ;)

Shiny_Slut3 hours ago

This is so hard, but I sure would like to try

Dill3 hours ago

Great job once again! Your roulettes are always awesome

deepthroatlover4 hours ago

Love it!

BrySis5 hours ago

Dang you 1upped me.. great roulette!

NibbaCat6 hours ago

dawg this is literally https://www.faproulette.co/35190/sissy-chastity-bitch/

xfa7 hours ago

Down-voted, because: "When you drink" should never be restricted, as it is important for your health! It should rather be the other way around... Dom commands to drink (especially useful with water)

Divuod9 hours ago

ok, I reread with Grammarly and saw that I made many mistakes... I corrected all that as best as I could, sorry for the inconvenience.

Anonymous10 hours ago

So Hot!

Vukodav12 hours ago

If anyone is interested, that cutie is Alexis Crystal.

HaruSlutfox13 hours ago

Finally finished that one, thinking through the whole structure, the campaign rewards etc. took me a bit longer than expected.
Next things upcoming(after a bit of a break) will be a second series of alternate Parts 1-10 and also 1 or 2 Bonus Parts, that focus either on the hardest monsters of the games, or specific challenges.

Little-one13 hours ago

Love the art, artist??

rlaehduq14 hours ago

Meo 24/7 Anal Stretching Ring is a tunnel plug that I use. This product is made of aluminum and maintains its shape well

BadNurse14 hours ago


SoulchildFixed15 hours ago

Whats you favorite tunnel plug :)?

BadNurse15 hours ago


Probablyanaasimar22 hours ago

Roulette requested by d4rkex! hope you all enjoy~

Autsmo23 hours ago

Link to image:

Probablyanaasimar23 hours ago

Roulette requested by Littlefootboy_22!
A beginner roulette if your new to tasting your cummies

Probablyanaasimar1 day ago

@Sissy Bukkake
https://randomwordgenerator.com/coin-flip.php (
Shit fuck thank you for reminding me! I started writing this yesterday and finished it this morning so I forgot

SissyBukkakeLoverFixed1 day ago

Where are the links??

Anonymous1 day ago

Any source for the pic?

Probablyanaasimar1 day ago

hope you all have fun playing this one! i was requested by Caymun over on my discord

Slavelookeingformaster1 day ago

A hammer is way to extreme

MostExtreme1 day ago

Anyone wants to be my dom in this roulette?

Anonymous1 day ago

idk how this is even played.

sirah1 day ago

Please, please get a proof-reader ;_;

sucksissysuck1 day ago

I might have found the perfect recipe. Get X-Lube. It's a powder out of which you can make up to 20L of lube. No smell, no taste. It is pretty safe to use. If you are in search for lube that generates long threads, this is your answer. If you add white food coloring and stir it after adding it, it looks 100% like cum. Im planing to use it on an oral/deepthroat roulette with a squirting dildo. Might get pretty messy though.

Probablyanaasimar1 day ago

Roulette requested by Mrs-Pussycat!
hope you all have fun playing this one!

Anonymous1 day ago

It's an interesting idea but I'm not sure some of them count as predicament bondage, normally the Bad Thing only happens if you break the rules, fail the task or run out of time. An example would be the first one, the picture should only get sent if you don't escape in time. Windows are sometimes paired with motion detecting lights so you're safely in the dark as long as you don't move until the timer runs out. Things like that.

Probablyanaasimar1 day ago

@Riptor Ofc! Sent you a pm

Anonymous1 day ago

Very fun little roulette - can't wait to play this over the next week :)

Schrade1 day ago

Thanks! :D

Divuod1 day ago

For the equipment section, you will make an adition of rolling 3 times v, you begin from the top left, to the right, to arrive to the bottom right, if you pass the bottom right, then you come back to the top left, and you repeat.

Riptor1 day ago

Hello, I tried to check on your other roulette but the discord link I found was expired, could you please send it to me?

Probablyanaasimar1 day ago

Roulette requested by Tiffany321 on my discord! hope you all have fun, regardless if your big or small!

Probablyanaasimar1 day ago

I think over the top perfectly describes what i wanted to achieve with that quads roll lmao

Probablyanaasimar1 day ago

Roulette requested by Sissbitch!
have fun cuckies!

TinkerBell881 day ago

@Quaxterra you're supposed to put your start date as today, the end date as the date it would be you added the x+y+z result to todays date. Tell it to pick 1 date from that range and stay locked until that date.

jubatus582 days ago

Nice & fun roulette

jubatus582 days ago

Such a nice roulette! well done

Anonymous2 days ago

Curious on how the equipment section works i am not seeing any numbers to roll for on the pictures.

chrystaleaves2 days ago

Link to artist's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lilithfetishabdl

Xardas2 days ago

So, the quads roll is a bit... over the top.

Tripling both spanks and edges means 60 edges with 120 spanks with a paddle each. That's 7 200 spanks...

sekhmet0082 days ago

who is the girl?

pantypooper1232 days ago

I have added some clarifications and increased the resolution of the image. If you have any other feedback, let me know.

Anonymous2 days ago

I like it. I wish I would, I would not, but if you want .. (put it into practice!)!

Anonymous2 days ago

NOT! for strong stomachs, it does not excite me, on the contrary .. ;-(

Anonymous2 days ago

Perfect love the pictures too

Cybersona2 days ago

Make sure your finger nails are trimmed and not sharp before playing. I accidentally made my nipples slightly bleed as a result. It was fun otherwise.

SissyBecky672 days ago

I know what I'm doing for the next month!

HornyDiceRollsFixed2 days ago

Nicole Love

manu440002 days ago

What is a poo-cifier ?

Pksissy2 days ago

Make a second month!

SissyTrash2 days ago

Love this roulette! Wish version little away from home.

Schrade2 days ago

Heya Schrade Here. I am so so sorry that I forgot to post this. Was originally supposed to release last April 20th.. Err yea. I honestly don't know why I forgot to post it but here it is!! Very sorry but hey, Double upload today! Once again. Sorry for the late upload for Bitez #3.

Here is the HD download link for Moral Corruption Syndrome Roulette
If you wanna know about the latest News, Teasers, Memes and Polls for the next roulette then come on over to my server at https://discord.gg/WCMhdH9

If you wanna support me and get extra roulette expansions, alternate storylines, endings, exclusive polls, etc then consider supporting me on https://www.patreon.com/Schrade.

Alternate Imgur Link for better viewing: https://imgur.com/a/V2YBR4J

Schrade2 days ago

Heya Schrade Here. Weird. I swear I already posted this earlier. Here is this month's Bitez, Themed after pet play. Still working on the next roulette for The School series cuz it won the poll!! I also realized, And I am very sorry for this. I seem to have forgotten to post Bitez#3 last month here onsite. AHAHA sorry sorry. I will be posting in post haste! Sorry bout that. Oh well. See ya'll by june when I post the next major roulette!

Here is the HD download link for Barnyard Brainwash
If you wanna know about the latest News, Teasers, Memes and Polls for the next roulette then come on over to my server at https://discord.gg/WCMhdH9

If you wanna support me and get extra roulette expansions, alternate storylines, endings, exclusive polls, etc then consider supporting me on https://www.patreon.com/Schrade.

Alternate Imgur Link for better viewing: https://imgur.com/a/dwHCojJ

Mesmerized2 days ago

Fantasic roulette, but surprisingly difficult and time consuming. Be warned even on 5 minute intervals you might end up edging for over 3 hours - like I just have. Kudo's to the creator, Fuck3r. Would love to see more like this that's maybe a bit shorter.

Trembles2 days ago

Oh please add a nipple and clit clamp…. Clothespins works!!!!!
Maybe one for the tongue too😝

bebelisk2 days ago

T can conflict with U. Especially T7

bebelisk2 days ago

Stick with alphabetical order on which die is associated with which roll result table. Having to hunt back and forth is annoying.

(O) Who (P) Length (Q) What (R) Protection (S) Cum
(T)Tell Who (U)Pregnancy (V)Hotwife (W)Bull
(X) Cuck Role (Y)Cuck Sex (Z)Cuck Twist

ballundur2 days ago

Can someone teach me how to cum from anal only when I'm locked? I want to be a good sissy. Kik is ballundur

Schrade2 days ago

Ahh crap I named it Barnyarn Brainwash XD Honest mistake folks, I can't rename it AHAHHA

ppp2 days ago

I need a more extreme version!!

Probablyanaasimar2 days ago

favourite subreddit as well

SissySabine2 days ago

I love the the roulette and I'm planning to do (part of) it. But I also love the background picture, can you tell me where I can find it?

Juno2 days ago

I want to like it, but this is just a mess. First, every category has a number listed twice in it - 4-6, 6-8, etc. Second, what happens if you refuse or can't do a task - do you then just not get the points? Can you only roll once per day? And last - there seems to be no way out of it (or maybe intended?). Also what happens with V1 and V4-6? Do you reroll and start at 0 (same as V2)? Or do you just go one more day and reroll V again. You already have the points unless you reroll. It's too bad as the concept is very good!

Probablyanaasimar2 days ago

Roulette requested by Nemu over on my discord, and no, don't ask about the background image

Probablyanaasimar2 days ago

Roulette requested by @HoFoSho! hope you all have fun with this one

Anonymous2 days ago

Absolutely no idea how the X is meant to work

Probablyanaasimar3 days ago

Love this roulette!

Probablyanaasimar3 days ago

Roulette requested by @Hotpot (also the person in the picture). hope you have fun with this roulette!!

pantypooper1233 days ago

This is intended as a short term punishment and may mostly be cleared within a few hours (except for the body writing).

Please give me your feedback if you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement.

As always, here are a few links to free hypnosis files:

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Bedwetting: https://www.emghypnosis.com/index.php/hypnosis-files/product/618-trainbedwetting

Bladder incontinence: https://www.emghypnosis.com/index.php/hypnosis-files/product/622-trainbladderincontinant

Complete Incontinence: https://www.emghypnosis.com/index.php/hypnosis-files/product/363-anti-potty-training

If you already have other hypnosis files that fulfill the same function, you may use them as well.

Quaxterra3 days ago

rng hates me or broke rolled 1, 1 five days in a row on the first roll

KallipygosFixed3 days ago

who is the girl please?

Probablyanaasimar3 days ago

@s1l_hmf if you want to make a request then shoot me a pm, im open to pretty much all ideas

Probablyanaasimar3 days ago

A Roulette Made for James UwU over on discord, who also appears in the background hehe. the roulette is meant to be a 50/50 between their likes and dislikes, but i might make another version using popular vote to decide. hope you have fun with this one!

s1l_hmf3 days ago

Really think ppl should make more roulettes like this one

Probablyanaasimar3 days ago

the more you know hehe

Probablyanaasimar3 days ago

@joekieloekie triggers me t0o make more wam and splosh roulettes hehe

Vii3 days ago

I really want someone to play this one with me

Vii3 days ago

How it's a jackhammer position?

TemporaryName3 days ago

Does "V: What to Censor (cumulative)" accumulate for "U: Pictures to Censor Today" and then reset for the next day's U?
Does it accumulate for "T: Total Pictures to Censor" and cumulates for the whole roulette?

I think, that V feels more exciting if it only works for U, cuz if it counts towards T, that makes it a redundant/dull roll after a few days.

just_Alex3 days ago

wow someone said it a little harsh alrady. But yeah you accidentally left the dice roll on six sided and didnt change it to 0-10 ^^

Just_a_slut03 days ago

I gotted trips

ChirpingBird3 days ago

Presumably when the "apply" column says no, you don't (have to) do the X & Y rolls.
And within the X & Y rolls, sessions likely refers to the time you are to be locked, be it 1 day on #1 or 2048 days on #12.

SissyJuliana063 days ago

What are the use of W and X ?? Because it seems only Y and Z are used.

joekieloekie3 days ago

I like it. It triggers me to do more splosh and wam roulettes.

Niro2253 days ago

Completed 1-1-7-4

MissUnicornFixed3 days ago

it's spelled lovense not loveSEnse ;-)

HLockDBoy3 days ago

Z = 1. I am free after 10 weeks continuously locked by these two lovely ladies. I have a feeling this orgasm will be totally worth it and then some.

Probablyanaasimar3 days ago

if i ever make a sequel then i will!

Probablyanaasimar3 days ago

Another request from JessicaDavid888!! hope you have fun!

DerpyDewDo3 days ago

Let us know what you rolled and how it went!

hunter273 days ago

Nice Roulette! maybe implement some tasks to do next time additional :)

Probablyanaasimar3 days ago

Roulette requested by CagedSissyNatalie!

intense3 days ago

Great presentation, make more in the same visual style and make them progressively bolder.

Probablyanaasimar3 days ago

Roulette requested by JessicaDavid888! hope you all have fun fucking yourselves hehe

cuckrper3 days ago

I don't think Y goes up to 30...

Probablyanaasimar3 days ago

Roulette requested by Sissydaniella! hope you all enjoy it!

Anonymous3 days ago

Hey dumbass, how do expect anyone to roll 7-10 with a d6?

Probablyanaasimar3 days ago

Roulette requested by ocelot! hope you all have some fun with it

Olofmeister69xd3 days ago


Olofmeister69xd3 days ago


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