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Roulette Feedback

Jayking338 hours ago

Sorry guys quads is meant to be dubs and yes it’s meant to be on your sissy hole (asshole) let the cum run down from your asshole and drip off you ball sack

Sorlina9 hours ago

It could also mean "on you whole body"

Anonymous10 hours ago

z:6 says "on you sissy whole" which doesn't make much sense... i assume you mean "on your sissy hole (asshole)"

Anonymous11 hours ago

This is really good

Anonymous11 hours ago

Quads? But there are only 3 numbers

flyingfish3315 hours ago

The X=yes I think is backwards (how do they cum in her pussy if they're using condoms?)

Anonymous18 hours ago

What to wear if no cage?

Anonymous20 hours ago

9-6-1-1 Best birthday ever. Thank you.

Anonymous21 hours ago

Advice: Instead of "numbering" as many as you like, find X dicks and learn their fucking name.

Anonymous22 hours ago

Wouldn't it be even more interesting if Y was ordered the other way round?

Anonymous23 hours ago

She's hot!
Love to know who she is.

Sam-s1 day ago

Which app `?

thumbgirl1 day ago

Great changes! I love your roulette!

Anonymous1 day ago

What is the mistress for?

Deuc921 day ago

@FinalDestination - Sure I wouldn't try to push you somewhere you're not into. That was more of a query as to your interest. I don't imagine these would be as fun if you try building something for fetishes you're not into.

However if you end up with something that you feel might lend itself back to orientation or fertility play then at least you know there's an audience for that :)

marc_muc1 day ago

That does motivate!

Faith8111 day ago

"Your age in days"

So uh, if I'm 18 years old, 18 days? or 365*18 days, aka, 18 years?

Anonymous1 day ago

Letter Y is missing a couple of numbers/instructions

KrissieM1 day ago

This roulette is sooo good, I def agree that an expansion would be appreciated. My only complaint is that 1 and 0 on the exercise scale are relatively long. 8 minutes of stretching is a lot, and some songs go for a while. I guess I have the punishment route if I want to chicken out tho lol

CaptiveLight1 day ago

Hi Anon1 and Anon2, thanks for reading my roulette! :-)

Anon1 - to "flip like a cape", pull the fabric in front up to your chin, flip excess fabric over and behind each shoulder, leaving the head part in its original position, and everything else hanging behind like a cape. It results in the costume looking like the three photos at the bottom of roulette.

Anon2 - yes, pretty much a basic old-bed-sheet style ghost costume. Something light that flows around is nicer than a heavy sheet that hangs straight down. Of course sheer is the most fun. ;-)

Hope you try it!

SparklingPink1 day ago

Nice, another good chastity roulette.

Anonymous1 day ago

So I'm assuming the costume should be like what's in the pictures?
A "ghost" fabric with the appropriate holes cut out?

FinalDestination1 day ago

Thank you both!

Deuc92: The thing is, orientation play was barely part of the original roulette. As far as I can remember, I pretty much only changed the introduction to remove it. I can't really justify making a version with orientation play theming without a lot more changes, sorry.

As for fertility... It's not something I'm into, and it's unrelated and specific enough that it'd be pretty out of place as a specific thing to mention. If you're into that though... well, it's included as part of Z = 6. Some of the higher rolls are really, really broad. Still, I might add a LTE challenge about fertility, though only as part of a larger update.

I wouldn't say I'm nervous, just... Doing some of the extreme rolls aren't a good idea, and I want people to be aware of that. People make bad decisions, and if I was really that concerned, I probably wouldn't have made this at all. I wouldn't feel bad or anything if someone did do them, at least not unless something goes wrong.

Anonymous1 day ago

Hi, I'm just wondering if you have a reference for what "flipped up like cape" means? I'm not entirely sure if that's exposing front, back, or both.

Deadman1 day ago

Is it one cup or multiple cups

MimiSissy1 day ago

W 6 "tied above head" and X 4 "tied to hands" wel how to do something like that ??!

Anonymous2 days ago

Is the pic you, Cassandra?

remba2 days ago

they add up until you finish ;)

lucky212 days ago

This seems great I need some advice to fully understand before I start. Does the special rules reset or do they just add up until I finsh. thanks

MarcoNeu2 days ago

Next Roulette must include sparta

sluttytrap2 days ago

Who's the girl in the pic?

CaptiveLight2 days ago

Eep! Thanks for catching that, CelticKnots ☺

Thanks for your comments, RouletteQueen!

AnonymousFixed2 days ago

If its "hands off" after 2, how do you get to 3?

xt5992 days ago

agreed needs to be edited or redone and made clearer

CelticKnots2 days ago

Under 'Failure Exorcism' PKE 1-9 Points Remaining, seems there is an error in the Z range for 'spirits got stronger': should it be Z9-Z0?

Anonymous2 days ago

In Z, 1-4 should be V
5-6 should be W

Deuc922 days ago

Thanks for re-posting. Like to fantasize that I'm the lucky boyfriend in these scenarios.

Did you every plan on re-making one with your original orientation play? As a straight male it was also a turn on to think of a lesbian, or just someone not enthusiastic about having sex with a man trying to date me. Also have you thought on any fertility elements? Such as a roll that dictates on whether the boyfriend can ban birth control or something like that?

I've seen in other posts of yours that it makes you nervous to think of anyone actually following through on some of this, to me it's just been a nice fantasy that I enjoyed.

Thanks again for posting.

Billbull3 days ago

She is pregnant now

Anonymous3 days ago

lol z0

MaskedToyBoy693 days ago

@SylverScaile if you read the clothing task, it says AFTER dickwad.

CaptiveLight3 days ago

Revision 1.8 Changelog

Escape Clause has harsher penalty.
Promote (V) simpler.
Extras (Y+Z) simpler and harsher.
Use (Y) simpler and extends time in bondage.
Specials extend time in bondage, reduce chance of repeating roulette, extreme penalties for Quads and Quints.

You asked for darker, you got it. Know your limits and play safe!

Throatfuck3 days ago

Would love some feedbacks :D

Throatfuck3 days ago

would love this game with some real nice big fat cocks ;)

Throatfuck3 days ago

very nice

PantyFreak3 days ago

WTF? Doesn't even make sense

RouletteQueen4 days ago

Very fun and creative roulette! I'm sure a lot of horny, Halloween-loving sluts are going to enjoy playing it!

CaptiveLight4 days ago

Thanks for checking out this roulette!
Here are the links in a copyable form.

PKE - Psycho Kinetic Energy

Upload Sites for Your Ghost Busting Photo Evidence:
Shared Roulette! First and easiest upload destination. Really, just use that one. But in case you want a more permanent posting:


Listing does not constitute endorsement, check them out and pick one that suits you.

Have fun and, as always, know your limits and play safe!

Sissyjas4 days ago

Needs more clothing options, and some extra risk

jt4 days ago

Oh right so it only works with a princess. Thx for clarifying

Cassandra134 days ago

I lost at 902, humiliate me!
[email protected]

slaveboyce4 days ago


Once the Maid gets bought its no longer an "Unowned Slave" its now owned, so its not for sale on the Auction block anymore. It does remain a Maid Slave, this only means the only orders it can be given (outside of the Dom's Dom job and any put your slave to work, ect) fall in that category (until it starts getting sex roles).

If a Dom lands on a Slave Market space, and another Dom has kidnapped a Princess, they can choose a private sale with that Dom instead of participating in an auction. If they could not come to an agreement, the turn would be over.

Dyondalar4 days ago

can you make more goddess roulettes?

Darkzone4 days ago

Sehr gutes Roulette. Ich wünschte ich hätte eine Herrin.

Anonymous4 days ago

The game is Smite

MyShell4 days ago

@decadent... Being specific is not a common thing among the greater of roulettes I've enjoyed. Leave at best the imagination to determine most of the in-between work

jt4 days ago

Nice work!

Some rules are not fully clear to me though. For a slave that got the Wear a Made Dress service role, if I understand well, any dom that land on a slave market can start a bid war on this slave. So the slave get to be owned by the dom that bid the highest. Then if I read well, it seams that the slave remains a maid slave. So does it mean that it is still auctionable on the market?
The private sales is a bit obscure too. Can we start this at any time? Between only two doms (if more than 2)?

SwitchTom4 days ago

Love this - one of my favourites!

atsn4 days ago

@SylverScalie This is pretty standard for a cuckolding roulette. It wasn't categorized as one though.

ClaudeIsaac4 days ago

which game is this?

Anonymous4 days ago

Did anyone send to the email here?

Anonymous4 days ago

get on 1-4 and stay until time is up

OnlyTheBest4 days ago

I like to ruin my stamina ;)

Sip-of-Brandi4 days ago

Sex Ed has failed us if people don’t know what a taint is Christ

Seelenleere4 days ago

Is there any difference to the other "Make to Maid" roulette except some fewer images?

SylverScaile4 days ago

Z:0 'All of the above. Z:1 "nothing"... *computational error. cannot compute. explodes* :p

SylverScaile4 days ago

You're in not only the wrong categories here (did you even try to tag this properly, or was it deliberate, to get more views?), You're likely on the wrong damn site! The overwhelming majority of stuff here is focused on sexual acts, typically with the Player/Roller being the one to *do* submissive acts, in the way of either servicing another person or more than one, or being humiliated in some way or another. You'd get more views taking this to an actual couples site... O_o

SylverScaile4 days ago

Seriously.... Fix the colours!!!

SylverScaile4 days ago

Way too much extra stuff dependent upon whatever T rolls as.. Needs major simplification! O_o

SylverScaile4 days ago

Too many conflicting special rules with Z. Simplify a bit more, or make the entire Z section as a general special rule.

SylverScaile4 days ago

Bad colour choice for text, and too small. Hard enough to read from size, but colour blends into background way too much!

Jayking334 days ago

Revert to 5

smsmith9114 days ago

what's your favorite part of this roulette? I'll make another like it

PantyFreak4 days ago


Rolled 0-0-0 right off the first roll followed by a 3 for the X re-roll. OMG 2 years chastity and panties 24/7

PantyFreak4 days ago

Good idea I think but its confusing and unclear on directions.

Anonymous4 days ago

Who is the muscular model?

Anonymous4 days ago

Please make versions for real girls, lesbians, and/or strap-on dommes.

m1a1x1Fixed4 days ago

yo wtf that background looks disturbingly real

masokitty5 days ago

My neck hurts.

masokitty5 days ago


Seems legit.

Anonymous5 days ago

If X isn't 6?

Anonymous5 days ago

Dice roll goes 1-6 and not 0-6

atsn5 days ago

@Anon I mean that part between the butthole and the genitals.

atsn5 days ago

@Anon Désolé, mais je ne parle pas français

Anonymous5 days ago

Ooooh love the feeling of chance and having control taken away! More like this please!

SparklingPink5 days ago

taint refers to your bootyhole lol. Flick is just that.

Anonymous5 days ago

Pourriez vous faire la même en français s'il vous plais?

slaveboyce5 days ago

Thanks! I wanted to make it seem like a Real Slave Market. Hope a lot of people have fun with this.

blowpop225 days ago

You put a lot of effort into this and it looks clean +1

slaveboyce5 days ago

This is better with a group of at least 2 Doms and 2 Subs. Can be played with 1 Dom and 1 Sub but might be over fast.

Instructions are on the left and right sides.
Item List on the bottom.
Dom and Sub Example Notes are on the bottom right.

Start at 0, move in a clockwise direction.
Only use z to move. Dubs can give extra turns (not always, read the rules).

danielgm5 days ago

Yeah, more roulette for workout please

Anonymous5 days ago

What do you mean by "flick to the taint"

Anonymous6 days ago

luna c kitsuen

SissyIvy6 days ago

@SparklingPink, Thanks for the feedback, forgot to change that one. As for the time, the shortest, 6 hours gives you 2 hours per person, definitely hard but not impossible. It's a high roll so intentionally hard. @PantyFreak, those were just both typos, The time limit is for the whole game so you only roll a punishment if you fail to complete the game, which also automatically restarts it with the 1 roll. Should be clearer now I've fixed the rule typo. Thanks for the feedback.

Decadent6 days ago

Pro tip: Fucking a dildo implies taking an enema (and if not, then you might as well filter your roulette under scat), so don't make them separate rolls...

Hockeyfish19986 days ago


Rightsmith6 days ago

I got all ones
Luckily there's nothing here for getting trips

PantyFreakFixed6 days ago

"For each tile reroll Y"
But Y is "punishment" and always results in a reroll of time limit W. SUggest breaking up the list into one for punishment and one for completing the tile.

And Y=7 is 1+1; possibly typo?

Last, with Y rerolling W each time, should be clearer if the time limit must be fully served or if done early can be free to move to next tile... I believe that is the intent but could be clearer.

SparklingPinkFixed6 days ago

rule #4 should say reroll X for each tile. Also your time limits are off. Finding one of the common tiles in a single day would be hard, let alone multiples and of the more rare ones.

PantyFreak6 days ago

I'm working on some variations. Maybe combining the Chastikey type with some daily tasks or chance on unlock day of ruin, cum, or relock without satisfaction. Lots of possibilities.

Tessabunny6 days ago

We need a lot more chastikey roulettes

amanyung6 days ago

Y-4 just straight up isn't there

amanyung6 days ago

A little difficult to read, otherwise great! Try using a plain white or black box and putting the text on that. It might work better:

Anonymous1 week ago

Super hot!

Ducko1 week ago

is that title a jojo's reference?

Rightsmith1 week ago

I got quads :/

Anonymous1 week ago

That roulette is so great, maybe it's possible to diversify the goal ? :x
Find some funny games to go with blackmailer ?

Masteratwork1 week ago

Good copy wtf...

SparklingPinkFixed1 week ago

Fun and well thought out roulette

Sam-s1 week ago

Wait at the end of the day if you have 0 coins you get 100 coins how are you suposed finish the game ?

Anonymous1 week ago

who's the girl in the pic?


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